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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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  1. OTHER GRADERS??? There is the first clue to wrongly graded Jefferson's. Nice full step nickels do not come cheap. It is wise to purchase the toughest grading company's advise verses a slack grade from another for a cheaper price. In the end -- It is what it is.
  2. Turn the tables here. As a new member here ( from MCM )---- let us know what you are interested in and maybe we will gather a few up for you as a welcome gift.
  3. Welcome here Ash. We could use some good new blood around here. Can't wait to read some of your future posts and look forward to all of them. Rick
  4. Will take best offer or trade. 1991 NGC PF70rdUC --- $100 1998 NGC PF70rdUC --- $95 2002 NGC PF70rdUC --- $150 Also have available 1999 -$90, 2000 - $75, 2001 - $75, 2003 - $75 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Thanks, Rick
  5. Rotate it in the light and learn what your grading mistake looks like so you can do better next go around. I have done it too on Morgans but --- Cleaned is cleaned and you can't make it go away.
  6. Pop that puppy out and take it back to the dealer that offered you $400.
  7. 1966 SMS set has varieties in the dimes and halves. Look them up. Knowledge is your best friend in the coin world!!
  8. He purchased it 54 years ago?
  9. B.T.W. Those sets pop open and many dealers have been through them and picked out the sweet ones and replaced them.
  10. Your set is not graded. It is in original mint package which sells for $11 on ebay. Grading costs over $20 a coin which means you need to spend over $100 to get that set graded. By then you have 5 coins graded and slabbed for $111 +. It is a gamble but grading knowledge will help you on what to send in for grading and what to sell.
  11. Funny thing is -- It's not a game it is a hobby. The more you enjoy it --- the more you learn. The more you learn --- the better your sales get.