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  1. Hampshire Gosport DH 2, from Bill McKivor, ex. Robbie Brown Added: NGC graded this 62BN Lancashire Lancaster DH 58, from Colin Cooke Added: NGC graded this 65RB
  2. To keep this thread from being completely dead and buried here are some more pictures of my tokens taken by JKCoins. Gloucestershire Gloucester DH 1 from Gary Sriro Added: NGC graded this 62BN Gloucestershire Gloucester DH 11 from Bill McKivor Added: NGC graded this 63BN
  3. Love how the name of the bank is hand punched and does not line up straight!
  4. Last 2 tokens for this batch - Middlesex Kempson's London Buildings Series DH 59 Added: NGC graded this 64BN Middlesex Political and Social Series DH 226 Added: NGC graded this 64RB
  5. Two tokens from the Middlesex Skidmore Churches and Gates series. Middlesex Skidmore DH 545a Added: NGC graded this 64RB Middlesex Skidmore DH 559 Added: NGC graded this 64RB
  6. Two Middlesex Clerkenwell tokens: DH 147, from a Baldwin's auction Added: NGC graded this 65RB DH 155, from the same Baldwin's auction Added: NGC graded this 65RB
  7. Dorsetshire Poole DH 3 The reverse is bulged. From ebay Added: NGC graded this 64BN
  8. The Warwickshire 242b edge is PAYABLE AT NUNEATON BEDWORTH OR HINKLEY I like both of your Campbell's Snuff Shop tokens!
  9. Worcestershire Worcester DH42 The medalet is one of several commemorating the King's visit to Worcester Aug. 6-8, 1788 for the annual Three Choirs meeting, the oldest music festival in the world. From ebay (ernie ) Added: NGC graded this 66
  10. Two views of my Dublin DH 399, the reverse is nicely done in high relief. From Alan Davisson. Added: NGC graded this 65BN
  11. I sent some of my Conder tokens to Jeremy of jkcoins for photography This is my Invernessshire DH 2a From Jerry Bobbe Added: NGC graded this 64BN
  12. And Heritage has now corrected the description of lot 36094 to have the correct attribution. Glad to see that Heritage has updated these 3 lots to have the correct DH #'s instead of those of extremely rare varieties.
  13. HA has now updated the description for the 2 Shackelton tokens and listed the edge variety for #477. Hopefully they will also post an update to lot 26094 soon
  14. I see that the February HA monthly World and Ancient auction has not 1 but 2 PCGS graded examples of the extremely rare Middlesex Shackelton #475 conder tokens. Unfortunately, both have the correctly spelled LONDON obverse which makes the first one the very common Middlesex #476 and the second example the equally common #477. I wonder if PCGS missed checking the edge variety on the second one - there are 3 rare to very rare edge varieties for #477. Hopefully the bidders will be smart enough to simply visually verify that London is spelled correctly instead of LODON as is the case on real #475. The consignor might get lucky a second time.