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  1. Friends, As spring is here and the weather is great for boating my pontoon has been back in the lake this month. The kids blew my motor and now I am searching for a new motor. With that being said I am selling all the Lincoln cent coins I have for 55% NGC list. Click on the set listing below and let me know if you are interested in any. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any purchases to get this pontoon back in the water. Rick
  2. Welcome back Kerry!! It has been a while but sure glad to read your journal. Rick
  3. I sell my NGC graded coins direct to individuals building the sets. You state that you don't want to do that but it is the best alternative as I see it. I find private sales and trades to be the best and most enjoyable route in coins.
  4. Friends, I have a few years of collecting in the proof sets. All the sets from 1999 to date are mostly completed. If you are building a proof set for any year I have many Rank #1 sets for sale. Everything is available. Check out my NGC member pages and let me know what sets you are working on. Thanks, Rick
  5. Finding the "W" quarters will be a long hunt for areas that don't have amusement parks and vacation areas. The quarters are only in the bulk bags that go to the areas that are low on quarters and need change to keep the parks and stores rolling.
  6. It's a jungle out there!!! Watch your back.
  7. I did modern commemorative 50c coiins in the eggs this year for the grandchildren.
  8. I am a gentleman -- I do my dipping outside. Some of the dips I use for preservation will eat your drains up under the sink. Acetone is tough stuff and rinses off well with a water hose outside of the house.
  9. That ole girl does look a little rough!! Bipolar is right. It would make a good starter in a silver stash jar. If you want to mess with it a little try a fingernail polish remover dip on it. Just for kicks.
  10. The dimes are a lot of fun!! I hooked up with so many dime collectors over the years that my complete dime set ended up cost free. Buying, Selling, and Trading --- This set is now 100% cost free Now I just need to work on pics this year and add some more.
  11. Very Nice!! I don't see any artificial toning there Bipolar. They are all three nice looking album toned Roosies.