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  1. I won 2 Best in Category awards - the first for my Denmark 2 Kroner Type Set, Silver, 1875-1958, circulation and the other for Equatorial Guinea 100 Pesetas, 1970-Date, Proof. It should be noted that my Equatorial Guinea set only has 1 coin filled, but I am the only one with a set registered!
  2. Neither of the host tokens are listed in my reference with the I C countermark. The countermarks are likely the initials I and C as they have serifs. Also, if the countermark was to give the token a new value the countermark would have been 1 D (denarius).
  3. Just receive my grades for a Crossover submission. All pictures are by NGC using their Photo Vision service. I am quite happy with the photos. Middlesex National Series DH 183 in White Metal from a Heritage auction. PCGS grade 62, NGC grade 61 PL - only one graded by NGC Middlesex Political & Social Series DH 216 from a Davisson auction. PCGS 64BN, NGC 63BN The token has more of a milk chocolate appearance. Middlesex Burchell's DH 274 Bis in White Metal from a Heritage auction. PCGS 63, NGC 63 - only one graded by NGC Middlesex Ching's DH 282 from a Davisson auction. PCGS 64BN, NGC 65BN Middlesex Spence DH 804c from a Davisson auction. PCGS 62BN, NGC 62BN Middlesex Stinton's DH 904 from a Davisson auction. PCGS 64BN, NGC 64BN
  4. Last set of 4 tokens from this batch. All images by JKCoins. Warwickshire Birmingham DH 170 in white metal from eBay Graded MS 63 Invernesshire Inverness DH 1a from Baldwin's St. James auction Graded 65RB Invernessshire Inverness DH 3a from same auction lot as previous Graded 66RB Invernessshire Inverness DH 4 from same auction lot as previous. The token has excess metal along edge - not damage Graded 64BN There were 2 additional Invernesshire tokens in the lot, both of which are MS.
  5. Just a coincidence, shields are used as a design on many of the tokens in the series - heraldic iconography is quite extensively documented in England with definitions for every part of a shield, arms, supporters, etc. For some, if there was not a recognized heraldic definition for their family a shield image was made up! The description of the heraldic imagery on the Coventry token would be "The Arms of the City of Coventry: Per pale gules and vert, an elephant, on his back a tower triple-towered, all or. Crest: A leopard passant proper (on the token the tinctures of the elephant and the tower are shown as argent). "
  6. That was handled quickly, the token now has a new set of clothes, freshly updated to MS 63. I could brag that it is Top Pop but there is only 1 other graded by NGC
  7. Just had grades posted for the second half of my submission. Below are 5 of the 9 tokens. All photos by JKCoins. Buckinghamshire Slough DH 22 from a 2009 Stacks auction. These were actually minted in the late 1830's but were included in the series. Graded 65BN Gloucestershire Gloucester DH 9 from Bill McKivor Graded 64BN Kent Hawkhurst DH 30 from eBay Graded 65RB Middlesex Bayly's DH 253 from Gatewest Coins Graded 64BN Warwickshire Coventry DH 271 from Jerry Bobbe Graded 66BN
  8. Update: they were able to retrieve the box before the shipper picked it up, still no idea what the grade will finally be. Saves me from having to send it back to be fixed so I'm happy.
  9. The grades for my latest submission were just posted and one has me scratching my head. A white-medal Conder token with the grade "MS 62 3" (I'm going with the idea of adding the 2 values and making it a MS 65 ) Obvious mechanical error, they are checking to see if they can stop the package before its picked up for shipping. If you are wondering here is the photo taken by JKCoins:
  10. I also submitted 5 Spence tokens that have amazing surfaces Middlesex Spence DH 691 from Alan Davisson, ex. Cokayne Graded 66RB Middlesex Spence DH 707 ex. Alan Davisson Auction Graded 65BN Middlesex Spence DH 708 ex. Alan Davisson Auction Graded 65BN Middlesex Spence DH 713 ex. Alan Davisson Auction Graded 64BN Middlesex Spence DH 776 ex. Alan Davisson Auction (all 4 from the same auction) Graded 65RB
  11. Grades were just posted by NGC on my latest batch of tokens. All photos by JKCoins Middlesex Kempson Buildings and Gates DH 48 from eBay Graded 65BN Warwickshire Stratford DH 484 from Alan Davisson Auction, ex Bill McKivor Graded 65RB
  12. I too have several inked Conder tokens in my collection, one of which can be traced back to D.T. Batty's collection (he is noted for his "Batty's Catalogue of the Copper Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, British Isles, and Colonies, Local & Private Tokens, Jettons, & c." who had a collection of 25,000+ varieties that were inked to match the index number in his catalogue). I also have one NGC token attributed incorrectly, but it is one of the many Wilkinson varieties and it is graded as AU50 (I grade it somewhat lower).
  13. I was also surprised to note that PCGS straight graded 2 of the conder tokens in this auction that had collector's numbers inked on the obverse of the tokens. I also saw another PCGS straight graded token with an inked number in a different auction. This was graded 64BN with no mention of the enhancement.
  14. I need to call them to find out what my options are.
  15. I just received my winning tokens from a recent large Conder token auction where all the tokens were slabbed by PCGS. I am generally wary on their graded conder tokens as I have seen a number that were obviously attributed incorrectly, so I try to do my due diligence before bidding. One of the tokens I won was slabbed as a quite rare Yorkshire Huddersfield DH 14. This token is identical to the very common Lancashire Manchester DH 127, the only difference is in the edge lettering. The Huddersfied edge is "PAYABLE AT IOHN DOWNINGS HUDDERSFIELD" while the Manchester edge is "PAYABLE AT I. FIELDINGS MANCHESTER". Should be easy enough to get the attribution correct for PCGS you would think. You guessed it - looking at the edge between the contact points I can clearly see "PAYABLE AT ... IELDINGS ... ANCHESTER".