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  1. I am always interested in buying machine struck business, proof and Restrike coins from British India India, Princely States and the Presidencies. If you have any, please send me a message.
  2. Coins of the British East India Company has no representation in the Registry sets. Can you forward a request for that too?
  3. Ali, I see the below sets in the list of requested sets. Are these intended to be added to the registry or it is still being considered? Is there something users have to do to show their support for these sets to get them on the registry? India Princely States---One coin per Princely State India Princely States---Gwalior State India Princely States---Kutch State India Princely States---Hyderabad State India Princely States---Indore State India Princely States---Travancore State India---Republic of India 100 Rupee Coins India---Republic of India Type Set India---Portuguese India Type Set