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  1. Early MS-70 American Silver Eagles

    I've always been impressed by your ability to sell moderns at or near full retail. You should seriously consider opening a dealership.
  2. Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Very cool! I would love to see pictures when you get it in hand. It is always interesting to see what else is out there/available.
  3. 1982 D Small date copper penny

    Please... You mean this isn't an ultra rare transition piece?
  4. 1937 liberty head dime

    It is worth melt value (currently $1.19) because it is .900 fine silver. I would sell it as is or leave it if you want to keep it.
  5. Collection of Great Collections.

    Yes. I think there are a few NGC custom sets in the registry with this or a similar theme.
  6. Early MS-70 American Silver Eagles

    I don't think it would work if you tried to effectively silver plate the coin. The flow lines which create luster are created during striking process and would be obscured.
  7. PCGS Incorrectly certifies California Fractional Gold

    I'm sure PCGS will plead "mechanical error" if these are ever submitted under the guarantee.
  8. Where are all the NGC coins

    You're absolutely right. I was thinking this was posted in the U.S. Coin forum. My comments were as to U.S. coins only.
  9. Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Where are all the NGC coins

    Unfortunately, there is a PCGS premium and the PCGS + CAC combination commands the strongest money in most cases. As someone who is selling off, resale value is my primary concern. I have crossed dozens of coins in recent months and have even sacrificed some NGC stars too because of increased liquidity and potential color bumps. I think NGC went through a lose period and has now tightened considerably. In fact, I think it as over corrected in many regards. That is not a recipe for greatest recovery on my investment, especially when grade inflation from earlier holders (of both services) have already driven prices to the ground for many coins. I think most dealers are crossing over coins to PCGS in droves for the same reasons sometimes even downgrading a NGC coin if necessary to make it more liquid.
  11. Full thumb walking liberty

    Here is a proof:
  12. Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    When I found this, it was in a NGC MS63* holder. Because it looked fully PL, I submitted it under the designation review tier.
  13. Early MS-70 American Silver Eagles

    In theory, if you used a very dilute solution and a light dip, wouldn't the coins still grade MS70?
  14. Type coin pricing between 2014-2017

    The market is improving, but from what I have seen, the prices are still 30-40% back of what the same coins sold for a few years ago. In particular, I am thinking about gem generic 19th century type.
  15. Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    I know several other members here have an interest in prooflike coins, so I thought I would share an image of my newly designated PL buffalo nickel. There is one other PL buffalo nickel listed in the NGC census for the series, a single 1936, but it has never appeared at auction as best I can tell. I have been unable to locate any images, and before this, I had always wondered what one would look like.