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  1. Thank you gherrmann44. I feel a little silly now that I think about it. I guess contacting NGC should have been my first thought. Maybe a sign of my laziness, thinking I could just go somewhere on Ebay and order them. It would be kind of cool if NGC would add a "store" to its website. And then you could see all the products they offer for sale. Then you could see the item before you bought it. Well anyways, thanks again for the info. Have a good weekend. Brett
  2. Hello Everyone, Does anyone out there know if there are plastic trays for the larger holders? The holders that house kilo coins for example. And if they do exist, where could I buy them? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello Ali, Nope, that is not correct. This is not a commemorative Loon. This is a standard issue Loon proof dollar. Just becaus you put a special label on a coin doesn't make it a special coin. The set this Loon comes from does have a commemorative silver dollar in it, but that's the extent of it. I have attached a picture of another basic Loon dollar (it is a silver coin that has been gilted), and it is another example of a basic Loon with a "special" label. The big difference with this one, however is that you did put it in to the very same set I was asking to add the 2019 coin to. The whole idea of adding the sets' name to the label of every coin in the set is confusing and inconsistent. If we were to use this logic, then every coin in this particular set would be a commemorative coin, both Loon and Voyageur, because they all come in sets that commemorate something. Thank you, Brett
  4. Hello Ali, Could you please add a new slot in the Canada - One Dollar, 1981-Date, Non-Commemorative Proofs set, for the new 2019 Loon? Thank you very much, Brett
  5. Hello Ali, I received an email telling me that this is the new place to go to request a new slot, instead of sending an email. I really have no idea if I'm doing this right or if I'm even in the correct window or page for this request. But I thought I would at least try seeing that I was told this is the new way. Could you please add a new slot for the "2019 Sherlock Holmes" coin in the "Great Britain - Decimal - Silver 50 Pence Pieforts, Elizabeth II, 1992-Date, Proof? Thank you very much, Brett I guess I have no way of knowing if I did this right or not. So I guess if I haven't heard from you in awhile maybe I will try the old way, an email.
  6. I guess you can't say c.r.a.p. Ok.....holy cow!
  7. Holy , thank you! Finally, someone who thinks like me. I could not agree more!
  8. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!!! To answer your question, yes, it was listed as a 1945 through the whole process. This coin was one of the "mistakes" I was reassured that the graders would change and there was nothing I needed to do but just be patient. Now you, "coinsandmetals", know more about this coin than the "paid professional" that graded it. Sorry, I have no prizes to hand out. But I can give you one of these....
  9. Hello Everyone, I received my latest order from NGC two days ago with yet another mislabeled coin inside. This was the second time I trusted what customer service had told me, "the graders will catch the mistake". It is also the second time they did not catch it. Leaving them now with a perfect record of zero for 6. And as you probably already guessed they had entered my newest order with 4 mistakes again (not understanding that the "S" is very important when it comes to clad vs SILVER coins). So I went back to the old way, like the 15 or so times before, and I called in to ask for the corrections before they were missed again. That phone call was NOT fun in the least bit. Fun......humm.....ok, back to having fun. This is a picture of both sides of my latest headache. Can anyone out there guess when this coin was minted? I have two clues: 1) It is NOT the year NGC graded it at. 2) Queen Elizabeth wasn't put on coins until the year 1953. (What makes it funny is that this is true in like 35 countries!!!)
  10. What an awesome topic! I am a huge fan of Tesla! The man was born too far ahead of his time. Very few people understood him, and many mistreated him. I know this is a coin journal but I just can't resist adding the words of another "Tesla" I love. Tesla the rock band. And they speak to me in their own way. Here are the words to their famous song "Edison's Medicine"...... You're guilty of crime in the first degree, Second and third as well. My jury finds you'll be serving your time When you go straight to hell. 'Cause he was Lord of the Lightning, Though "socially frightening", But never out to sell. Their nickels and pence Meant more than did sense, And not the sensible thing. Nor did the man outta time, man outta time. Thought you was crazy, you was one of a kind. Man outta time, man outta time. All along, world was wrong, you was right. All that he saw, all he conceived, They just could not believe. Steinmetz and Twain were friends that remained, Along with number three. He was electromagnetic, completely kinetic, "New Wizard of the West." But they swindled and whined that he wasn't our kind, And said Edison knew best. He was the man outta time, man outta time. Thought you was crazy, you was one of a kind. Man outta time, man outta time. Said you was outta your mind! You took a shot and it did you in. Edison's medicine. You played your cards, but you couldn't win. Edison's medicine. I spent twelve years of hard time, More like the best years of my life. Never heard or read a single word About "the man" and his "wicked mind." They'll sell you on Marconi. Familiar, but a phony. Story goes they sold their souls And swore that you'd never know. About the man outta time, man outta time. Thought you was crazy, you was one of a kind. Man outta time, man outta time. Swore you was outta your mind! You took a shot and it did you in. Edison's medicine. You played your cards, but you couldn't win. Edison's medicine. You took a shot and it did you in. Edison's medicine. You played your cards, but you couldn't win. Edison's medicine. I know I will probably get a lot of blow back from this, but when people talk about Edison and his work it makes me physically sick!
  11. Kohaku, Your custom set is truly amazing! I am guilty of not taking more time to look at custom sets, and I fear that is the case for many in the collector's society. I can not even imagine the time you have invested in your Roman set. Your love for that time period and for collecting deserves everyone's attention. Welsh Dragon

