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  1. Thanks Bammer and Mohawk. Well I had a great sale on yet another 26 dimes and a hand full of other coins. I packed the 2 - 50 coin boxes up last week and got them into Great Collections. Every coin I put in the boxes were $175 and up to $2500 each NGC list. A grand NGC list value of $39,500. I have a little under $14,000 invested in this great hobby which should clear up on this auction and leave me with over $60,000 in coins hobby cost FREE!!
  2. Coinbuf, I have plenty of post 1958 Proofs for your set
  3. Any that I don't have in Top Pop -----
  4. Sold 36 dimes today off the list. Still a few more left!! Thank You
  5. I am interested in all 45 10c coins listed.  For privacy concerns please send any price information to my email to my email address:  What is your price for the entire group?

    I am motivated to improve my registry set that concentrated on proofs.

    Thank You

    Larry Gratt

    1. Six Mile Rick

      Six Mile Rick


       I sent you a full 45 coin price to your e-mail address. I have a large box of 200 dimes to submit that I have saved over the past few years. If you are wanting to get some nice dimes to add to your set I will use your purchase cash to renew my membership with NGC and send in all the dimes I saved up. This could become interesting. ;)




  6. Here is a list of the latest group to go to new homes; 1C; 1938 NGC PF66 RD 1939 NGC PF66 RD 1940 NGC PF66 RD 1953 NGC PF68 RD 1956 NGC PF67 RDUC 1990 NGC MS68 RD 1997-S PF70UC 5C; 1947-D NGC MS67 5FS 1956 NGC MS66 5FS 1973 NGC MS67 5FS 1973-D NGC MS67 5FS 1974 NGC MS66 5FS 1977 NGC MS66 5FS 1978 NGC MS66 5FS 1979 NGC MS65 5FS 1989-P NGC MS67 6FS 1995-P NGC MS67 6FS 1994-P NGC SP70 1978-S NGC PF70UC 1979-S T1 NGC PF70UC 1980-S NGC PF70UC 1982-S NGC PF70UC 1983-S NGC PF70UC 1985-S NGC PF70UC 1988-S NGC PF70UC 10C; 1965 NGC MS66FT 1966 NGC MS66FT 1969-D/D PCGS FS-501 MS66 1970-D DDR NGC VP-003 MS65 1970-D NGC Rev of 68 MS66 1975-D NGC MS66FT 1981-D NGC MS67FT 1981-D PCGS MS68FB 1981-D NGC MS68FT 1985-D NGC MS67FT 1996-P NGC MS67FT 1999-P PCGS MS68FB 2011-D NGC E.R. MS67FT 2012-P NGC MS67FT 25C; 1943 NGC MS67 1947 NGC MS67 1955-D NGC MS66 1987-P NGC MS67 1992-P NGC MS67 1993-D NGC MS67 STATES; 1999-D Delaware NGC MS68 1999-P Pennsylvania NGC MS68 1999-D New Jersey NGC MS68 1999-D Pennsylvania NGC MS68 1999-P Delaware NGC MS68 1999-P New Jersey NGC MS68 1999-P Connecticut NGC MS68 1999-D Georgia NGC MS68 2003-P Illinois NGC MS68 2004-P Iowa NGC MS68 2004-P Florida NGC MS69 2004-D Texas NGC MS69 2004-D Michigan NGC MS69 2004-D Iowa NGC MS69 2004-D Florida NGC MS69 2005-P SMS Minnesota NGC MS70 2008-P SMS Hawaii NGC MS69 50C; 1933-S NGC AU58 1939-D NGC MS66 Any interest in a few just give me a shout back. Thank You!! Rick
  7. When Mark Gibson sold his dime set a few years ago I almost purchased the complete set. Glenda was so mad and then she watched me sell them 1 at a time. I did very good on selling and the fight on coins became something different as she chimed in on my wisdom on coins. It is a hard road on a collector and a no waste on collecting situation but I finally after 25 years turned her and then she left. Everybody now --- kids ------ girl friend------other friends ----- DO WHAT YOU WANT.. BORING!!!!!! I need competition in everything I do. You can't have great love without a little war!!
  8. It is kinda weird as Glenda hated my coin obsession and she finally saw that I was doing well selling. I wont end up with $100,000 value at no cost as I planned 10 years ago but ...... You know I would love to just hear her yell at me for buying a $500 dime. I am bored.
  9. I am doing fine considering all the loss and all. A man works his a-s-s off his whole life to take care of his wife and kids.Usually the husband goes before the wife. I have got to take care of my kids and balance life in this new future drive.
  10. GC will auction lower value coins to bidders. Heritage is like the king pin for outrageous valued coins and throws the lower valued coins to the dealers sight unseen.
  11. There are many factors that go into my decision to sell at auction. I don't spend much time on here as I use to selling since my wife passed. I have been going through my house the past few months getting rid of a lot of things I don't need or use. A married couple can hoard a lot of stuff in 25 years together. She has been gone for almost 2 years now and I am downsizing on everything to make my life more simpler.
  12. Friends, I have been here for over 15 years. At one point 10 years ago I started buying graded coins from members and submitting many coins to NGC as well.My goal was to obtain as close to $100,000 in NGC value at no cost out of pocket. I did end up with a great set of dimes which I will be keeping as a momentum but the rest is going to Great Collections over the next few months. My dimes have $0 of cost (Rank #1 Clad NGC only) as I have sold so many dimes over the years that they actually floated costs on other invested coins. First off the chart will be all the Lincoln coins I have listed in my collection manager. I will send them in one month. NGC list value = $12,158. My cost to date on the group of 94 coins is $1,763 It took a lot of sales to get those costs so low and a good sale on those will bring my total cost to date down closer to $0 invested total. I will add to this journal over the next few months to let you know where I land. Enjoy Collecting!!!
  13. 10 years of buying and selling. I am cashing out in November.
  14. A set of graded dimes to pick from. Many varieties and nice FT's;