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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. I have many states still sealed and available. CHEAP!!
  2. PM sent --- $1200 for the group That is less than I paid for them
  3. Definitely worth the time if you search 67FT or better!!
  4. Currently Rank #1 set in registry for Roosevelt Dimes 1965 to date circulation issue (including varieties) is for sale. All my sets are up for sale at this time so check my member page if you have any interest in modern U S coin sets. Dimes ----- Home Page - Thank You!
  5. You asked everyone for some insight, didn't you? You don't want to hear the truth then stop asking questions. My answer was not inclinations it was honesty.
  6. I have purchased a few myself. The vast collection has been offered for quite some time.
  7. Friends, I have a very nice 1945-S Jefferson in 5 Full Step for sale. This date and mint mark are rare for full step strikes as they were minted with used dies. A nice addition for the silver war nickle set. ---- Asking $275 . Thanks for looking, ---- Rick
  8. JBock, I checked out your 1909 to date proofs this morning. Here is a set of additions that will fit in your set; PM me if you have any interest in a few. Thanks, Rick
  9. Well lets see ------ coins, --- coins, and oh yes ---- COINS!!!