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  1. You're both wrong -- and naive. The "big picture" is the greater good of the hobby, which is the integrity of grading and authentication -- not creating a handful of noob collectors who get suckered into buying a few slabs with gimmicks. You guys need to stick to buying coins on cable TV and leave serious collecting to others. Mic drop ... moving on.
  2. No disrespect to Charlie Duke at all, but this is just more gimmicky garbage from what appears to be a more-desperate-than-ever TPG. Are we even grading coins anymore?! Or are we collecting autographs? All I see on the News page is who the latest slab signer is -- Geesh! Why should I send my coins to a TPG that appears to only be worried about who their next celebrity signer is. THEIR PRIORITIES ARE OBVIOUS -- $$$ -- not the integrity of grading and authenticating coins. IMO, staying on this low road will just result in the loss of even more market share to ATS and the slow degradation of the character of their brand. Worst of all it means the value of my NGC coins are going down.
  3. I already said that I don't care for it at all -- no matter who signs. I don't drink any TPG's Kool-Aid.
  4. I respectfully disagree. A consistent, predictable, mature market makes all NGC coin owners more successful. Or, in other words, a rising tide lifts all ships. This type of garbage disrespects the brand and brings all our NGC-holdered coins down. Period.
  5. I don't personally care for signatures of any kind on slab labels. Just keep it professional and skip the cheap, commercial marketing gimmicks. I can see some allure to directly-coin-related signatures like Moy, Goodacre, etc., but partnering with Hollywood personalities crosses a line and IMO it adversely affects the credibility of NGC's status as a "Top 2 TPG." There is a high road and a low road ... if I'm the average collector thinking about where to certify my collection or how to buy my slabbed coins, and I want it done professionally and objectively, I will choose the company on the high road, not the one willing to debase myself to make a buck. Who is next to sign? Dr. Phil? Oprah? The "Yup" guy from Storage Wars"? How low is a TPG willing to go to sell a few slabs? And do they even care about the credibility of the 30+ million coins already slabbed? I don't write about much on the boards, but this really gets under my skin. I have sent a LOT of coins to NGC over the years, which are still in my collection, and I see gimmicks like this hurting their resale value.
  6. It cheapens the company's brand. Way too gimmicky. Come on guys, you don't have to go to this level. Rick Harrison-signed labels
  7. My question is ... why are the photos of the 1910 cent so amateur but the photos of the 1801 medal so professional-looking? They had to have been taken by different people. The medal photos remind me of a professional auction house.