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  1. No, you don't want too much egalitarianism in coin collecting as in the example of Antonin Prokop. (I would have preferred to link to my source but that does not appear to be on the internet anymore)
  2. "But she's the real MS70" Aww, how sweet!
  3. Welcome to the Journals. Those of us that have been here before had to adjust to a rather jarring change that the new format brought about. Best wishes on documenting your passion here.
  4. jgenn

    How it started!

    I started a bit later than you both, also a renewal of a childhood hobby. It's never too late to re-discover a wonderful passion.
  5. I have to say that I believed, based on past award winners, that our host only recognized sets with lots of high grade and/or top pop coins. However, last year I won one of the 10 Best Classic Set awards (for my Spanish Colonial Mexico City 8 reales pillar dollars, no less) and this time it was the Best World Custom Set, yet these sets have almost no MS level coins and many "details" graded ones. It is gratifying to see that some sets can win awards based on the vision of the collector's goal rather than technical standards.
  6. The only quirk to this is that the "View Coin" button is not available for the "Want" coins on your main set listing page. However, the photo button will take you to the individual coin page. Fortunately, the gallery view will show these slots with photos and notes.
  7. My raw coin in custom set example: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinView.aspx?sc=684092
  8. When you add a coin to a custom set you can select "Want" instead of "Own" and fill that new slot with images and notes for your raw coin. I plan to do that for several new crowns that I've picked up but haven't yet sent in for certification.
  9. Setting competition aside, the registry format allows individuals, assuming there are accompanying photos and notes, to virtually publish a catalog of their collection to share with others. Some examples in the registry are quite scarce, such that you may not see one come to auction very often, if ever, depending on your collecting attention span.
  10. All I can contribute are these pictures
  11. The 80% concept works in the other direction too. The least valuable 20% of the collection will be the hardest to sell for anything like what it cost to acquire. Please consider just donating those to a coin club with young numismatists.
  12. Yowza! The top set, representing the angled setup, I think, are astounding!
  13. Welcome to the Journals, Michael! It sounds like you are one of many coin collectors that like to collect current mint issues and that you are following in your great-grandfathers tradition. Have you though about creating a year set from your great-grandfather's birth year? ~jack
  14. There is nothing wrong with responsible estate planning. I commend you for thinking ahead and committing to get the best value for your heirs by handling the eventual disposition of your collection yourself. As for a home safe, I recommend a large gun safe that can be bolted to your basement floor. The better ones have good fire resistance, too.
  15. Ha, ha, that's some way to get attention. I agree, the owner doesn't check email or no longer has that coin. I have used Heritage "buy from owner" to sell several of my coins. It works well for ones that you got at a good price, not so well for the rest.