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    I just love well defined and lusterous coins
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    Always looking for MS circulated coins
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  1. Six Mile Rick

    Where are all the NGC coins

    All my coins get sent to NGC as I prefer their grading standards over all the rest. With 6 submissions lined up to go in I now have almost 1400 NGC slabs in my little collection stash.
  2. Six Mile Rick

    It's time to add a new screen to your old computers.

    WOW!!!! -----
  3. Six Mile Rick

    It's time to add a new screen to your old computers.

    Well --- The pic didn't work Try again:
  4. Hey Guys and Gals, My son came over today and had a 36" T V with him. Up to my office he scrambled and started an attack on my old Dell computer. W.T.H. are you doing with my perfect running computer I asked. It took a while and some old school hook up lines that worked well with new school devices ( the T-V). I now have monster sized coin pics to view that are so awesome!! So Cool!!! Man, I love that son of mine --- He's Awesome!!! You know I had to add a pic to this post just to enjoy the huge view!
  5. Six Mile Rick

    Peace Dollar Price Collapse

    Didn't the grading standards for PCGS change in the 80's or close to there where older slabs were sent in and upgraded due to strict MS65 grades in the 70's and early 80's? Mark, What year did PCGS start popping out MS68 and MS67 Peace dollars?
  6. Six Mile Rick

    Where are all the NGC coins

    I have seen plenty of NGC modern top pops and older high graded U.S. coins at Great Collections auctions. I purchased many in May to help out Centurion Collection family sales. I have already made 40% back in selling a few pieces I acquired from the auctions.
  7. Six Mile Rick

    Strange looking 1909-S VDB

    That Lincoln looks like ------- fresh oil change.
  8. Six Mile Rick

    how do you get a reward???

    Thomas, In my opinion, getting a rank #1 set is fun in the modern proof sets as there are many collectors that get in line for that reason. I have opted out on receiving any award certificates as I enjoy the sets collected up but really not interested in all those certificates. The first 2 years was fun getting 30 or 40 Rank #1 certificate awards but after that I just opted out. Now ---- to get a rank #1 set on mint state collecting --- That is the true hobby collector for sure!! It is so simple to build a year set in PF70UC that everyone can get a rank #1 set. Now try for a Rank #1 set in a MS business strike Top Pop set. I didn't mean to be hard on the set you have started ---- just having some good conversation. Enjoy Collecting!! Rick
  9. Six Mile Rick

    how do you get a reward???

    Looking at your set in the registry --- Circulated Quarters you have 1 coin with 212 points. The rank #1 set has 32 coins at 9173 points. Looks like your work is cut out for ya. You need almost 9000 points to get the rank #1 certificate award for that set.
  10. Six Mile Rick

    how do you get a reward???

    Registry awards? Like Rank #1 certificates? I think by the end of the first week in December you have to have all pics and descriptions of coins in your set. A rank #1 set (modern proof all PF70UC's) without pics and descriptions will be listed as a #2 set till you add the needed pics and descriptions.Like here on my page #5 in my sets for sale.
  11. Six Mile Rick

    NGC Reults and my take on it

    It won't be long and I will jump back in the game as well. It has been a couple years since I had a membership with NGC. Since that time I have saved up around 800 nice U.S. modern coins to choose from for new submissions. This winter should be the perfect time to get back into the grading game for me and my member page sets. I still have many extra sets available on my member page which I use the funds to submit even more coins for the sets that are selling. Happy Coin Collecting!!
  12. The Cherrypickers' Guide Comes in a 2 volume set and every U.S. coin hunter should own a set.
  13. There is a variety listed that has a lower 1 stem coming from the base of the first 8 in the date.
  14. Six Mile Rick

    Got some rare/lots of un apraised coins

    I'd say they are worth at least face value --- maybe
  15. Six Mile Rick

    NGC Reults and my take on it

    Mohawk is correct --- attitude is GREAT.. We all start off with some lousy submissions till we learn what we are actually doing!! I trust the incandescent light for my grading helper. If you don't have one --- get one and try it out !! You will see what a difference it makes. Rick