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  1. FT: 1560 Mansfeld Thaler

    I posted some more information about this coin in my journal.
  2. 1560 Mansfeld thaler, What's so Special?

    Thanks for your kind comment Gary!
  3. 1560 Mansfeld thaler, What's so Special?

    It is special to me -- just try finding a nice 1560 silver crown. I just wonder if it would be more special to someone else and I could be convinced to trade it if, for instance, it was needed for numismatic research or a link to someone's genealogy.
  4. I won this thaler recently and immediately received a "buy from owner" offer through Heritage for a decent increase over my winning bid. This one is destined for my Silver Dollars of '60 set so I didn't respond to the offer but I did post a trade offer in several forums that I frequent, hoping to catch the eye of the individual that really wants this coin. I haven't received a response from the trade offers but I did get a second, higher offer through Heritage after the first one expired. So what's so special about this thaler? I know why it's special to me so I was willing to bid higher than I expected. But obviously someone else really wanted it (and didn't put in a high enough proxy bid). I found only two other auction records for coins closely matching this one on acsearch although there were quite a few that were similar. Most of my references don't go back to the 16th Century, but I dug out my copy of the "Standard Price Guide to World Crowns & Talers 1484-1968 as cataloged by Dr. John S. Davenport" for further information. Given the span of years, this reference is not much more than a listing of Davenport numbers with a few notes, out-of-date prices with a small fraction having coin images (and none matching my coin). However, it does include the following introduction to Mansfeld thalers: So, no small task to figure out the correct Daveport number without a picture. In my photo, you can see the mintmark to the left of St. George's head. German auction results associate the Weinblatt (or grape leaf) mintmark with the town of Einsleben. The Davenport reference shows a section for the Vorderort Eisleben line with Davenport numbers 9481-9499 and the first rulers listed are Johann Georg I, Peter Ernst I, Christoph II, 1558-1569. These track better than any others with my coin having the legend on the obverse of -- IOHAN * GE * PETER ERNS * CHRIS -- with the (15)60 date. It looks like the possible numbers are 9481 and 9484 -- the NGC label says 9484 so maybe that's correct. The historic lands of the counts of Mansfeld, and their many lines, was in the current German state of Saxony-Anhalt and included the town and castle of Mansfeld, the neighboring town of Eisleben and eastern foothills of the Harz mountains, where the silver was mined. Martin Luther was born in Eisleben and later moved to Mansfeld -- his father was involved in mining and smelting. Of the rulers noted on my coin, Peter Ernst I von Mansfeld-Vorderort (1517–1604), would become the governor of the Spanish Netherlands. I'm not convinced that there's anything special about this thaler above and beyond its full strike and the colorful toning in the remnants of luster in the legends. Perhaps in Europe ...? ~jack
  5. Please add a slot for the 8R 1761MO MM CROSS BETWEEN "I" & "S" example: 4222544-004 to the Mexico, Charles III, 8 Reales, Pillar Type (1760-1771), Circulation Issue set.
  6. OUR NEXT MEETING IS AT THE VIENNA COMMUNITY CENTER!!! Sorry for shouting, but we wouldn't want you to end up going to the wrong venue! Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 10th, at 7:00 pm. The Vienna Community Center is located at 120 Cherry Street SE in Vienna, VA. The meeting room is upstairs in the Upstairs Interior Rooms L4-L6. The link to the Vienna Community Center is here: https://www.viennava.gov Show Schedule We should be set up by 6:30 if anybody wants to come early. The meeting will include an open session for bourse and camaraderie. There will be a raffle for a 2018 Australian Kookaburra. For Quiz Time, we will conduct a grading contest with 5 or 6 random coins. Everybody grades the coins, and the best grader wins a prize. There will be a Youth division as well, with another prize for that winner. Bring your loupes, glasses, magnifiers! Tthere will be an auction of approximately 40 coins. It is a mix of U.S and Foreign: a gold piece and an original double mint set are the highlights. The auction list will be on-line at fairfaxcoinclub.com
  7. Trade value: $686. If you made a buy offer via Heritage for this coin, lot 231813 from the March 29th Weekly World and Ancient Coin Auction, please contact me regarding a trade (I'm not really interested in selling this coin). ~jack
  8. Stepping Up Again

    Hi Rick, I think it's really admirable that you trade to help others improve their sets. That is numismatic goal that we all should strive for.
  9. Our next monthly meeting is February 13th at 7:00 p.m. at the Reston, VA Community Center. Hope all members can come! Based on the recent interest we had at the Vienna Show we expect to have a decent number of visitors and possible new members. This month we will hold an auction of 22 lots consisting of some U.S. coins, some World coins, some proof and mint sets, and a numismatic book. Please check our website at http://www.FairfaxcoinClub.com for an auction lot list. We will hold a raffle for an 1873 Belgian 5 Fr. Also, plan on testing your numismatic knowledge once again with some coin trivia! As always, there will be time for bourse activity, so bring something to share with other members. We had a lot of buying & selling activity at the last meeting at the World Coins section! And don't forget, our following meeting is March 13th, where our very own member, and numismatic author, Roger Burdette, will conduct an educational session. Roger would like to get some feedback from the members for any topics you would be interested in discussing, so please come to the meeting and share your thoughts.
  10. Congratulations to the 2017 Registry Award Winners

    "I'm just a Poe boy & nobody loves me; He's just a Poe boy from a Poe family" can't top that! And congratulations on your best presented set award and to all the other 2017 set winners.
  11. https://www.acsearch.info/ is a good option for world coins in addition to the ones mentioned above. When it's been certified by one of the main TPGs you can sometimes find your exact coin in auction archives.
  12. My introduction to the term "simple minded accumulator" is from this post on CCF
  13. Wildman Coins

    An earlier appearance of the wildman in literature is the character of Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh (circa 2100 BCE). Here's one on a thaler from the 16th century -- from the reign of Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and ruling Prince of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.
  14. NYINC success

    You can read several show reports ATS. The New York auctions have the best items but also get the highest bids. I snagged one beauty at nominal value last year but rarely have any luck even in the second tier auctions.