    Older and Wiser

    Awesome entry! Really made me think about my ways of buying.

    RMW Collection

    RMW, I'm horrible at grading copper, just take a look at my Farthing sets. But if I was to take a poke at it I would say MS64.

    RMW Collection

    I think it's safe to say that I'll never get this grading thing figured out. Your piece has amazing surfaces. And given that NGC grades on that the most, I was leaning towards a 66 at first. And then to see that this was made about 80 years before steam, I thought the strike was also amazing. But I did see the shinny spots that I considered as some wear. So I dropped my guess to a 65. The only thing left that I was thinking of was eye appeal. And when you compare it to many other pieces (including the piece you've added to this post), the eye appeal is also amazing.

    RMW Collection

    I should have known better. I guessed MS65 based on what I would have given it, but I should have known to knock off a couple marks to accommodate for the "NGC factor".

    RMW Collection

    Was 1719 before or after steam?
  17. jackson64, Yes, I remember your post. And I thought about your post often as I was dealing with all these orders that were coming back like this. I did want to write you and ask if yours were in different orders or were they in the same order like mine? Not that them being in different orders makes it ok, but when they are right in a row and in the same order then it makes it look like they are doing it on purpose. Your thoughts?
  18. Hello Everyone, Thank you for all the great comments. I just wanted to make sure I clarified the original reason for the post. Although I have had numerous problems with labeling and other issues, this post was to address the mounting issue. If you look at the pics you will see that the 4 coins pictured were graded and stabbed in order and yet you can see that 3 were mounted forward and one was mounted backwards. I'm sure that you will agree that there is no reason to do this and it makes no sense.
  19. Man, you sure know a lot about this. I would love to do more research on the coins I collect, but between my training (powerlifting) and my two girls I have very little free time. You sure do good on your grades. I do cartwheels when I get a 66, and it looks like that's your lowest grade. Both the 1924 and the 1909 are nothing but 66's and 67's! I would say I like the 1924 set better but I can't because my grandfather was born in 1909 (he came here from Wales) and that year will always be first for me. Oh, I know what I wanted to ask. If all the maundy sets after 1947 are .925 silver then why don't NGC put an "S" on the label in front of the 1P, 2P, 3P, & 4P?
  20. RMW, Thank you. I thought it would grade out as a proof set. It looks proof-like to me. Man, if I thought for even a second that he would talk to me I would call him up. But we both know he doesn't have time for me.