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  1. @Walkerfan - Great points regarding the best-in-class sets; I can't argue in the least. The pinnacle of each category should absolutely get the recognition it deserves. It takes significant time, resources, and relationships to assemble these sets! Hats off to NGC for running the registry set platform so passionate collectors can share, compete, and dream. In retrospect, I think my comment seems a bit snarky and that was not the intent. As an eclectic world collector, my comment was directed more on the peripheral custom sets judged by more abstract rationale than strict point-driven analytics.
  2. Congrats to all - it is a neat distinction. If NGC is listening, it would be interesting for NGC to have a "peoples choice" for US and/or world categories. Also, would be nice to see annual set updates as a criteria in the voting. I have no dog in the fight, but if I were pursuing an ancients custom set, it would be disheartening to get beat by a set that has not been modified since March 2015.
  3. Well done! Good to see a recognized name in the award list.
  4. Pleased with the NGC Photo Vision received from NGC's Doug Plasencia. The 38.5mm Bamberg medal is a current submission with NGC.
  5. Does NGC grade Visigoth gold from Spain, specifically issues from Sisebut (612-621)? Of particular interest are the gold Tremissis pieces. Examples include lots 33804, 33805, and 33806 in the April 23rd Heritage auction. I assume these would fall within the consideration of the Western World guidelines as stated on the "Coins We Grade" link of your site since these mints were found in Roman Iberia. I appreciate the guidance. I hope there are examples in NGC holders on the market that I simply have not found by chance.