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  1. Another nice Canadian Dollar Marty. Very pretty. That date is on my want list.
  2. Did try to save your set after you added the coin even if it didn't verify it? Doing so triggers NGC to examine the matter and they will add the coin to your set.
  3. Ah thank you, that clears it up for me.
  4. So are the lucky loonie and olympic loonie the same coin? I'm still not sure. I realize they use the same design at least. I have a colorized version and it's made of different composition of metal. I have not seen a non colorized coin made of the same material as the colorized coin is. I have not seen a non-colorized NGC slab of the Lucky Loonie. I have seen them of the Olympic Loonie.
  5. I have a registry set of circulating Loonie dollars from 87-present. One of the coins in the set is designated as "2010 Lucky Loonie". Repeated searches for this coin turn up the 2010 Olympic Loonie coin. This makes sense since the "2010 Lucky Loonie Colorized" is the same design as the Olympic Loonie. My question is this, are the 2010 Lucky Loonies the same coins as the 2010 Oympic Loonies? Thanks, Mark Link to my set of Circulation Loonies
  6. I have 3 of those dollars Marty. One of my favorite Canadian coins. Yours is a real beauty. Very flashy much nicer than most.
  7. Here's a lovely toned GB penny I picked up recently.
  8. Another new one coming from Heritage, this has always been one of my favorite designs, I love the tree reverse.
  9. I have 13 Different ones so far with a couple more on the and a couple more to bid on soon. There are more coins in this set than I originally figured
  10. Another ebay pickup, making an informal set of Commonwealth penny/cent coins. Seems very nice looking for the assigned grade.
  11. Very lustrous in hand. Looks great, better than photo.
  12. Both grading services are too hard on 1949 dollars. They do come nice but that's no reason to limit the grade. That's easily a MS65 coin, even 66 with luster is not out of the question. It's virtually mark free.