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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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  1. Question about Morgan Dollar in bags or rolls

    There could be many rolls. Not from the mint but from banks. You need to remember that all the morgans were stored in vaults for 60 years or more since nobody wanted them. 60 years later they were offered to the public and that is when they would have been rolled from the bags -- 1955 to 1965. I am sure that morgan paper rollers were around by then. Some may think it is a scam when they are offered --- I call it a lottery roll. Buy 1 and see what you get. If it is the real deal ---- Buy some more!!
  2. They killed the Collectors Society.

    I guess we can all say ---- Back in the day ........... It was fun till the friends list was deleted and more coin sales adds were added. Now it is more of a purchase NGC graded site then a coin social site.
  3. WANTED ---- Mint package State Quarter rolls P&D sets

    TTT Mint sets ----1946 to date ---- State or Park Quarter rolls ---- Anyone have a Sweet Modern stash to sell
  4. Breast Cancer Awareness

    It is so great to see a hobby expense helping out a cancer research project!!!
  5. Key Date Custom Registry Set

    Wow Tom, what a spill!!! I enjoyed the read. We both help collectors and know where coins sit today as future prospects. Keep passing those great type I and type II proofs out bro.
  6. Key Date Custom Registry Set

    Colonial, The classics are fun as I assume the old foreign coins are fun as well. I did a classic collection in the 80's and 90's. The outcome in sale time around 2010 was an eye opener. Since 2010 I have been purchasing and selling other NGC collectors sets. Most older rare coins are already graded with their high cost as such. To build a older date set today comes with a premium on the graded coins and usually the raw are just bagged coins from the 90's that didn't get slabbed. I don't see the older date coins being a high market in the future as I see more and more younger collectors starting a set of coins they grew up with more than historical dates. I believe the moderns of today will trump our beloved past date collections in the future and my sales of moderns seem to push me in that direction. I add to sets as I sell so actually the pre 1900 coins are non-existent as they slowly trickle from my sales collection with not much or any profit. Modern dimes and nickels sold in the last year 1970's dates ---- for HIGH DOLLARS!!! That is where I am going to put my extra submission fees costs. In my opinion --- If David is going to do a key date set there should not be a price factor involved. Getting the best grades will get the best returns in the future. Anything less than the best is just common for any key and will lose value. Later---Rick
  7. Key Date Custom Registry Set

    I am going to have to side with World Colonial. David, By the time you do get around say --70% of the wanted set built you will have a lot of LOW grade coins that cost you more than you will ever see in a return. There are just too many series that you don't have connections for. Hooking up with friends that collect what you like will benefit you greatly on cost of your collection. Pick a series and get to know everyone from the submitter, dealers, and buyers. It's the best way to get the keys at a great price. The friendships you make are priceless!!
  8. PCGS Observations / Franklin Halves

    That really states the value of a CAC sticker on your slab!! It's all sales gimmick B.S.!!!!
  9. 1959 d gold colored penny

  10. Time to once again play roll the dice

    The reverse certainly looks better.
  11. TPG "gem" designations

    Beware of all labels with no grades. They aren't graded properly for a selling point stand of reason.
  12. Silver American Eagle-Cleveland Signature

    What are they going for these days? $50 for 70's and $30 for 69's
  13. Want To Buy S Parks rolls

    Friends, I am looking to get some S mint business strike America The Beautiful Parks rolls. Also accepting P&D roll sets. If you have any rolls give me a shout. Thanks, Rick
  14. What do Original early US gold coins look like?

    +1 I agree!!