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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. Six Mile Rick

    Kennedy Half Dollar Question

    WELCOME!! I have pretty much all the dates. Some are a little tougher to find in nice grades but I have found and kept the best looking ones from mint sets and rolls. 2005 to 2010 dates that I have were found in special mint produced rolls for collectors. Do not confuse 2005 - 2010 SMS mint set halves with 2005 - 2010 business strike coins. They are not the same coins.
  2. Six Mile Rick

    Link To My Roosevelt Dime Auctions On Great Collections

    NO SIR (don't thank me) ------ THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Six Mile Rick

    1947 P MS67 NGC Washington Quarter Rainbow Toning

    That's a beauty!!
  4. I am thinking paper tape glue on the reverse to hold the coin somewhere. What DWL states is true --- Silver weight is the value of that girl. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Six Mile Rick

    Link To My Roosevelt Dime Auctions On Great Collections

    I'll be there. May not win any bids but for sure I will boost the bids a bit.
  6. Six Mile Rick

    Link To My Roosevelt Dime Auctions On Great Collections

    Thanks for a swell night Gemguy The auction was fun.
  7. Six Mile Rick

    1958 DDO??? HELP PLZ

    Sorry ----- Wrong should post this in newbie coin collection questions.
  8. Six Mile Rick

    Wanted NGC Error coins

    Good to see ya back Paul!!
  9. Six Mile Rick

    grading tiers Max. Coin Value

    The grade is independent.The value you post on the coin is for shipping insurance purposes.
  10. Six Mile Rick

    Downgrade service question

    No --- I sent it in for preservation to get the mint package must off the coin. Obviously it must have been hiding a little die ware which lowered the grade when it was preserved. There was no mention from them of making the grade value difference adjustment but I was happy with having the correct grade attributed to the new better clean look. They did a fantastic job!!!
  11. Six Mile Rick

    Downgrade service question

    I sent in a graded coin for preservation. NGC downgraded it and it got a new serial number.
  12. Six Mile Rick

    Auction Catalogs

    I have a few Heritage catalogs that are fun to look at once in a while. They have some great pics of out-of-reach rarities for my pocket.
  13. Six Mile Rick

    1983 - 1983 D value???

    Maybe .15c each. Surely not worth getting sent in for grading.
  14. Sorry to hear/read of the loss of his house. Hope the family is safe and all others that are nearby that wild fire. I heard that rain won't help slow the fire till thanksgiving. That's another week of dry heat added to the fire. I believe that there are 31 dead and 250 or so missing so far. My heart and prayers goes out to all that are swept up in that ordeal!! Rick Young
  15. Did you get a couple early release rolls??