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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. Collection for sale

    Sorry James, I am not a fan of the multi holders. I have the other coins already and just need the Delaware. Thanks
  2. Collection for sale

    Do you have the 1999 Silver Delaware PF70UC?
  3. WTB --- Mint Sets 1965 to date

    If you can squeeze them in the package ----- I'll pay ya for them later. Kinda like gladly pay you tomorrow for a cheeseburger today!!
  4. WTB --- Mint Sets 1965 to date

    WOW --- what a load!!! Thanks for the deal Robec!! Well that sure taps my extra cash out for now. I'm Coin Broke again!!
  5. What a trip!! Any U.S. collectors still here?

    Glenn, MS67 nickles are tough to get!! Heck the nickels are tough all the way around. I do full step and enjoy the varieties in any grade. Give me a shout when you get a nice submission completed!! Rick
  6. Dealer buy prices for junk silver coins

    David, I am not missing the point!! You are correct as to there being less silver in a 1934 G grade as apposed to a 1963 MS63 quarter. The quarters in question are not even 100% silver so by weighing them you still do not get a correct silver weight. That is the reason for the selling and buying at ?X face. Silver stackers collect by the piece. They do not care if a silver coin is 1/100 of a gram short. They will buy the whole lot to add to their stash!! Yes you could use the total weight and then multiply it times 90%. You will come out very close to the same price as times face.
  7. I'm at it again. As usual my quests include the purchase of MANY mint sets. Business strike ---- NOT Proof sets. Anyone looking to sell a large stash of modern U.S. mint sets give me a shout back. Thanks, Rick
  8. 1946 Half - Opinions Please

    The fields look GREAT!! 65/66
  9. Early MS-70 American Silver Eagles

    On the other hand ---- I have 1 roll of 2000 MS Eagles and 1 roll of 2001 MS Eagles ---- Ya Interested
  10. Early MS-70 American Silver Eagles

    Tyrock, Yes --- The early dates in 70 grade do sell for some good money. Try and get a couple with raw submissions --- 20 years old or older in mint packaging --- Probably toned by now --- No Chance!! Good Luck! Rick
  11. 1959 silver Penny

    That coin is not even 60 years old. So tell me ------ How could you have possibly had it for almost 70 years?? It's plated junk.
  12. Morgan Coins for Sale (93) coins

    Nice Set!! Rank #18 --- Here 's the link.
  13. Dealer buy prices for junk silver coins gives you your exact value of all the silver coins at any time. They keep up with market value and do not have separate quotes for AU, G, or BU. The value is consistent weather worn flat or pristine. So no, I do not sell my nicer silver coins to melt shops. They are not nice enough for grading fees so they just sit in pollyflips along side my silver stash. NOW -- if silver values were to double then the silver hoarders can have all the good looking coins that I have saved up!!