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  1. I am a gentleman -- I do my dipping outside. Some of the dips I use for preservation will eat your drains up under the sink. Acetone is tough stuff and rinses off well with a water hose outside of the house.
  2. That ole girl does look a little rough!! Bipolar is right. It would make a good starter in a silver stash jar. If you want to mess with it a little try a fingernail polish remover dip on it. Just for kicks.
  3. The dimes are a lot of fun!! I hooked up with so many dime collectors over the years that my complete dime set ended up cost free. Buying, Selling, and Trading --- This set is now 100% cost free Now I just need to work on pics this year and add some more.
  4. Very Nice!! I don't see any artificial toning there Bipolar. They are all three nice looking album toned Roosies.
  5. IGS graded --Send the same coins to NGC and then list them for sale--
  6. Friends, I am offering a long time work of the best NGC clad dime gatherings. The set is almost complete with many of the best grades that NGC has graded. Any interest in the complete set or just a few dimes is welcome. Just send me a PM. Complete set --- $40,000 I will break up the set for someone interested in a few top pops. Thank You, Rick
  7. Cartwheel luster does not rule out AU55 or 58. A rub is a rub. = AU
  8. Leave it up to Ian Russel to put your coins out there and get the best he can. Great Collections is a great place to sell your coins Mr. Davio!!
  9. Karen, If you miss someone that was trying to get rich off their pocket change then I for one am glad that they are gone. Most of us just check in and read what's going on and if the questions are answered already then --- maybe next time, Some check in weekly and others check in every other month or so. Rick
  10. Friends, I have a nice selection of NGC graded Roosevelt dimes for sale. Lately I have added many of the clad varieties to the set These are all some swell dimes to add to any collection. Selling separate or complete. Click on link below to check out dates and grades; I also have Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels and quarters sets. Many saved stashes for modern submissions. Always happy to help someone out wanting to build a great modern NGC graded collection!! Thanks ----Six Mile
  11. original mint proof sets 1954 to 1998. Do you need any dates??
  12. Actually I have not searched much of them. I looked into the 1970 sets and ripped them apart. Since I didn't do anything with the saved PF coins from 1970 I just left the sets alone.
  13. Tom, I would guess that the proof sets in the pic that you would like are in the first row . 79 and 81 ( open top packages ).