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  1. Hello again everyone! I got a couple of new NGC graded items in and my last Sales Thread is getting somewhat unruly, so I figured it was time to make a new one! I'll put the newest NGC graded items first. First up a couple of 1981-S Type 2 Susan B. Anthony Dollars graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo. They can be see here: I also have a 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent in PF 69 Red Ultra Cameo here: And here's a 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollar graded PF 69 Ultra Cameo: Here's a 2013-S Lincoln Shield Cent in PF 69 Red Ultra Cameo: Here's an 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent of the Small Date, Large Fraction S 260 variety graded VG Details-Environmental Damage: Here's an 1834 Capped Bust Half Dime graded F 15: I also have this 1859 Indian Cent graded VF 35 Details-Cleaned by ANACS: Here's a AH1387/1967 Sudan Proof 20 Ghirsh graded PF 67. There were only 7834 of these coins struck: Here's a 1975 Canadian 50 Cents graded PL 67: Here's a 1965 Small Beads, Pointed 5 Canadian Silver Dollar graded MS 63: Here's a rare AH 1191/5 Crimea (Krim) Kyrmis of the Bitkin-34 variety graded VF 20 Brown. This is a very tough coin to locate: Here's a 1964 Silver Canadian Proof Like 50 Cents graded PL 68 Ultra Cameo, which is the highest grade for this coin and there are only 4 at this level: Here's 1957 Silver Proof Like 50 Cents graded PL 67, which is the second highest grade for this issue: Here's a 1933-M US/Philippines 1 Centavo graded MS 65 Red-Brown by ANACS in an old small white holder: Here's a 1910-A Germany Nickel 25 Pfennig graded MS 64: Here's a 1944-F Germany Third Reich Aluminum 50 Reichspfennig. This is a semi-key date and it is graded AU 58: Here's a 1923-F Germany Aluminum 500 Mark graded MS 64: Here's a 1922-A Germany Aluminum 3 Mark KM-29 graded MS 65: Here's a 1922-G Germany Aluminum 3 Mark KM-29 graded AU 58 by ANACS: Here's a 1922-A Germany Aluminum 3 Mark KM-28 graded MS 62: Here's an Ottoman Empire/Turkey 1336/4 40 Para graded MS 62. This one year type is scarce in Mint State: Here's a Canada 1953 No Shoulder Fold/Large Date 25 Cents graded MS 62: Here's a pair of Canadian Proof Like Cents graded PL 66 Red. On is a 1970 and one is a 1971. The 1970 is here: and the 1971 is here: I also still have this rare 1941-A (Berlin Mint) pair of 5 and 10 Reichspfennig Occupation/Reichskreditkassen coins. The 5 Reichspfennig is graded AU 53 and the 10 Reichspfennig is graded UNC Details for a tiny spot of zinc rust on the reverse. The 5 Reichspfennig is here: and the 10 Reichspfennig is here: Here's a 1935-A (Berlin Mint) Third Reich Aluminum 50 Reichspfennig graded MS 62: Here's a 1971 Canadian 5 Cents graded PL 65: Here's a Japanese 1944 10 Sen graded MS 60 Details by ANACS: I also have some raw items for your consideration. First up, some singles from the 2018-S Silver Reverse Proof Set. I bought the set because there were three bird coins in it, so I'm selling off the rest. A few of the coins sold before I made this listing but I still have the following: and the Reverse Proof Apostle Islands Quarter: Here's an 1817 13 Stars Coronet Head Large Cent: I also still have this piece of German Notgeld. It is a zinc 10 Pfennig from Stadt Trier and is the Funck# 549.3, Men# 25182.3 variety: I also have a few 1979-S Type 2 Raw Singles I have some Jefferson Nickels here: and some Roosevelt Dimes here: and some Washington Quarters here: And we'll wrap this up with a great selection of 1981-S Type 2 singles. We'll start with a raw 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent here, at a lower price: And here's a listing for some 1981-S Type 2 Jefferson Nickels: I have two 1981-S Type 2 Roosevelt Dimes here: Here are some 1981-S Type 2 Washington Quarters: And here are five nice raw 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half Dollars, also priced a little lower: And I just got another raw 1981-S Type 2 Susan B. Anthony Dollar in. This one is a nice raw piece that would be excellent for an album set: And that's everything I have for now! If you don't want to deal with Ebay, we can complete the sale through here if you have a PayPal account. Just PM me and let me know what you're interested in and we can work it out. As always, I truly appreciate every view and sale!! Thank you all for your continued support of my sales venture over the years!! Until next time..... ~Tom
  2. Mohawk

    1982 d cooper cent?

    Yep, definite large date. Here's a photo of exactly what you're looking for:
  3. Mohawk

    Worth grading?

    Yeah.....hairlines are a real pain in the butt...I know that when I was learning about US Proof Coins from the 1956-1964 era, I took some hits because of them myself, and I still miss them sometimes too. One thing about numismatics is that the learning process never stops. I've been doing this continually since 1999 and I still learn new things all the time! Just take this one as a learning experience and keep going! ~Tom
  4. Mohawk

    Worth grading?

