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  1. not sure if you are aware of this from the Encyclopedia of Morgan & Peace Dollars..." Five CC reverse dies left over from the Carson City mint when it was closed in 1893 were modified in 1900 by punching the O mint mark over the CC mint mark"
  2. JoeF

    Washingtons're research is much appreciated! this coin is just 1 from a 1932-1964 set, displayed in 2 capital plastics holders. It is a great looking set (almost as good as the auctioneer stated), but doesn't seem to be the kind that someone would have included an altered coin. I REALLY wanted it for the '32s so I said wtf, plus I like silver too. I'm really trying to get thoughts on whether or not to grade...I'm not particularly concerned about the actual grade, but also not wanting to send in low grade/low score coins and don't want to send or get sent back coins that are details graded or otherwise.
  3. JoeF


    I hear ya but I thought that NGC basically tracked the realized prices from the various auction houses to come up with prices in their guide?? anyway, price wasn't supposed to be point of discussion. it was the D mark on '36. my comment on value was response to jackson64's comment. i'm not selling it (unless I sell the whole set together) i'm trying to figure out if it's worth getting graded and now that it's been pointed out that the mintmark might be added, well...
  4. JoeF


    I noticed the black around the mintmark when I posted. never thought about mintmark might have been added. but I like jackson64's logic...why add to low grade coin? except I think it's worth more than $50, isn't it? even a MS50 goes for above $200 (NGC price guide). but the more I look at the more I think it won't grade above that maybe XF? The '36-D looks to be the most worn coin of the set it appears, maybe it was cleaned
  5. JoeF


    recently acquired set of 1932 - 1964 Washington Quarters. seller stated that set was "informally graded by an independent third party and ranges are from MS-60 to MS-65." although I doubt the '36-D is MS. here's some pics made with digital point n shoot, so forgive the quality. to be clear, each obverse is followed by same coin's reverse. considering grading. opinions (especially of Washington collectors) are welcome. be kind.
  6. recently acquired set of 1932-1964 Washington quarters. pretty much on the UNC side except for some of the early years, notably 1936-D.
  7. JoeF

    Sold Out?

    Got an email from NGC that said..."A special NGC label is available for the limited-edition 10-coin 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set released by the US Mint on August 1. The release, limited to 225,000 sets, was sold out within minutes." Then I went online and ordered 2 sets! What 's up with the fake news NGC?