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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. 1947 S/S I like my silver era coins to be white!!!
  2. Six Mile Rick


  3. Six Mile Rick

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    In my opinion NGC is harsh when it comes to detail on full step nickles, full torch dimes, and full bell lines. That insures that it is what it is!!. PCGS does tilt the scale a little and slide coins through with these listings that really don't pass for the sets I am building.
  4. Six Mile Rick

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    Lee, I have been with NGC for quite some time --- since 2004 I think. Before then I was at PCGS building a SWEET Morgan set for around 5 years. Yes, I take pictures of the coins I send in but mostly to see what the camera sees that I am missing. It helps me make a grading judgement call. I have never been taken by either company but have heard stories (maybe 3) over the past 15 years. More than likely from someone that thought they had the million dollar coin --- only to find out it was fake or detailed. It is what it is and I trust NGC over PCGS when it comes to my Full Step Nickels, Full Torch Dimes, and Full Bell Line Franks.
  5. Six Mile Rick

    New to this....can someone help

    Visit a local coin dealer and find out what you have. Coin collecting season is starting soon and there will be a ANA coin show close by during the winter season. Go to the meet and ask some questions. Also check on your local coin club meets. Hope that helps you' Rick
  6. Six Mile Rick

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    P.S. --- I like their holder as well ---- NGC ===
  7. Six Mile Rick

    Not getting back the same coin sent in?

    Over 1000 coins sent to NGC from me. ---- Never a switch out on a coin!! Some worth $10 + and many top pops worth over $1000 each. I do trust their honesty and respect them for their true grading!! Rick
  8. I do think that the volume of the sets today are the problem. A modern proof set was only 5 coins before 1999 ( 8 with the silver coins). Now with the amount of dollars and quarters in the set the grading cost per set is getting close to $500 a set for silver and clad. Add the new reverse proofs we need every year and how do they expect a dealer to afford a 20 set flip for grading?? That is what I think killed the modern end of grading profits.
  9. Six Mile Rick

    1922 Peace Dollar Counterstamped

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the info Coinman.
  10. Personally I search rolls for top grades and then search for the varieties within the group I save. Sometimes something will jump out that is strange and I will set it aside. It seems that variety coins at a low level grade are really not worth getting graded unless it is soooo rare. Of course I deal in all NGC graded coins but --- a raw set of variety coins would be a fun search in findings for sure!!
  11. Six Mile Rick

    2002 struck through cloth penny?

    Not struck over sanding disk or cloth. Like a previous lincoln post --- the fields of the obverse are damaged. The fields are the highest spot on the die so they are easy to clean or damage.
  12. Six Mile Rick

    Mint error, or bad luck? Or both?

    The fields have to be perfectly clear for a 70. 2 to 5% of all new proofs are perfect enough to get a 70 grade.
  13. Six Mile Rick

    Mint error, or bad luck? Or both?

    I can't really see what you are talking about at 1:00 in this picture. If there is some clutter in the field then the coin will grade 69 or even lower. Now figure out if you want to add grading fees in your cost.
  14. Six Mile Rick

    What is this?

    I agree with JKK.
  15. Your best coins are going to come from original mint rolled coins. Many collectors have their own coin rolling kits and re-roll the coins after they search them. Today's coins are in special mint wrappers or the bank rolls which are in plastic.