    I looked at the NGC photo and, yes, different photos would help. First off, I want to say that while I'm not versed in Franklins (I never collected them nor are they a big part of my resale venture), I'm familiar with Proof Sets of this era through other coins. Before seeing your photos, I'm going to hypothesize that there are hairlines on the coin that you missed. The cellophane packaging of Proof Sets of this era often causes hairlines on the coins that are only visible under certain lighting conditions and by moving the coin around under illumination as some of these hairlines are only visible from certain angles. While these hairlines can be easy to miss and seem like they would be a minor impairment, they can cause a coin to lose one or two points in grade when submitted to NGC.
  5. Hello, Rick is absolutely correct in his assessment.....original mint rolls are going to yield the best coins as far as grade goes. Those types of rolls are where your highest grade pieces will be found. Bank rolls are typically going to yield circulated pieces that may be good for filling in a Whitman Folder or Dansco Album just for fun, but they aren't going to be worth much. As far as key dates in rolls goes......that ship has essentially sailed decades ago. I look through rolls sometimes, and it's a scarce occurrence to find any Wheat Cents from before 1940 or any Jefferson Nickels from before 1956 these days. This is not to say that there are not good coins still hiding out there......I've found a few. For example, I've found 2 1984 Doubled Die Lincoln Cents in rolls, but I had to look through literally thousands of cents to locate them. I like doing it because looking though coin rolls relaxes me when I'm stuck when I'm working on my school work and that, in turn, often gets me unstuck (I'm working on a doctorate), so I am getting a reward from the activity anyway...the 1984 Doubled Dies were just bonuses. But any classic key dates, such as 1909-S VDB and 1914-D Cents are long gone. I wouldn't go into this venture expecting to find those kinds of key dates because the odds of finding such a piece in a roll today are astronomical. If you're doing this for fun, go right ahead because it IS fun.....just don't set your expectations for what you will find too high or you will quickly become discouraged. Varieties and errors are absolutely possible though. One thing I would recommend for this venture is familiarizing yourself with all of the different varieties you may find in your chosen denomination. NGC's Variety Plus on our host's site is a great place to start. There are also other sites online, such as Coneca's website, that are great free to use resources as well. If you want to spend a few dollars, you can pick up a copy of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change by Ken Potter and Brian Allen. I have a copy, and it's a great resource for the roll hunter as it lists many different errors and varieties which could reasonably be expected to be found in the coin assortment that makes up modern pocket change. Let's see....what else......One denomination I wouldn't waste my time on with bank rolls is quarters. The State Quarter mania of the early 2000's has ensured that quarters have been gone through by people who may not be considered serious collectors but who were at least paying attention to the coins in the roll. Anything old and made of silver would jump out rather quickly. Quarters also circulate widely and are used in many vending machines and Laundromats, creating another arena for anything interesting to be snagged fairly regularly. I did a few test rolls of quarters a couple of years ago and it was a total bust......all clads, mostly State and America the Beautiful Quarters, the few standard Washingtons were all beat up pieces from the 1980's and 1990's......not worth the effort if you ask me. Well, that's all I've got! I hope it helps you and good luck in your hunting! ~Tom
  6. Mohawk

    Thread Closed-Please Delete

    Just a bump to get above the multiple non-English language posts that were just posted here.
  7. Mohawk

    1776 Continental Curency

    Jessica, Thanks for the photos. I'd like to start by saying that I am not an expert in Continental Currency or US or Colonial coins of this time. However, in looking at your piece, I'm going to say that it definitely looks like many of the fakes of this issue I've seen over the years. The piece is in rough shape, but I can tell from it that the strike is quite weak and it looks like it was made from poorly made dies with a further lack of detail. There's a crispness of detail on the originals which isn't present in your piece. Here's our host's page on this issue so you can see what a genuine one looks like: It's important to note two things regarding this issue. First off, these coins are heavily faked. There are many more fakes of these floating around out there than real ones. Secondly, pewter is a cheap alloy of common base metals. Because of this, most of the fakes out there are pewter like the real ones are, so a pewter composition is not a guarantee of having a genuine piece. Like I said before, I am not an expert on these issues, but I have seen many fakes of this coin that look very similar to yours. I hope that someone who is more knowledgeable than I am on this issue will jump in, but if this were my coin, I definitely wouldn't spend any money to certify it. I hope this was of some help, even if the news wasn't great. ~Tom
  8. Mohawk

    Thread Closed-Please Delete

    Update-the 1952-E East German 5 Pfennig in MS 63 has sold and the link has been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  9. Mohawk

    1776 Continental Curency

    We absolutely need photos to be able to tell you anything. It is impossible to evaluate anything about a coin from written descriptions only.
  10. Mohawk


    Hi Jackson, Sorry I just found this, but you are absolutely right......there are obviously people out there that have done just such a else can you explain a faked 1912-D Liberty Nickel in VG? It's strange, but it's something that seems to have either happened or currently is happening. As for the coin shop, it was an experience! Also, some good news on the brick and mortar front, my local shop (not the one I worked in, my local shop now is a newer shop) is doing absolutely great! It's a great place, usually staffed by the owner's son and a friend of his....they're great guys, fun to talk to and they LOVE coins!! They do a great business and are thriving. Some brick and mortars may be fading away, but my favorite shop will be here for many years to come! ~Tom
  11. And you have taught me more about something Karen! I've never really researched this particular issue, but your explanation is very interesting and concise. I may need to seek out some examples of IAP's.....they sound interesting! ~Tom
  12. Hi Karen, It's always good to hear from you as well!! Sorry that you only found the Poor Man's Doubled Die, but there's some good stuff to be found out there. I've actually found 2 1984 Doubled Die Obverse cents in circulation and other goodies as well. Keep hunting and you'll find something, you're doing a great job as a new collector ~Tom
  13. Mohawk

    My 2nd submission to NGC!

    Hi Mk, Looks like a great submission....some very interesting pieces in that lot. I'll be extremely interested to see how this lot goes for you.......I, too, am hoping for no details grades for you! I want to see you win one all the way! Keep us posted! ~Tom
  14. Mohawk

    Thread Closed-Please Delete

    Update-the raw 1979-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar and one 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half have sold and the links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  15. Mohawk

    New to this forum

    Hello and Welcome John! This is a great place to talk coins and there is such a great community of really knowledgeable people here. I think you'll enjoy being a part of our community! ~Tom