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  1. First thing I thought was Cast, I own a Cast Trade Dollar copy and the surfaces look remarkably similar. Your best bet, if you still feel you need an expert opinion, find a local coin club in your area and attend a meeting. Or find a reputable dealer and take it to their shop
  2. LOL, I am not VKURTB and would not even attempt to infringe upon his numerous areas of expertise.
  3. We should all listen to VKURTB, he is a self-certified expert on all things numismatic. Heck, he is probably an expert on all things inanimate and animate.
  4. Seems like most mint issues nowadays soar, pricewise, at first then come down to Earth for us less heeled a year or so later. I am willing to wait because even the mint's pricing is sometimes way higher than the market price down the line.
  5. I really like that Foreign Coin Map idea that your club did, maybe for our May Show. We already have big bin of donated foreign coins, just provide a map and see if the YNs can find a coin for each continent. We already give them three coins at registration, we would only need to add another 3, to make the continent idea viable.
  6. I used to love reading Cliff's adventures in coin travel in the Numismatic News. I wish he still did them, I would love to read about his trip from Wisconsin to Monroeville. I think he is going to be a very popular part of our Friday speaker lineup.
  7. I like your strategy of having examples from all the mints and incorporating some lower graded coins with honest wear. Your double dime is very attractive, best of luck as you continue to work on your set.
  8. Nowadays, a lot of us, including me, buy most of our coins via the internet. This is way different from when I started collecting back in the late 1960's. In those days, even Department Stores had a coin and stamp counter, Heck even the local Woolworth's had a section of the store where you could buy a Red Book, a Lincoln Cent Folder, and all the other associated supplies. Local coin shops, at least in the Pittsburgh area, were plentiful, and there was always mail order through a dealer you might have spotted in Coins Magazine, or the Numismatic News. Those days are gone, for the most part, but the local, regional, or national coin shows are still around and are still one of the best ways to fill your want list, meet your fellow collectors (I really do feel completely at home surrounded by my fellow hobbyists), and even learn a thing or two. The Pennsylvania Numismatic Association (PAN) is hosting their Fall show this week, 17-19 October, in beautiful Monroeville PA. There will be about 120 dealers, ANACS will take your coins for grading, and there are a number of speakers, to include Clifford Mishler, holding forth on the 18th. As if that wasn't enough, here are the top 11 reasons you should attend the Fall PAN show: 1. Parking is Free, Admission is Free, Spending time at the traveling Burns Library is Free, Distinguished Speakers are Free, and the KidZone is Free (for all YNs under 18). 2. Clifford Mishler is going to speak about the remarkable Chet Krause on Friday afternoon. Cliff is a personal Numismatic Hero of Mine. 3. The weather should be excellent with no rain, or snow, or other natural calamities in the forecast. 4. Monroeville is conveniently located off the Pennsylvania Turnpike for those of you coming from other parts of Pennsy. 5. Monroeville is just a Parkway, a tunnel, and a Parkway from beautiful downtown Pittsburgh. 6. The concession stand in the convention center actually has moderate prices, an excellent breakfast burrito, and a $5 soft drink you can refill for free all day long. 7. The convention center is adjacent to the Monroeville Mall, which is WORLD FAMOUS for being the Mall featured in George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. 8. Clubs including the Harrisburg Coin Club, the West Penn Coin Club, the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society, PAN, and the Barber Coin Collectors Society, will be present to answer your questions and solicit your membership. 9. There will be outstanding competitive exhibits available for your viewing pleasure and you can vote for Best of Show.10. Did I mention Ben Franklin? Ben Franklin, His Honourable Self, will be appearing throughout the show to provide wisdom and selfie opportunities. 11. Finally, the bourse floor is populated by a number of dealers selling slabbed coins, raw coins, medals, ancient coins, currency, books, and supplies. If you want it, you will find it. I hope to see you there, if you do make it, stop by the KidZone table and say Hi, I will be there all day Saturday.
  9. I read the related article in the Coin World monthly issue that just came out. LGF deserves a spot on the Mt. Rushmore of Medal and Coin Engravers.
  10. Wizard is a great company, they donated 120 one-a-year 1909-2009 Lincoln Folders to the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatics for their KidZone at cost. Saving us well over $200. I personally buy quite a few supplies from them.
  11. That is a very attractive coin, congratulations on the perfect score.
  12. So you've never upgraded a coin in your collection? If you did, then that preceding coin was a Hole filler even if you did not intend it to be at the time of your initial purchase.
  13. Are there any known Silver War Nickel planchets struck in 1946? I have never heard of any, the chances of finding one in the wild are infinitesimally small in any event.
  14. Not seeing it from your photos, diagnostics are described in this Coin Week article.
  15. Also dual-dated 1952 and 2002 for the 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.
  16. I am getting really excited as October nears and the PAN Fall Coin Show beckons. We had a planning meeting last night and I presented some things I am planning on doing ifor the KidZone, to include our usual auction with our newly minted auction dollars. Last May, we could not find our auction dollars so had to use carnival tickets instead. We also could not find our Wheat Cents and had to scramble to find sources on the bourse. . So we now have a whole new batch of auction dollars that I have been printing over the past few weeks and the aforementioned 9000 Cents donated by a PAN member with a PAN dealer committing to another 1000 Cents (Plus the Remainder from Last May). Suffice it to say, we are going to have plenty of Cents on our table for the YNs Cent Albums. PAN also purchased 120 one-a-year Lincoln Folders, 1909-2009 at Cost from a national dealer. They are really nice folders and they will make the Penny Table so much more fun since we can also add Memorial Cents for the first time. We've got coloring books coming from the Mint, we have Ben Franklin appearing at the KidZone and judging the "Color Ben" coloring contest. We have loads of donated items, Copper Rounds and T-Shirts for each registrant, and 50 great auction lots to spend their auction dollars on. All For Free!!!! I actually went through the donated cents this morning, they were all rolled up so it took me awhile to go through, I checked maybe 2 or 3 dates per roll and found a very good mix with Cents as early as 1910, since I did not find a 1909 (although there is a good chance one was among the mostly unchecked cents), I threw a VF 1909 Lincoln into the bucket so I can honestly tell the Kids, somewhere on the table, is a VF 1909 Cent, and maybe more . The KidZone will be operating all day, Saturday, October 19th, if you make it to the Fall PAN show, stop by and say Hi, I will be there manning the KidZone Registration all day. For more details, go to the following link. It should be updated shortly with information about this October's KidZone auction Lots, etc. .
  17. Mokiechan

    1955 3P DEEP RED PF

    Looks like environmental damage to me.
  18. To me, a hole filler is a coin added to a set but meant only as a temporary expedient until you can find and/or afford the coin you want to become a permanent part of your set.
  19. Welcome to a great site with lots and lots of knowledgeable people. I have been collecting for 50 plus years but still learn things on this forum everytime I log in.
  20. Try this for no cost:
  21. Looks like Japanese characters on the bottom, I will show it to my Mom and see what it says, if anything, it may also be Chinese as most of the characters are the same even if the way the character is spoken is totally different. But I bet it is a Chinese or Japanese arcade token.
  22. Always fascinating to learn about some other part of our vast hobby. I have quite a lot of Japanese coins but nothing from Thailand, I Too, need to keep my eyes peeled at the October PAN show.
  23. But it was certainly an important aspect when you scored big on your Bar Cent, Right?