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  1. Mohawk

    1999 P Experimental quarter hopefully

    That's interesting stash-1.....I'd never heard of those before, but there they are! They seem like one of those things that would just jump right out at you if you had one.
  2. Mohawk

    New Sales Thread 2/13/2019

    Update-the 1981-S Type 2 Dollar in PF 69 has sold and the link has been removed. Thanks So Much!!
  3. Good! You definitely don't want to spend money on that coin. If you're in the market for a 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, I'd recommend getting one already graded by NGC or PCGS......with that amount of money on the line, you'd be much better off buying a certified example. Then there's no worries. You know you're getting a genuine coin for your money. There are many fake 1916 Standing Liberty Quarters out there. Most of them are easily detected by someone with experience,like the one you posted, but there are some that are frighteningly convincing. Cheers! ~Tom
  4. Mohawk

    1999 P Experimental quarter hopefully're looking at the wrong coin for that. The experimental rinse was on Sacagawea Dollars and only Sacagawea Dollars, not State Quarters. Right era, wrong coin . I believe the experimental rinse was on 2001 dated Sacagawea Dollars, to help you out if you want to try to locate one. Here's some pretty good info on that:
  5. Well....I have some bad news for you.....that's a definite fake. There are diagnostics that differ between the 1916 and the 1917 Type 1 Coins, but the most glaring issue is that your coin has a Type 2 reverse with the three stars below the eagle. That reverse was introduced in the later part of 1917, along with the Type 2 obverse. No 1916 coin would carry that reverse style.
  6. Ahh, yes. I see that now, too. I got focused on the 8 because that one's a really big deal. I'm not as informed on the doubled 9 variety, I must admit, as I am about the repunched 8. I mostly focus in on the coins of George VI and later, with a particular focus on Elizabeth II Proof Like coinage, so that one's a little before what I specialize in. Once again though, very nice coin!
  7. Mohawk

    1955 d penny

    Hey Hinkle, That's so awesome! I'm really happy that this site and those of us here could give you that moment with your mom. That's the stuff in life that's really important, not coins, money or anything else. I'm also glad that you're learning here. As someone whose professional life is in the field of higher education, that's a great thing to hear. We're a pretty knowledgeable community and it's pretty fun here as well. I hope you continue to enjoy it here! Cheers! ~Tom
  8. WOW!......that's a Repunched 8, isn't it? Killer find!! It's amazing what you can find out there in many US dealers don't know about many of the good varieties in Canadian coins. I'm still hoping that I'll find a 1966 Small Bead silver dollar hanging out somewhere. No luck yet, but I keep looking
  9. Mohawk

    2017D Ellis island quarter ddo?

    I'm not seeing it either. If anything, you may have some machine doubling present, which adds no premium to the value of the coin.
  10. Very nice coin!! It's very cool that you're the one who discovered that error and, as far as I know as well, yours is still unique (I'm a Canadian coin guy). I know that when I've been looking at George VI coins in my journeys, I've kept an eye out for luck. Thanks for sharing that and it's cool to be "talking" to the person who discovered the 1943 Doubled 3 Half!
  11. Mohawk

    Which Auction Houses???

    Yeah, Great Collections is great. I just consigned some coins with them myself that I would make more money on on selling through them than I would selling them on eBay. Ian's a great guy and he works really hard for you to both promote your coins and get them sold. I'd recommend them as well.
  12. I think the rim marks would result in a details grade myself. I've seen that happen with similar marks on Canadian and US Peace silver dollars in my time, so I can't imagine it would be any different for your gold piece. However, as the others have said, you got into the coin for close to melt value, so you're not going to be in bad shape on this one regarding the price paid and the value of the coin.
  13. Mohawk

    1917 Error??

    Hello and Welcome! I agree with everything Bob said. I'm thinking damage as well, but the coin is so worn that we'll never really know what type of damage it was. I think it was damaged early in its life and then circulated for decades, wearing down to the condition it is now with the resulting flat spot.
  14. Mohawk

    So that was a privy mark…

    I noticed that, too. It'd be very interesting to know why these changes occurred, but we likely never will.....coins often keep their secrets well, especially coins this old and back. If you want to see some craziness with a coin from the 19th century, check out 1859 Canadian Large Cents. I'm not certain of how many varieties of this coin exist, but I've heard estimates of up to 400! I know of some collectors who just collect the different varieties of 1859 Large Cents. That doesn't sound like much fun to me but, hey, we all have our things and that's what makes this hobby great! It's also great to see you posting about coins again, my friend. The worry and stress levels must be lower......I'm glad to see it. Cheers! ~Tom
  15. Mohawk

    1955 d penny

    Well, Hinkle, I cannot see any doubling at all from the photos. My guess is that if it's there, it's machine doubling. Machine doubling can be very subtle and difficult to photograph.