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  1. There is often discussion about how grading standards are changing. I collect Proof Krugerrands, and here is a NGC-graded coin (not one of mine) that, to me, is graded way too high. Take a look at cert 2778575-003 that is graded PF69UC. Here is the URL for it: From NGC's own "grading-scale" page (, it says: PF69: A fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections You do not have to look too hard at the images on the certlookup page to see multiple problems, nothing close to imperceptible here --- rub-marks on both sides of the coin, dings on many places on the rims, to the point that it looks like this coin could even be ex-mount. How can I get a PF69UC for my coins that look like this? ;-)
  2. Regarding the cover picture chosen: It appears that the current choice is for the coin that has the highest point score, and then in the event of a tie, the coin from the earlier/earliest year. Or at least, this is what it appears to be for my sets. However, for two of my Krugerrand sets, there is no image available for the coin chosen ... for one of the sets, I have two coins with the same highest score, but the one chosen (earlier year) has no image, while the other does. It would seem to be better to prefer any coin that has an image, over ones that do not.
  3. I sent email to this address, and it bounced saying: == Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: EMAIL ADDRESS Your message couldn't be delivered. Despite repeated attempts to contact the recipient's email system it didn't respond. == What I was reporting was that after using the option "Add NGC Images", it works for many coins, but not all. For example, in my South Africa 1-oz Proof Krugerrand set, there are no images displayed for the GRC coins 1987-1991, but they are available per cert lookup. Same for the 1997 30th Anniversary coin.