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  1. Six Mile Rick

    The Value of Coin Grading

    Once I do a large selection of coins for submission I set them all out on a grading table. Sometimes there are around 60 coins.With the grading light and darkness I do a run through on the coins and separate them into 2 or 3 runs.The plain stack (low), nicer stack (medium) and then luster stack (best). That best stack is the big dollar submission and it cuts down on sending in too many moderate grade level coins for a costly submission. You only want to send in the best coins you have available. Trying to send in dates to fill holes will end up being costly so you need to pass the date idea up and just submit the finest that you find.
  2. Six Mile Rick

    The Value of Coin Grading

    I did Morgan Dollars back in 199? to 2005. AT THAT TIME I was a PCGS fan and sent all my submissions to them. I had a great time with the set but actually glad that I sold them. I stayed broke as the Morgan Dollar is so sweet that she can pimp a pimp!! With all my coins slabbed it is very easy to sell them. With me being in moderns which have not had time to tone I have sold many nationwide even with out pics available. The slab and the grade usually sell the coin for me. Don't think I am talking cheesy coins either. Most moderns I sold the past year went for $500 to $1500 each!! I have many slab coins that are worth less money but the top pop coins I get in each submission usually sell first for high dollars. Rick
  3. Six Mile Rick

    The Value of Coin Grading

    Here is a link to all my NGC submission coins for sale. You don't have to buy the full load, just pick as you want. They are ALL for sale!! 1495 coins
  4. Six Mile Rick

    Gold and Silver Trends

    Coin collecting is not influenced by Silver and Gold melt values. Put it in a different equation the economy influences the value of gold and silver. I would say that Coin Values are based more on popularity of the times.
  5. Six Mile Rick

    Which Auction Houses???

    Mike, First off check the Heritage auction archive to see what your coins may sell for. For Heritage There is a minimum value that will get into their auctions. Last time I sent some coins I think it was $100 or higher Heritage sales values. All coins under that value go into a sight unseen list to sell at bulk to dealers Check other auction houses like Great Collections and see what their auction archives have sold for.. Later Bud --- Rick
  6. Six Mile Rick

    Old Green Rattlers

    Mike, it was great hearing from you bud!! I would think that many of us have a graded coin or 2 that have the "what if" in our minds of re submission thoughts.Thanks for sharing. My winter has been a complete Roosevelt dime blowout season so far. I can't seem to find enough NGC high grade dimes to keep up with the quest. Later Bud ---- Rick
  7. Six Mile Rick

    Guess the grade by reversing only NGC slab coins?

    You are all just bored or 'CRAZY!!! You can't grade a coin by the reverse .You also can't grade a coin by pics.
  8. Six Mile Rick

    1999 P Experimental quarter hopefully

    If you would like to start a NGC graded State Quarter set don't be shy ---- Send me a message. I have around 800 graded slabs hanging around here in State Quarters and more to send in. I enjoy the set quests so lets build a set!!!
  9. Six Mile Rick

    A huge thank you NGC & NCS

    A double thumbs up to NGC. After reading the weekly newsletter this morning from NGC and seeing that NGC even added the collectors name on the slabs after doing such a swell job. ---- NGC really went all the way out here. I am happy for Crazyhoundog and glad to be part of a great club!! Rick
  10. Six Mile Rick

    And so it begins... Updated 2/22

    Best wishes here too bro!!
  11. Six Mile Rick

    1999 P Experimental quarter hopefully

    Simply state quarters. Yes they are still worth .25c
  12. Six Mile Rick

    Raw Buffalo's. Looking for good resources.

    You might get a few resources from erwindoc. Jason has been working on a raw collection for a couple years now.
  13. Six Mile Rick

    Break from collecting. Hello again.

    Welcome back BLive1972
  14. Six Mile Rick

    1970 and 1970-D Roosevelt dime

    Ali, Tell your geniuses that figure out which varieties deserve listed to check their-selves. I see the 1967 DDO listed in the set which is a SSSOOOO rare that there are none graded by NGC and they won't add the 70-P rev of 68 with 9 graded ---- What Gives???? I am very pleased with adding the 70-D rev of 68 so don't get me wrong.I guess I am just a little puzzled. Normal for my lifestyle!!
  15. Six Mile Rick

    1970 and 1970-D Roosevelt dime

    Wowsers --- I can wait a few years. Thanks!!