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  1. I love the look of this beautiful Franklin 👍. The photography is also very well done👌
  2. Great film clip. I have had the privilege of visiting the granite Lady a few times and it’s always been an interesting visit. Thanks for sharing
  3. I’ve met, Brett and I found him to be a genuine nice guy. I was the guest of honor at a dinner at the FUN show and we talked coins for a while. He knows his stuff I can tell you that. I’m sorry to hear he’s stepping down.
  4. Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment. I put my heart into my photography. I’ll image coins for people the way I’d like my own coins imaged. I very much enjoy macro photography and I love coin collecting. They do go hand in hand very well. It’s like a hobby within a hobby for me as I have been a shutterbug and coin collector pretty much my entire life and man I’m old . Thanks again, Joe-AKA Buffalhead, AKA crazyhounddog
  5. Another type 1 to add to my pile. I picked this one up because of the strike and the surface quality. It’s raw but it doesn’t matter. I see it as a 65+. It’s struck from the hammer from hell. Needle sharp details on this one and very close to blemish free. Thanks for looking and happy hunting.
  6. I have both from the good ole days. I want these to go with them.
  7. I’ve gotta say that I’m excited about these two new coins coming out. It’ll also be another brawl trying to purchase it from the mint.
  8. I like them both myself. But being a buffalo nickel fan I, personally, would like that type1 Buff. It looks like a good one to my old eyes. Edited to say, That would be, of course, depending on the grade of that Buff. Both are beautiful.
  9. Look what rolled in today.....It's only a pcgs 64 and a common date, but it's an attractive piece and that's why I bought it. Thanks for looking and happy hunting, Joe
  10. I just hope I did @Lem E's coins justice with my work. Without question the nicest Jefferson nickels ever to lay under my lens. It truly was my pleasure to do this for you my friend. I would also like to say a BIG thank you for the kind words on my photography. It means a lot to this old man. Happy hunting, Joe AKA crazyhound/Buffalo Head