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  1. jgenn

    Collecting my older journals

    I apologize for slowing down the NGC Journals forum with my post that has all the links to my older journal posts. The site moderators had to revert my links to plain HTML because the link previews were not being handled in an efficient manner. Web devs take note: the link preview doesn't need to be dynamically generated for every page hit -- they can easily be cached. In fact, once the original post can no longer be edited, the link preview will never change.
  2. jgenn

    Collecting my older journals

    FYI: you can filter the NGC Journals (old format) section to show only topics that you started by using the "Sort By" button and selecting "Custom". Then, in the "Filter" drop-down, choose "Topics I started".
  3. jgenn

    Collecting my older journals

    Journals from 2016 When was this coin minted? Transitions within Transitions Top Executive Accepts Kickback Custom Set Collage When the Colony becomes the Ruler A Sky Blue '60 Reflection on a Collection Nephew's First Coin Lights-Camera-Action The Silver Dollars of '60 Second Chances Custom Sets Question Journals from 2015 A Tale of Two Cities England without a monarch! A rose by any other name... My Three Suns US Silver Dollar Mint Type Set Light and Shadow Old Map -- New Presentation Two goals in one! Journals from 2014 The Fix for Coins Misaligned in their Holders Hey, this guy has a face! The Ugly Truth About 8 Reales Beautiful Thaler from Baltimore Losing and Rebuilding a World Class Collection Surprise Gold Acquisition Started My Fencing Coin Custom Set My First US Silver Dollar! Journals from 2013 The 8 Reales Pinnacle When does bidding really close at a live auction? Controversial Deaccession Real de a Ocho de Dos Mundos Pandamonium strikes! First Gold Amazing 8s Spanish Eight Reales countermarked as English Dollars Early Milled Eight Reales of New Spain This REALLY Bugs Me! The Raw Coin Submission Blues Just passed 100K Registry Points!!!
  4. jgenn

    A Curious 1804 Bank of England Dollar

    I may submit it now that I've done my research on the raw coin. As I understand the NGC policy, they will slab it if the counterstamp is deemed to be authentic. I think the reasoning is that as long as the counterstamp was official the coin became legal five shilling currency regardless of the host coin status. I've seen an obvious counterfeit of a 1772 portrait 8 reales with an oval counterstamp in an NGC slab as a graded GB dollar.
  5. jgenn

    real or counterfeit?

    It's best practice to start a new thread when you want to discuss a completely different coin from the OP. And please put some details about the coin in the title.
  6. jgenn

    Putting together certified sets

    Now I understand what kind of sets you mean. I wish I could find year sets of Spanish Colonial 8, 4, 2, 1 and 1/2 reales. Conder101's advice is well stated.
  7. jgenn

    real or counterfeit?

    I'm not an expert in this type but for any suspect silver coin you should check that it is not magnetic and that the weight is correct.
  8. jgenn

    Putting together certified sets

    Welcome Patrick. If you are looking to collect coins where whole sets are available to be purchased then what kind of challenge would that be? I find that the hunt for scarce coins is the fun part about this hobby.
  9. The May meeting is set for Tuesday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Vienna Community Center in the upstairs meeting room 201. Non-members are invited to come check us out, so feel free to invite someone. For May's meeting we will feature 2 different Educational Talks. First, our very own Member Arthur Aron will talk on Obsolete Notes. Specifically, he has been collecting obsoletes that have coins depicted on them. He has a great slide show prepared and looking forward to learning more!!! Next, Peter Tompa, who serves as executive director of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, will discuss such rules and regulations and what collectors should know before they purchase coins abroad. Foreign cultural patrimony laws have already impacted ancient coin collecting in the US. Recently, there have been moves to extend import restrictions based on such laws to Spanish Colonial coinage. We are adding a second raffle, a $5 1986 U.S. Eagle MS69 NGC ( 1/10th of an ounce of gold). Tickets are $10 and a maximum of 30 tickets will be sold, so get your ticket early. ***limited to 2 per member*** We will also have our monthly raffle for a one ounce .999 Silver Australian Funnel-Web Spider coin.
  10. I'm still looking for a thaler from Poland. Here's one of my few moderns.
  11. jgenn

    Scheduled for grading with a twist!

    Yes, it's very important to catch those errors otherwise that's what will show up on your slab. I once let one go through on purpose to see if it would be caught in quality control. Nope. You are the quality control when it comes to spotting mistakes on the NGC form. I will say that any errors that I reported were quickly fixed.
  12. jgenn

    Counterfeit 8 reale?

    Welcome, Goethe. You have a counterfeit 8 reales. As Conder101 pointed out the F and T are the assayer's initials. If the coin were genuine then the mintmark, M with the small o above, would indicate Mexico City. On a genuine Mexico City 8 reales from 1805 only the assayer's initials T and H appear. When you get your copy of Bob Gurney's book you will see an entry for a contemporary counterfeit 1805 8 reales with the Mo mintmark and FT initials but the design is much more crude than yours, as almost all contemporary counterfeits were. Yours was made in a later time, after 1850, when the technique for making transfer dies appeared.