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  1. If anyone is interested feel free to make an offer.
  2. PCGS made a press release that Hall's employment was terminated... It didn't sound voluntary. There have been other high level departures there. While it is possible that it is a coincidence for Don Willis, it does look like PCGS is in the process of a great purge. I'm sure falling stock prices has a lot to do with it. It is kind of sweet justice for booting Coinguy1 (especially with Hall), RWB, and you ATS.
  3. It's no great loss. Don was nothing special IMHO.
  4. Maybe Hall should create another grading service to compete with PCGS.
  5. I agree there is a major problem in determining populations given that PCGS will not attribute PL buffalo nickels. I have never seen a nickel in a PCGS holder close to mine, but with tens of thousands of coins certified, there is no way to say definitively. As for auction records, there are none so the first person to sell one at a fixed price or who is brave enough to face a no reserve auction will ultimately set the market. The price sounds very high especially for the grade to me, and my personal interest level in PL coinage is nowhere near that for any 20th century coin. I think they are trying to extrapolate from other rare PL series (e.g. Peace Dollars), but it is unclear that a PL buffalo would fetch anywhere near what the PL Peace Dollars do even though the nickels are rarer in PL. I hope they do sell it successfully for $7,500 but that would be a fantasy for me.
  6. I agree. It is now listed with Park Avenue Numismatics. If it sells for anywhere near that amount, I will wet my pants as it would provide pricing data that could only be helpful to me some day. I think my MS63 PL coin has nicer mirrors.
  7. Did they at least give it a star for semi-PL fields if it didn't make a full designation? Awarding a star for a just miss coin is very common.