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  1. I know.. It's a joke ? laughing emoticon at the title
  2. so i was bored at work and ended up watching some videos on youtube.. came across this video here. run to the 18:30 mark and.. i guess he took Simon's advice and took a career change
  3. While other dates in the series, in same grade and also designated PL, sell for a fraction of these prices? I was looking for one Sac. dollar to buy (specifically with PL designation), and surprisingly i picked up a 2000-P for maybe 1/3 of the price i would have paid for a 2000-D at the same grade (MS68PL). since the 2000-D Sacagawea dollars in the millennium set were produced with a burnished finish, which made most of them get the PL designation at NGC (not just "most", almost 100% of them from the millennium sets were designated PL) - shouldn't that make them very common in PL and not command that high a premium (comparing to other dates in same grade, with or without PL desig.)?