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  1. Mohawk

    Is anyone carrying a pocket piece?

    I do not currently have one.....I've never found either an Elizabeth II Canadian Silver Dollar or Ottoman 20 kurush that were low enough in grade (or in value in the case of the 20 Kurush) to be my pocket piece and I guess that I feel that my pocket piece should be a coin I either collect or did collect at one time. But who knows? Maybe the right one will come along!
  2. Mohawk

    <2012P VOLCANO DDO?

    Agreed. I see the shelf-like nature of the doubling as well and I feel that machine doubling is the cause.
  3. Update-I'm out of raw 1979-S Type 2 Dollars and the 1965 Washington Quarter in UNC Details has also sold. All these links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  4. Mohawk

    The 1988 RDV-006 Reverse Of 1989 Transitional Lincoln Cent

    Nice find! I've been looking for these myself in my cent searches (I'm trying to finish my childhood set of Canadian cents out of circulation), and I haven't found one. They are pretty scarce and many have likely been lost to attrition.....I can't tell you how many corroded and nasty zinc cents I've seen from both the US and Canada that are too far gone to even date.
  5. Mohawk


    You'll have to post photos for us to tell you anything. It's impossible to properly identify a coin with just a written description.
  6. Mohawk

    Sacagewea no date anywhere

    What you have there is a highly damaged coin. The damage has obliterated the date and the other edge lettering. The coin is worth face value only.
  7. Update-the 1981-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent in PF 69 and the 1940-A Reichskreditkassen have sold and the links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  8. Hi Katie, First off, hello and welcome to our forum! Those coins are absolutely worth submitting for grading. Morgan Dollars have a lot of collectors, and the CC coins in particular. As far as how to go about submitting them, first you will have to sign up for the NGC Collector's Society or find an NGC authorized dealer to submit them for you. The dealer option often takes a very long time, from what I've heard, so I would join the Collector's Society yourself. This link will take you to where you can sign up for the Collector's Society and the various levels you can join at and the cost for each: Secondly, the tier. In looking at the full list you have, you have some coins that are worth over the $300 dollar limit for the Economy tier, so you're looking at Early Bird/Standard tier if you want to submit them all together, which would be the easiest with shipping and would allow you to only pay one fee to ship them and one fee for NGC to ship them back to you. That tier will cost you $30 per coin, which is definitely worth it with the coins you have. Also, I would recommend requesting the GSA service for your coins as well. This service will allow for the coins to remain in their original GSA holders, which many collectors of GSA dollars prefer. It also appears that this service doesn't cost you anything extra, so I'd say it's definitely worth doing. Here's a link to the Services and Fees page for you: Now, how to submit. NGC has two options for that: you can submit with an online submission form or a fillable PDF. I always use the fillable PDF myself because I like to keep my coins and the submission information together. Here's a link where you can find the forms: As far as shipping goes, I would recommend using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. I always use Priority Mail Flat Rate when I submit, in my case the envelope because my coins are typically not in any kind of packaging I want preserved. Yours are in packaging worth preserving, so you'll need one of the boxes, which are available in four sizes for free at any Post Office. You'll need to determine the values of your coins in order to insure them properly when you ship them. Here's the NGC price guide for Morgan Dollars here: From there, just fill out the Submission Form, package it with your coins and makes sure to package your coins securely and carefully. Since you have GSA Dollars and you'll want to keep the packaging, I'd bubble wrap them each individually and make sure there's packing material so that they don't slide around the box. Then just seal up the box, address it to NGC ( the shipping address is on the Submission Form) and ship it out! And that should be everything you need to get started with grading here at NGC! I hope that this is helpful to you and that your coins do well at NGC!! Best Regards ~Tom
  9. Mohawk

    Strange quarter?

    I'm going to say damaged too. That's one rough looking quarter.
  10. Mohawk

    Know this coin?

    In response to what JKK said about the Syrian Arab Republic.....yes, that came later. Syria was known as the Syrian Republic until it merged with Egypt in 1958 to form the United Arab Republic. Syria withdrew from the union in 1961, taking the name Syrian Arab Republic at that time. Egypt continued to be known as the United Arab Republic by itself until 1971. ( I teach Modern World History as an adjunct college instructor, so I work with this stuff a lot!) I hope this adds to the history of the coin and the place in the world it is from! ~Tom
  11. I agree with Conder. Your coin looks like a regular business strike coin, not an SMS.
  12. Update- 1 raw 1979-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar and one raw 1979-S Type 2 Kennedy Half have sold and the links have been removed. Also, the 1979-S Type 2 Lincoln Cent link has been updated. Thanks So Much!
  13. Mohawk

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    I agree with you Bob. I'm always willing to help a new collector who really wants to someone whose professional life is in the field of education, I love teaching. I especially love teaching about coins and our great hobby. The problem I have is with the posters who post a coin which they are completely convinced that is an error or variety worth big bucks, but then react rudely or flat out attack you when they receive the bad news that they simply have a regular coin, a damaged coin, etc. And there have been several of those on here as of late. There are also those that just won't listen to what you experience I had recently was with two people talking about a 1977-D "Pac-Man Error" Lincoln Cent, which was the result of an Etsy listing of a damaged 1977-D Lincoln Cent that someone was trying to sell for $50,000.....that was some ridiculousness, let me tell you. As I said, I love to teach, but I do not like being rudely attacked when the information I share is not what this person wanted to hear. I was a newbie once, too, and I made my share of mistakes but when a more experienced collector or dealer politely educated me on what my mistakes were, I always politely replied to them and thanked them for their time and information. After all, no one comes into a field and expert and I've always valued education and the people who have imparted education to me in my life in all arenas, not just coins. But I don't have the time of day for someone who comes to any arena, saying that they need help or education, and then attacks the educator when the original seeker of help or information doesn't hear what they want to hear, even though what they do not want to hear is true and accurate. And this is just me, but I also get annoyed with these people that clearly want to use coins from their pocket change just to make a quick buck. I don't like helping people like that, but that's just a personal preference. I like talking to collectors and aspiring collectors, not someone looking for a get rich quick scheme. Those things are what I have a problem with, not new collectors who want to learn.
  14. Mohawk

    U.S. Coins is on Life Support

    I think Mark is absolutely right about that. It gets old weeding through so much of that to post and talk with the members you want to talk with. And, wow, are some of those people rude! I mean, they post a coin which is nothing, you tell them that it isn't worth anything and then you're the one whose wrong! If they have all of the answers already, then why post here and ask questions, you know? But I agree with what Bill had to say as well. Collectors are moving out of US coins and into other areas. I myself am really only active in US coins as a seller anymore, though my departure from collecting US took place years ago. Lately, I've been chasing the first coins I really fell madly in love with as a child almost 30 years ago, the coins of Canada and Proof Like coins in particular....I have to say I think I'm addicted there. Also, I think we need to remember the time of year as well......many people who collect in the fall and winter are now outside pursuing swimming, boating, hiking and other outdoor activities which require time and/or hobby funds to pursue. I have a feeling that's where many collectors are right now. We'll probably see an uptick in activity again once fall arrives. As always, just my thoughts. I could be completely wrong. ~Tom
  15. Mohawk

    Know this coin?

    Hello and Welcome! The coin you have there is a Syrian 10 Qirsh from 1948. It is made of copper-nickel and it is a common date and type. As for what else it says, I'm unsure. I can read Eastern Arabic numerals, but I cannot read nor speak the Arabic language. Pretty cool coin! I hope this helps! ~Tom