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  1. See the list here. I have decided to part with my love token collection... again. (This will be the third time I've sold a collection of them!) I love love tokens, but on my limited budget, a secondary collection is too much of a drain on my finances right now, so I thought I'd focus on my primary "Eclectic Box" collection for a while, instead. Prices include free shipping to US addresses. PayPal preferred. I will gladly ship outside the USA, but may need to charge you a little bit extra. Just contact me for quotes if you're in another country. Note that for now, I've only listed the ones I had pictures and/or writeups on. There ARE others. Let me know if you might be interested in more. These are mostly the "better" pieces, but there are still some other nice ones not yet listed. Thanks for looking!
  2. Please have a look, if you're so inclined. (There are a tiny handful of fixed-price Best Offer listings, too, but most are true auctions.)
  3. Irma can't have been good at NGC HQ. We received a glancing blow from the outer edge of it here (coastal GA), and that was bad enough! I'm wondering how much that has contributed to the slowdown of my NGC Ancients submission, which was received on August 15th and has still not posted grades. I have two other people's coins piggybacking with mine in that. So far they've been remarkably patient. I know the wait can be long, particularly when hurricanes hit the area, but it's coming up on two months and I'm getting a tiny bit itchy, is all. Also, has anyone else had difficulty loading NGC cert lookup pages today? I can't get any of them to work. Is that just me? I'll have to try on a different browser or device, I guess. I couldn't log in to these forums for the same reason until I found a hyperlink to my submission I'd shared with one of my piggybackers. I followed that to the submission page, logged on there, and then went to the Chat Board link to come here and was logged in that way. Weird. (Oops. Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry.)
  4. Photobucket is buried in garbage these days. I still have several hundred images hosted there, but for new content, I tend to use CollectiveCoin or the gallery feature on CoinTalk. I guess there's a gallery here, too (this is my first visit in a while and I see the site has changed, just like it did ATS), For various reasons, I use CT the most these days.
  5. Yes, as mentioned, at least you know it's genuine and the holder will help establish that fact with others, should you sell it.
  6. Hm. Not sure I'm lovin' these new boards. Better than ATS, but that's not saying much. CoinTalk seems to work best for me these days, but I thought I'd stick my head in here and say "hi". Only about 2/3 of my images worked here when I posted this, so I just deleted everything and posted links instead. Here's the Box of 20 in a linear-style post on CoinTalk (like I just tried to do here) Here it is in the Gallery on CoinTalk. Here it is on CollectiveCoin. Thanks for lookin'.
  7. Gallery album on CoinTalk (with additional info in the caption fields) Ancient Greece (Pontos, Amisos): silver drachm or siglos featuring Hera and owl, ca. late 5th to 4th century BC (Presently raw) Ancient Greece (Kingdom of Macedon), silver "Mercenaries" drachm of King Perseus, ca. 175-170 BC (NGC Ch MS; Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5) Ancient Roman Republic: silver denarius of moneyer L. Furius Brocchus, ca. 63 BC (NGC Ch VF; Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5) Ancient Roman Empire: silver "Capricorn" denarius of Vespasian, struck by Titus ca. 80-81 AD (Presently raw) Ancient Roman Empire: silver denarius of Septimius Severus, "Dea Caelestis" type, ca. 193-211 AD (NGC Ch AU; Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5) Ancient Byzantine Empire: gold tremissis of Justinian I, ca. 527-565 AD (NGC MS; Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5, "wrinkled") England (Anglo-Saxon): silver penny of Aethelred II, struck ca. 997-1003 AD (PCGS MS63) Netherlands (Gelderland): "St. John" type goldgulden (florin) of Arnold van Egmond, ca. 1423-1472 (PCGS Genuine; XF details, "Filed Rims") Belgium (Brabant): gold florin (Carolus d’or) of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, ca. 1521-1545 (Presently raw) German States (Teutonic Order): silver 1/4-thaler of Grand Master Maximilian of Austria, ca. 1615 (PCGS XF45) Great Britain: silver "South Sea Company" shilling of George I, 1723 (PCGS MS63+, formerly NGC MS64) Belgium (Austrian Netherlands): copper 2 liards (2 Oorden), Insurrection coinage, 1790 (NGC MS63 BN) Great Britain: gilt copper proof halfpenny of George III, Soho Mint, 1806 (PCGS PR65 DCAM, formerly NGC PR64 CAM) Great Britain: silver shilling of George IV, off-center mint error, ca. 1826-1829 (PCGS XF40) United States: gold 5-dollar half-eagle, Liberty Head type, 1842-D (small date) (PCGS VF30; CAC) Liberia: proof copper cent, 1847 (PCGS PR65 BN) France: copper specimen striking of a 10-centime pattern (essai), 1848 (PCGS SP65 RB) United States: bronze Civil War token, "Our Little Monitor" type, 1863 (NGC MS65 BN) United States: proof copper-nickel 3-cent piece, Liberty head type, 1888 (PCGS PR65 CAM) Great Britain: gold half-sovereign of Queen Victoria, 1901, from the Terner Collection (PCGS MS64)
  8. Final hours. A bit over 5 hours left as I type this. Some pieces are still going quite cheaply.
  9. Please click here, and thanks for looking. I am selling most of my better love tokens and rolling the proceeds into my Box of 20. There are a few other US exonumia items and some world coins.