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  1. grip

    Is anyone carrying a pocket piece?

    I never have, but enjoy looking at them:).
  2. grip

    Follow the lead picture post.

    End roll. Not as intense in hand
  3. grip

    1940s NGC MS-68 Mercury

    The pictures aren't that good. So hard to say what grade they look like.
  4. Not my series but don't stop me from loving it:)
  5. Reminds me of "seed" money. If that makes sense.
  6. grip

    Real?? Silver dollars 1890, 1904, 1921, 1922

    This is almost fool proof. Make sure you only use one layer.
  7. grip

    1923 Peace

    Wouldn't surprise me if it went 64.Nice coin.
  8. grip

    1921 Morgan

    The MM is sure small. Almost micro.
  9. Lost for words on this one.
  10. Agree but give it a 12.
  11. Coin has been polished.:(
  12. grip

    1909 V.D.B. Matte Proof? Thoughts?

    They should compensate the submitter ( some way).
  13. Do you have a reverse photo to post?