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  1. It can be very tough to shop online using photos....this I do know. One of the things I do collect are Roman coins of Empress Faustina the Younger. While I do have two very good dealers near me (and a couple of not so good ones!) that have Roman coins, I've had to buy all of my Faustina coins online up to now. So far, I've been fortunate but I do know that I could end up with a bad coin.....though mostly what I have to worry about are fakes rather than eye appeal.....most 1,900 year old coins are going to have some wear on them and possibly other issues. I think the key here is making sure that you only buy from sellers who accept returns. That way, if you get a coin which has a nasty surprise that you didn't see in the photos or one that's just plain ugly, you aren't stuck with it. If you do that, you should do okay with buying online. And it is good to be a bit skeptical with photos....some photographers can make a coin that is dreadfully ugly look gorgeous in their photos.
  2. I kind of thought that the bottom would fall out on these fairly quickly......2 million isn't a particularly low mintage and these are going to be removed from circulation and hoarded. I was looking for flipping potential, but that seems to be evaporating now. But I'm not too sad about that.....I'd like to see these find their way to collectors who want them for their collections.
  3. Thanks Pete! I'm quite excited about this one.....but I'm excited about any of Fausti's coins.
  4. Excellent! I endeavor to have as few foot in mouth moments as possible, but when I do have them, laughter is the preferred reaction
  5. Gotcha. Sorry I ruined that......forgive me?
  6. Well...I don't collect Morgans, or US coins at all for that matter of fact, but I think I can help you with this inquiry. It's something of an apples and oranges comparison. The Star can be awarded for a lot of things, which can include proof-like surfaces, but it can also be awarded for nice toning or anything that makes the grader feel that a particular coin has superior eye appeal over other coins of the same date, mint and/or series. A PL designation is much more technical across the boards. I'm not sure of the exact specifications, but I believe that a coin has to have a certain depth of reflective surfaces to be given a PL designation and I believe that it has to have cameo contrast to be DMPL. That's the difference between the designations and it's pretty difficult to compare them to one another as they are quite different. One is subjective and one is technical. However, to be totally honest, I'm probably the last guy on this planet to ask about the eye appeal of Morgan Dollars.....that's one coin I've never liked.
  7. Actually, are you sure that it's even a doubled die Bob? It looks very much like machine doubling to me. But, yes, it's definitely a Large Date.
  8. Hello and Welcome, Well, from what I see, the doubling you're seeing is machine doubling, which is a fairly common occurrence on US coins from the 1950's and 1960's in my experience. Sadly, that kind of doubling adds no value to a coin. I hope that helps! ~Tom
  9. Agreed....severe damage. That nickel has had a hard, short life.
  10. Agreed. The weight could shed some more light on the issue, I think.
  11. I'm thinking that this coin hasn't lost its plating....I think that it gained another layer of zinc plating in a high school or college chemistry class. This is a common occurrence and many of them end up in circulation once the novelty of having a silver colored cent wears off.
  12. Update-the last 1981-S Type 2 Anthony Dollar in PF 69, the 1981-S Type 2 Kennedy Half and the 1913-A Prussian 3 Mark in MS 61 have all sold and the links have been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  13. I think that there are as many reasons to do something as there are different people in the world. For some people, Registry Sets are something competitive, for others they're a way to display and share their coins, still others do so because Registry collecting adds something other than one of those things to their pursuit of the hobby. I can say for myself that when it was something I was more actively pursuing, it was never really about competition with others. It was all about proving to myself that I could win a major award here, which I did twice. Since then, Registry collecting has lost its luster for me because I've achieved the goal that I set out to accomplish with it and my current collecting pursuits are being pursued outside of the Registry. But I think how to pursue Registry collecting, or whether to even pursue it at all, is dependent on many variables that each individual has to weigh out for themselves, just as participation in this hobby or any hobby.
  14. Here's my newest addition to my Faustina the Younger collection: Another long wait......this one's coming from Sweden, but I'm really excited to share her with you guys!
  15. It doesn't look unusual to me......I just see a run of the mill 1967 Roosevelt Dime.