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  1. I have never relied on Red Book or Blue Book for coin pricing, your best source are the CDN guides, they are updated constantly and reflect real world coin buying and selling prices. You can use that as your basis to try and get a better deal for the Eagles you're seeking.
  2. It's a nice one though, maybe a roll released during National Coin Week?
  3. Mokiechan

    A Curious Strategy

    Yup, patience is the key, I have a Mercury and Roosevelt Dime in their aluminum holders, I am going to complete the set by getting the Merc and Rosie in the plastic World's Fair Holders. There is a set on Ebay right now, but the Rosie one looks like a dog or cat chewed on the edges a bit, maybe even a teething ring? Who knows, but it is thrashed.
  4. Mokiechan

    A Curious Strategy

    Well, to my surprise, it has already sold as a BIN. I could have sworn when he relisted, it was a regular sale auction again. I wonder if my publicizing it induced someone to contact him and arrange a BIN sale? Well, regardless, I was never going to bid anyway, just found it kind of interesting.
  5. RIP Avicii, you never gave your self a chance to be wiser and older.
  6. Mokiechan

    A Curious Strategy

    I think he has know idea of the value, he sells a lot of different items from fishing lures to airplane gauges, he is not a coin specialist, as far as I can see.
  7. Mokiechan

    A Curious Strategy

    This seller is not a coin seller either, when I looked at the items he had for sale right now, it was a hodgepodge of old license plates, fishing lures, doodads of various types, a gauge cluster from an airplane, and the irradiated dimes. So probably a picker of sorts, and may be, as you stated, just willing to wait for ever, if need be, to get his price. gtw-123 suggested I just contact him directly and say something like, let's avoid all these pesky fees and I send you 30.00 postpaid for the dimes. I might give it a try.
  8. Nice pictures though, very easy to see what you are asking about.
  9. Mokiechan

    A Curious Strategy

    I have been following a lot on EBAY for several days and waiting to see if their would be any bidders or if it would simply timeout. I sometimes use this method to monitor a lot I might want, but am not willing to pay the price, for one reason or another. Well, this lot of three irradiated dimes caught my eye, and I almost pulled the trigger at the original price but hesitated because the only Dime I was really interested in, was the Dime in the Worlds Fair holder, the other two were nice, but I already had examples. The price was pretty good though, about $11 each when you added in postage. The thing that made me hesitate was a thought that maybe if the lot expired without a bid, it would be relisted at a lower price, that happens sometimes, and I often buy when that happens. This lot closed without a bid, and the owner did relist but at a HIGHER price, from 29.99 to 31.99 plus postage of 3.89. Higher Price, what is this dude thinking? It puzzles me. Maybe he raised the price because: 1. the old marketing concept of perceived value, if a thing is cheaply priced, the perception is the product is inferior, a higher price raises the perceived value in the eyes of the consumer. The seller thinks the higher price will attract a better heeled buyer. 2. Someone told him his original price was too low and that each of those dimes should sell for at least 15.00 each, he decided to raise the price because he thinks they're correct after doing his own research on irradiated dime sold prices. But again, it was not a BIN sale, so if there were interest, he should have at least received the minimum bid. 3. He put no real thought into the price increase, he just saw that EBAY offered to relist and raised the price for heck of it. What do you think? I am still following this lot, but I am far less likely to buy it now, if he had even left the lot the same price, I probably would have put in a minimum bid.
  10. If we are talking about mint produced items from the 1980's, most of us are far better off following LINCOLNMAN's advice and simply buying those coins already slabbed. If you just want to preserve Dad's actual coins, then by all means go forth and enjoy.
  11. You nailed it JKK, could not have provided a better answer if I tried.
  12. I can only speculate. The British were into coin collecting much earlier than us, here in the Colonies. Perhaps some upper class Brits put them away in their cabinet when first manufactured, so they are near perfect for you to collect today. Maybe the mint employees also took great pride in producing these wonderful tokens and that might have also made them especially well made from the onset. The important thing, you have protected a piece of important British history and for that you should be commended.
  13. I am ever so careful with that first set of numbers but sometimes I get careless with the second set too. That's what makes us human, Like Gary said, Mistakees who own their mistake are all the better for having learned a valuable lesson.