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  1. I am looking for a1989d ms70 commemorative dollar and have been looking a long time on Ebay. It is frustrating when I have the money and nothing shows up until I don't have any. If anybody has one to sell please post..................Daniel
  2. I was duped into removing all PCGS quarters from my registry set when NGC changed the score to zero. This year they allowed the points back but will not let my PCGS quarters back. I lost my first place standing because of this.
  3. Daniel McMunn


    I collect Washington quarters. Are PCGS slabs allowed in NGC sets now?..............Daniel
  4. It is a true pleasure to see a family collect togather......................Daniel
  5. Daniel McMunn

    So-Called Dollars

    I too am a DAV and love to collect. My determination and drive far exceeds my income but I have adjusted and am comforted knowing there are others with the same passion. Keep posting so I can watch your progress..............Daniel
  6. It is very refreshing and pleasant to see and read your post.
  7. The Indian you pictured is stunning. Just the right amount of luster to make it stand out. I filled a book before I knew what I was doing. I went for the bright flashy ones, and guess what? Most were dipped and polished so 80% cannot be graded. Keep posting your coins as you acquire them.
  8. I started filling in a Washington quarter Dansco album complete in 2011 so I know the joys and aggravations of your collection. Some are as expensive as certified coins. I am still missing the two you just acquired. I turned my attention to a registry set so I will be able to upgrade and break the other one out for my raw set. Keep making Posts so I can watch your progress. I have a Granddaughter who I will leave them to and hope she cherishes them as I do. This is a 1950 s/d ms67. I was lucky to find it so I went to the Loan Sharks. In another couple of years it will be paid for. Cat food do
  9. I purchased and received a 1971s Lincoln cent NGC ms66. It would not fit into the NGC box that I keep my certified set in. I fumbled the holder and it popped open. It had gone through NGC Quality control without being sealed. I sent it to be sealed. I tracked it to Sarasota and it was picked up at the P.O.. I waited for them to seal it and send it back. I lost the receipt from the P.O. and NGC had no record of receiving it. NGC acted like they didn't care and It was no big deal. How can you run a company and no one even fakes caring? The coin only cost $20 and at this rate they must have many
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    It is time for me to comment on the Journals. The Journals are not" New and Improved" but" New and Confused". Prolific use of the journals has stopped. The computer" Geeks" have missed the concept of "If it ain't Broke Don't Fix It". The Journal is not user friendly. It is hard on the eyes. Does not allow easy flow of words. Does not allow a Quick Read and a Quick Comment. Formatted as such, fewer collectors frequent the site. I can only conclude the Journal was changed to save server space. If this is so, why not eliminate it altogether?
  11. Daniel McMunn


    I collect Washington quarters in NGC and have gotten to the point where I have to buy PCGS and try to cross-over. When I cannot find a PCGS green been I have to try buying and hoping. Sometimes I must buy several PCGS quarters and try to get an NGC at great expense. I bid on Heritage but I caught them bidding against me and found the coin in their inventory later on. Same serial number. I buy in a lot of unsearched mint sets that have been searched. I am a point where I am looking at a lot of ugly brown toned quarters that have high populations but I am unwilling to settle.
  12. Daniel McMunn


    I was lucky enough to buy a 1950 s/d Washington quarter in ms67. What was unusual about it is there is no toning what so ever. It looks like it was minted today. Almost all are moderate to heavy toning. They sell on Ebay for between $1800 and $2500 with varying degrees of toning But I paid more than twice that just for the beauty.
  13. Daniel McMunn


    I like to see a Halo of color around the edge of US coins. Some like to use the term rainbow loosely. I call it a rainbow when most or all of the colors of the color spectrum are present. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and violet.
  14. Still looking I am still looking for 1952 P&D and 1953 P&D with no toning. Since they are so common I would expect them to be on Ebay and Heritage all the time. I am on the NGC registry so they must be NGC or PCGS MS 67 CAC.............Daniel McMunn
  15. Everybody has a choice to belong to the NGC registry or not. I am in the NGC Registry to enjoy collecting and compare my coins to the rest of NGC collectors. It shows # is not very smart leaving a paper trail if he chooses to make good on his threat. Too bad he didn't give his address as well so he can be held accountable if anything happens. He just needs to relax and take his Meds. Everybody has a choice to belong to NGC registry or not. I am in the NGC Registry to enjoy collecting and compare my coin collection with other collectors in the Registry. It shows # is not very smart leaving a