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  1. My guesses: Thessalonica Obv: CONSTANS NOB CAES Rev: GLORIA EXERCITVS Exergue: SMTSD RIC VII, 201
  2. It looks genuine from those photos, at least to me. But the images aren't of high enough resolution to be sure. If it were mine, it would DEFINITELY be on its way to NGC.
  3. It's likely either damage, or possibly a minor planchet lamination.
  4. It does sort of look like a die break to me, and a better quality photo would go a long way toward confirming that.
  5. Personally, I would rather see this fail to come to fruition. A new design would be much better than rehashing two designs for which zillions of examples in high grade still exist.
  6. And, that is true research - getting to the root source of information! Looks like a very cool example, as well.
  7. Well, thanks! And especially thanks to everyone who's welcomed me back - Victor, Chris, Dennis, Walt, etc. I appreciate it, guys, after a way-too-long absence.
  8. Many years ago, I wrote an article suggesting an easy and very interesting way to collect U.S. coins is simply to obtain one for every year from 1793 through today. That's a very doable collection, and can end up being exceptionally diverse so as to capture just about every design available, including most non-early gold.
  9. I like to call them "double decs" (rhymes with "decks"), as in "double decades".
  10. I am not terribly active in purchasing coins these days, but I have noticed the same thing.
  11. It's a common copy. Interesting that someone holed it, I supposed in order to make it seem more "authentic"....
  12. A chemical process might lessen how noticeable it is. It can also be abraded off mechanically, and that might erase it completely, but there will be unavoidable hairlines (cleaning, or tooling) in that area. As a general rule, I wouldn't try to "help" it, unless it's actively growing (which can be difficult to determine). In that case, leave it to the professionals.
  13. My two most recent. Those NGC slabs are just my favorites... and the dime ain't half bad, either.