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  1. Mokiechan

    The History of Holders

    Numismatic Fan Fiction, who'd a thunk it.
  2. Please show us your highlights when your coins are returned. I have one set of Icelandic coins and I hope to add to the collection someday.
  3. Wow, that coin is an absolute stunner. The detail on that imperial eagle is amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  4. The policy seems to only apply to merchants that enroll in the EBAY managed payment program. If that's the case, then if you do not enroll, can you still sell coins, bullion, currency? I guess that is the question and also, will it be more difficult to sell if you're not in that program. For instance, can those unenrolled merchants still use Paypal? Questions, Questions.
  5. Mokiechan

    Elliptical Clip Mint Error

    Very Cool error, will be checking out your set.
  6. It's always a joy to find something you have been missing or something you forgot you even had, that often happens to me while looking through the stored coins I rarely access.
  7. Mokiechan

    Confluence of Collectors

    I just read an excellent book about the history of the 1933 Double Eagle purchased by King Farouk, he certainly was a gluttonous man in every way, including his numismatic endeavors.
  8. I think the Key point is the initial value of the coin and how much it degrades due to mounting, or cleaning, or etc. If the gold coin is simply a bullion coin to begin with, and not a rare or collectible date, then it is only worth its melt value regardless of its improper handling. On the other hand, if it is a rare or collectible date, then those points made by Just Bob and Coin Buf are completely accurate.
  9. On an unrelated note, very very nice photos. You must have a good setup.
  10. Batman Stuff, lots of Batman Stuff, Military Helmets, Ford Mustang related stuff, and lots and lots of Coins
  11. Covid 19 cancelled a presentation I had scheduled with about 40 home school kids (at their monthly gathering) and will probably also force the cancellation of two coin club presentations in April. On the horizon is the PAN show with our KidZone, probably teetering on the edge of cancellation and even further down the line, ANA WFM that had planned on coming to my town in August. I am a very disappointed camper.
  12. I find ANACS slabs are the easiest, PCGS are in between, and NGC are really hard. My technique involves a large vise mounted on my basement work bench. I place the slab in the vise with the label exposed and tighten it down enough to hold it firmly in place. I then take my best hammer and swing like a golf club at the exposed label, decapitating the slab. The rest is just a matter of careful prying apart the remains so as not to scratch the coin. As I said earlier, NGC slabs are really tough and take more than one healthy swing. ANACS (at least the recent versions) are easy cheesy and can lose their label with just a half swing. .
  13. It's definitely having a major effect on the 2020 early coin show season, we've already lost Central States, Baltimore, and a plethora of local shows. I expect the PAN show to be cancelled very soon and as we look ahead, summer seminar and WFM are not that far in the future and are probably on the chopping block unless we have a real slowing of the covid-19 cases in the next two months.
  14. Nice, a wealth of information and great pictures of my favorite series of coins. Thanks for all your research, I really enjoyed poring through it.
  15. I have, on more than one occasion, bid on two of the same when I was absolutely certain I would be outbid on one or both and ended up winning both.