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  1. Haven't been to these parts much lately. Here are a few coppers semi-recently acquired.
  2. Well, starting August 11th, it will be 20%. I'll be giving preference to GreatCollections now. Heritage is a greedy, money-grubbing, price-fixing company. Stacks and Heritage always raise the BPs in concert...I'm sure that's just coincidence? Ha.
  3. I have no idea what the OP is referencing. All I see is sellers with very poor photography skills. I see no signs of UV light ("black-light") being used for the photos of any of the linked coins.
  4. The Lincoln Cent is PMD (post-mint-damage). It's worth 1 premium "collector" value. The Jefferson Nickel is a standard circulation intended nickel. Not a matte proof or anything else. 2001 is known as a very good year for high quality mint products in terms of strike. It's worth 5 cents...again no premium "collector" value.
  5. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. It's next to impossible for us to help you from text descriptions alone. Try to take some photos and post them here.
  6. Not sure how that got a 65 grade with the giant gash in the bell on the reverse and all the chatter and hits on the obverse. I also find the "PL" aspects of larger coins to be unattractive. To each his/her own.
  7. I sent in a handful of my pieces for slabbing before my $150 credit for NGC membership expired. Below was the nicest / highest graded of the bunch. I thought some of you may wish to see what the current labeling of these looks like from NGC. They are very clear that they are fantasy issues -- contrary to the way that PCGS labels these.
  8. Nice. It looks like doubling on the 5 in the date? No doubling. Just lit from the bottom, so it's the light playing tricks with your eyes.
  9. That's an interesting fallacy of logic. TV marketing schemes exist for thousands of items not valued in troy ounces.
  10. There are 12 troy ounces in a pound (versus 16 dry ounces). I still come out around $317k based on $1200 spot. Of course......silly me. Thanks for the clarification. Actually I was wrong too, 1 lb = 14.5833 troy oz not 12 or 16 oz. Sorry for any confusion! So it is closer to $386k. You could avoid all of the "pound" confusion if you just used the conversion of 31.1035 grams = 1 troy ounce Thus: 10 kg = 10,000 g = 321.51 troy ounces = $385,809 (@ $1200/troy ounce)
  11. There are four graded SP68 from the same dealer submission...You may not have lost out! I purchased this one Jan 4th from France.