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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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  1. There are many factors that go into my decision to sell at auction. I don't spend much time on here as I use to selling since my wife passed. I have been going through my house the past few months getting rid of a lot of things I don't need or use. A married couple can hoard a lot of stuff in 25 years together. She has been gone for almost 2 years now and I am downsizing on everything to make my life more simpler.
  2. Friends, I have been here for over 15 years. At one point 10 years ago I started buying graded coins from members and submitting many coins to NGC as well.My goal was to obtain as close to $100,000 in NGC value at no cost out of pocket. I did end up with a great set of dimes which I will be keeping as a momentum but the rest is going to Great Collections over the next few months. My dimes have $0 of cost (Rank #1 Clad NGC only) as I have sold so many dimes over the years that they actually floated costs on other invested coins. First off the chart will be all the Lincoln coins I have listed in my collection manager. I will send them in one month. NGC list value = $12,158. My cost to date on the group of 94 coins is $1,763 It took a lot of sales to get those costs so low and a good sale on those will bring my total cost to date down closer to $0 invested total. I will add to this journal over the next few months to let you know where I land. Enjoy Collecting!!!
  3. 10 years of buying and selling. I am cashing out in November.
  4. A set of graded dimes to pick from. Many varieties and nice FT's;
  5. Great Collections (Ian Russel) is a great certified coin auction house. I have purchased many coins from there and usually send in 100+ coins each year to sell as well. I currently have a box of 100 ready to send to Ian in a month or so.
  6. Friends, I have a massive overload of State and Park quarters graded by NGC. Most are graded MS67 some higher and some lower depending on the state and park. Anyone working on building a set give me a shout. Thanks, Rick
  7. Seller backed out. I have very many nice Roosevelt dimes available. Thanks, Rick
  8. Love those Liberty's!!! The Morgan is SWEET!!! as well
  9. It is called Coin Collecting. Enjoy yourself and collect what you want. Happy Coin Collecting!!!
  10. Nice Franklin set you have there Glen
  11. The list is not started yet but I am in the middle of obtaining a LARGE collection of Roosevelt dimes to liquidate for a close friend. If you are building a set 1946 to date send me a PM and I will get you the full list as it arrives. The dimes that are going to be sold will get listed by the end of this month. Thank You in advance!! Rick
  12. I checked your set..... I have the Silvers; 2002-S Silver Ohio, 2002-S Silver Indiana, and 2007-S Silver Wyoming. PF70UC NGC All 3 ---- $350 shipped and insured.