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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. Question Regarding NGC Scoring

    It is what it is.
  2. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    I sure hope you didn't pay much for that. It very clearly is not a FS nickel.
  3. Is the Clad Quarter Market Strong?

    World Colonial, Your previous post is all swell if I was an average collector just filling slots in a set. Quarter set MS60 to MS65 sounds to me like slabs to crack and build a album set. Of course after many rolls of searching I can get MS67 and higher and those are the few that you won't have in your set unless you pay the piper (submitter or seller).
  4. wtb full torch rosies NGC only

    You might find a deal on a 1949 as there are 100 FT's graded by NGC. As for 49-S and 1958 there are only 50 total (each) in all FT grades and you would be better grabbing a MS67 for those two spots. The 66FT's are going to be very pricey.
  5. WANTED ---- Mint package State Quarter rolls P&D sets

    I had to go back 14 pages to pull this post out of the dust. STILL BUYING ---- Anyone got a nice mint wrapped stash that they are ready to sell?
  6. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

    Maybe --- You should have kept the bracelet.
  7. 1909 vdb matte proof penny

  8. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

    As there are many of these still in circulation you would want to search for a better looking higher grade specimen. More than likely there are still plenty of new unopened rolls for this date.
  9. My Silver Riders are Galloping Away

    Let those silver riders run!! I also didn't add many coins last year so you aren't alone on the loss of excitement for last year. I sold around 10 nice dimes in November to a interested registry Roosevelt set builder and I sold a lot of lower stuff in spring on e-bay. I sure hope that this club gets a bit of excitement jolted into it this year. It will be nice to see your new additions that you add this year. Rick
  10. Error? Help please!!!

    Looks like a hammer job done on a shop vice.
  11. Is the Clad Quarter Market Strong?

    I agree with cladking 100% but then I always did! When your grand-kids want you to help them build a nice modern series coin set you will just say "I remember when bla-bla".
  12. 1995-P 10c Franklin Double Die ??

  13. Silver American Eagle-Cleveland Signature

    There you go Jason --- Another new series of Silver Eagles to collect. If the TPG's keep it up there will be over 100 different slabs for every year and mint mark to collect. Baseball series.... Just tell me one thing ----- WHAT the HILLL does baseball have to do with Silver Eagles

    It's a sad journal post to read. I wish you the best. Rick