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  1. Well Karen, I have to take exception to something you Lenny, losing a cray likely was as painful to him as losing your dog was to you. Different people love different animals in different ways. For example, I absolutely loathe dogs. I want nothing to do with them at all. They are the only animal I can say that I hate. But I deeply love my turtle and betta fish. I've had my turtle (named Lenny, by coincidence) since 1991......I've been with that turtle longer than many marriages last. So, if I lost my turtle, it would be highly significant for me. I've had all kinds of, turtles, birds, tarantulas, scorpions, cats, a salamander.....and I've loved them all deeply. It bothers me when people place a dog on a pedestal over other animals. They're not more special than any other animal. All life if precious. And Lenny (your friend) is right.....every single animal I've had has had its own distinct personality, and I miss every single one that I've lost to this day.
  2. Actually, Maulemall.......after looking closer at that last gem from Zero Hedge, I don't think I honestly want the answers to the questions I asked of you. That page was actually.....pretty frightening, both that it was written and that people take it at face value as truth. I don't think that you and I should really talk anymore, at all. I can recognize when there is nothing good to be gained from further communication and you and I are at this point for sure. The fact that you would believe that page the way you did and, further, actually present it as viable evidence while calling my sources weak based upon that page tells me that it doesn't matter what I say to you or what sources I use or how many sources I can won't believe me and there's no point in further discussion because of it. From this short exchange, I can tell already that we are polar opposites and I'd like to end on a polite note and keep things polite on the board, so all I can do is disengage. Which I am doing. Good luck with everything and best wishes.
  3. Fair enough. We'll agree to disagree. You can see things how you want, as can I. You can call bias on my sources, that's fine. But I still say that the people behind Zero Hedge are quite sketchy and I wouldn't trust them with anything. You can call my research weak. I don't think it's terrible for research done very quickly. I mostly found sources because I check any news source for bias now....I always Google them. You can't just trust any outlet these days. But, based on what I found so far, I know I could build a stronger case if I wanted to devote more time and energy to it, which I do not. It's not important enough to warrant more time and effort, honestly.....but can I ask you something: Why do you believe Zero Hedge? What do you base your belief in them upon? Also, it's not sound to just take Zero Hedge's word that they're reliable, which is kind of what you did. If my research is weak, yours is as well and even more so.
  4. I'm sorry for the bad news. We've all been there, I know I have. But I think you have a great attitude! Chalk it up to a learning experience and on to the next.
  5.'s hard to accurately grade the coin from that picture but it's definitely low grade, G-4 at most. Based on completed eBay listings, maybe $4 in that condition and it'd likely take a while to sell. The 1911-D in low grade isn't rare by any means. When I worked at a brick and mortar shop, we'd sell low grade 1911-D's for about $2 in our discount Wheatie book.
  6. No problem. It can be tough to see what's going on in those eBay photos sometimes. I collect ancients, so I have gotten used to discerning details from both blurry photos and blurry, worn coins!
  7. Coinguy1717, First off, hello and welcome to the forum! Well, I reviewed the photos and it looks like a 1911-D to me, not a 1914-D. I hope that is of some help to you! ~Tom
  8. Sure. I'm a doctoral student. I can always provide sources. Here you go. many citations are at the bottom of the article. Is that enough for you? I'm really not trying to be confrontational with you Maul. I hope you know that and that this is nothing personal. But it really is a questionable source.
  9. Hey Kerry, In my younger days, I had my share of skateboard accidents myself....they can mess you up for sure! However, if there was ever a fortunate skateboard accident, it sounds like you just had it. It's good they caught that aneurysm, as I'm sure I don't even need to say here. And, congrats on the grandbabies! It'll definitely be fun for you to take a trip and meet them. I'm always excited to meet new babies.....I just love them, even if they don't really do much for the first little while. It's still amazing to have contact with and interact with new little life forms. Glad you're still with us and in one piece. And be sure to take Lisa out for a nice dinner ~Tom
  10. No problem. Always glad to help. And welcome back
  11. Hey Hess! Longtime, no see! Glad to see you're still with us. Now, onto your quarter. From the photos provided, I don't see anything indicating a doubled die. I think that you have some machine doubling there. While machine doubling is notoriously prevalent on US coins from the mid 1950's to the 1970's, it certainly did not go away entirely past that time. I've seen many coins from the 1990's with it as well and a lot of them have been Washington Quarters. Sorry the news wasn't better. It's good to see you back though ~Tom
  12. Agreed with Greenstang on all points......we'll need some clearer photos out of the plastic to help you further. There are a lot of fakes of old US gold coins out there and some of them are very convincing.
  13. You should definitely leave it as is.....the general rule of thumb is to never clean a coin as collectors desire coins with original surfaces. There are exceptions to that rule, but nothing you should worry about as a newbie. I didn't catch that you said a copper Morgan before.....that can't possibly be a real coin, unfortunately. It's likely a modern copper "bullion" round. The 1881-S Morgan you posted appears to be the real deal, though.
  14. I really wouldn't listen to anything zero hedge had to say about anything.......based on my research they are biased, promote conspiracy theories and also promote pseudoscience. Not a reliable source, in other words.