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  1. Interested in the coin for my Australian set, but not at this price. Let me know if it doesn't move and you are willing to go lower.
  2. I agree with Conder about the surface condition ... very unusual, and unlike any I saw when I lived in Thailand. I also don't recognize the dynasty mark although if you sqint right you might convince yourself you can see a Rama II mark. If it is real, it would be near the 2 1/2 Tamlung size, but even with the wear(?) it is still to light (by 20g) given that you can see the markings. Unfortunately, that "bullet" size came much later than Rama II's reign.
  3. You have a real rarity there .... in fact, so rare it isn't even listed in my Krause catalogues (tongue in cheek comment). As far as I know there are none ... perhaps it's a 1/2 pound (same as a half sovereign size)? If so it would be marked as such on the reverse. It can't be a Krugerrand as they weren't made before 1967 and the 1/4 ounce versions before 1980. If you can please post a picture, front and back.
  4. How huge is "huge"? Weight would also be helpful
  5. As Conder101 said, it is a low value coin (at least monetarily) and as such keeping it in a safe is not typically necessary (in fact it might harm it with moisture over time if not ventilated) .... instead, I suggest you keep handy to share it with people along with the Biblical story or use it as a personal spiritual talisman. Enjoy.
  6. awww
  7. A bit, but then it is a new system. Best I can suggest is to click the address (not in search bar) to the previous location and then work forward again ... In this case the "Home NGC - NCS - PMG Forum World and Ancient Coins New Software - Issues" under the big CGC
  8. You got a reply from two very polite and knowledgeable people. I predict you will be waiting an extremely long time before you get the answer you have obviously already decided upon. Cheers.
  9. Yarm, I would have to imagine it has some verbiage on the "third side"....
  10. That is indeed a beautiful coin, dare I even say classic! However, this is not the place do make such a request if you want it to be seen by those who you need .... try reposting your request in the "NGC Registry" section. Cheers! CSV
  11. Looks similar to one I made.... but it's not.
  12. Nope .... it's a fake.
  13. Hi Stewart, I would imagine the penny is real, but the surface has been altered. I sort of remember eons ago that people used to "silver" US cents using mercury. Can't really say without looking at it in hand....
  14. I went this year for the first time ... IMO it's well worth the time and money to attend, and everyone should take the course on counterfeit detection ...
  15. There are so many "1930" gold Uruguay 5 Pesos being offered nowadays. My old Krause shows a mintage of ~100,000 ..... is this now being restruck as a bullion piece?