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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. Ron, Your surely going to have patience bro. NGC messed things up with the new platform in January and everybody left towards more interesting places that they could enjoy. 6 months to straiten out the new internet platform they installed. Maybe they will get it back and running by Christmas. Rick
  2. An Improbable Overdate

    So is that the die he took and got fired for An 1834 with small date and new additions added to a old 1833 die. I'm just saying --- If you add the new ideas to an old die ---- It's a old die from 1833 that has been worked on a bit and it shows.
  3. An Improbable Overdate

    There is more to the eye than is explained in this variety. I see a smaller 4 under the larger than needed 4 -- over a 3 as if it was a 1833 trial piece for the new date.
  4. Is this a sales add I'm now confused on the subject.
  5. Same coin, different color?

    Same coin with more light used on the PCGS pics. Again ---- Nice album toning!!
  6. Dear NGC - Irma..........

    Any coins at NGC are not worth lives no matter what you THINK they are worth. I am sure that NGC will get the submissions completed after they return from any evacuation. Good luck Florida and God Bless!!
  7. Binion 10lbs bag hard grade pedigree question

    Sell it now for 10K and you will do well. The more you handled that bag ---- the worse the coins will grade inside the bag. Coins do not do well loose in a bag like that with any handling. JMO ---- Rick

    With MS grades like those I really hate to send in some PL business strikes!! I guess MS is so easy to designate these days MS66???? Those look to be at least PF69UC's.
  9. Grade or Not to Grade!!!!!!

    If you think that they will get the UC designation than maybe they are worth the grading cost. I don't see that in your pics. I say no to $30 grading costs on those.

    Sorry ---- No more PCGS slabs are allowed in the NGC registry. The ones that are in sets were grandfathered in as they were in the sets before NGC started rejecting PCGS graded coins.
  11. Under the "New" board, how do you follow a post?

    Am I missing something? Where is the post going?
  12. ebay seller to beware of

    It is a regular to see someone get taken by the Chinese fakes in Morgan dollars and others. Did you know that China imports the largest amount of steel for recycle? Including the U.S. mint coining junkyard. 2'nd post this night that I say ---- You get what you pay for.
  13. Wheat pennies are fun to collect. You won't dig a hole in your back yard and find gold so don't expect to find a treasure in a roll off e-bay. There are some great copper collectors here in the club that will help you do better than a blow out on e-bay. It's like they say ----- You get what you pay for Rick
  14. Franklin Halves- Type 2 Business Strikes

    It's nice to have examples of type 1 and 2. You did well to recognize the two. Congrats on the new additions!! Rick
  15. Two Interesting Perspectives on the Challenges facing the Hobby

    You guys are really looking too hard for something that will explode in the future. The new collectors of tomorrow are video game players. Raised in coins and collections but strapped with college bills and new house endeavors and such. It is so hard for them to figure out which direction to go that coin collecting is the last thing on their mind.