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  1. It still is. PCGS has become particularly inconsistent and wild with some of their grading of non-USA coins.
  2. It is not a 5 sovereign. It is a 2 kilogram hunk of gold with nominal value of £2000.
  3. Are you referring to the 2019 £2000 2-kilo (64.3 oz troy) Una and the Lion? With a mintage of only 4 pieces, I’m quite sure there is nothing all that special about a COA#1. I think you are confusing this with the smaller issued gold pieces. It’s not a bargain at the price noted, but it is nowhere near the most absurd or overpriced numismatic item I’ve seen.
  4. A profound contribution to these boards, as always @MAULEMALL
  5. I've been having problems with CoinTalk loading very slowly for over a week - and today, it won't load at all. I get a "504 Gateway Timeout" error. Anyone else having these issues?
  6. Here is my date set of the Upper Canada St. George Half-penny Tokens - they were issued in years 1850, 1852, 1854, and 1857. It took me 8 years to put together a nice date set of half pennies. I have a couple dups, but I'm okay with that.
  7. Thanks for the update @MarkFeld! Smartest decision I have seen from a Floridian in some time. There are more important things than coins...getting a nice coin is not worth dying for (or killing others).
  8. Electronic Membership is only $26 - or $57 if you want the print membership.
  9. Beautiful medal. For others: The bronze is $150, the silver is $450.
  10. By what means would the growth happen? Continually changing plastic formulations to encourage resubmissions? Continued gradeflation to encourage resubmissions? Convincing the rest of the world besides the US that slabs are useful? The slippage of PCGS in terms of their consistency in grading has been noticeable the past 2-3 years. I also believe their fundamentals are pretty flat, so the recent huge uptick in their stock price is not justified. Like much of the stock market at the moment, it's being propped up artificially by policy. IMO the 3-5 year horizon has a bubble a comin'! I'm
  11. There is also one in the "World" section: I rarely leave the "World" section on CU forums because they are a train wreck of bickering completely non-numismatic threads.
  12. Chop it up, bank the profits, and burn the place down on your way out. Nat Turner already has a history of these kinds of deals. Invest in something, grow its perceived value, pray for an acquisition for crazy money, then jump ship with your bags of money.
  13. These handful of designs come to mind as particularly beautiful, but not rare. I would prefer these types of "Greatest" books encouraged people to think of coins as works of art, not just expensive metal discs or trinkets - some of which happen have low mintages and are considered "rare." More details about the designs, artists, and engravers would be a great read from an artistic standpoint. Context in terms of the history and timeframe would also be more compelling than a book about "rare" unattainable varieties and dates within a series. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I wish there were a book like this titled "100 Greatest 20th Century Coin Designs" - it seems the current book described is more a Greatest = "Most Expensive and Rare" type book. There are many stunning coin designs from the 20th Century. There are also a lot of really ugly but rare coins. A coin from a particular year with extremely low mintage (but otherwise the design type is readily available) does not make it "great" by my definition of the word. To each his/her own.
  15. I will not retract my disagreement, because I strongly disagree with you. If you are trying to teach someone to take quality photos, you don't start with the 2-3 pages of the "advanced" sub-section of a book - a section very limited to very specific and quirky examples of utility. I'd argue less than 1% of photos of coins benefit by tilting. We're not here to discuss the fringe methods, the intent of my post was to offer lighting advice for most coin photographs. You make it seem as though because the word "tilting' was mentioned in Goodman's book you are somehow vindicated. It does n
  16. Please post your own thread with these pictures. I will see the thread.
  17. Except - as we've explain to you probably 10 times now - for all the reasons why that isn't a best practice (loss of sharpness, geometric distortion, etc.). Skip, you are free to do whatever you'd like, but that doesn't mean it's good practice or up to par of professional images. We're waiting going on 2 weeks now for your supposed good images you took with your company's multi-thousand dollar automated equipment.
  18. There shouldn't be any reason why replying to a thread that YOU started would be blocked. My only thought is user error or some content that the machinations were not happy about - maybe try again? A person blocking you does not forbid you from posting in threads - trust me, I'd know. I have you on ignore, and I still have to see your threads - and often put myself through the self-inflicted-pain of expanding your replies in threads that I own.