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  1. TTT If you are building a U.S. modern coin collection and you don't see the coins you are wanting just let me know. I have many boxes of saved up modern beauties for NGC submissions. Happy Coin Collecting!!!
  2. Karen, The Roosevelt dimes are a fun to collect set that extend into full torch with many different varieties up to 1982 or so. Here is my set listing for the 1946 to date with varieties. I need to take some time this winter and get some pics added with also making a submission or 2 as well. Enjoy Collecting
  3. Welcome!! I left PCGS 15 years ago and moved in here. Still pleased with the move.
  4. Tom, Just left click on the date in your set. If you are wanting some upgrades for your set I have many NGC graded available here; Send me a shout if you want a few. Rick
  5. All these nickels are for sale. Missing 2014 but have 2015 missing 2016. Looks like I could use both years as well.
  6. Send that puppy in for verification and grading. Good Luck!!
  7. I am sure the points reduction is based on an overall grading evaluation. When they are new and grading population is low there are some extremely high points but as more hit the fan the points seem to blow away. It is what it is.
  8. Friends, It is getting close to the end of the year again for rank management. If you are building a U S modern coin set I have many coins available. Click on the link below to search through all the coins I have available (all are available) and see if there is something special there for your collection. Thanks for looking and enjoy collecting!! Ricky
  9. Here are just a few of my nickel gatherings over the years; ENJOY!!