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  1. That blue flame crescent is very appealing to me.
  2. Here's as close as I can get. I paid $59 for this one on ebay.Not an amazing strike but better:
  3. I'm not a big morgan collector so im not sure I have any white ones. I collect toners so will be hard to show. Google images has millions. Someone here will be happy to im sure.
  4. Not to mention the joys of finding undergraded coins if that's your thing. I just scored a peace dollar in a 64 holder that is a slam dunk 65 or 65+ for 48$. Its not a windfall but if I sold it one day it might pay for the grading of another coin or something like that. It is very rare that submitting a coin under $200(some may argue $500 even) yourself is worth it. If you really feel the need to do it just to test your raw grading skills, do it once. Otherwise there are so many graded cons out there under $50 that it doesn't make sense to do it yourself.
  5. Even that is debatable. Its good to have some raw examples to really get into them with the loupe. For not much more than the cost and hassle of grading this one you can probably get an MS63 already graded maybe a 64.
  6. That's not even a well struck business example.
  7. Side note question to your former jeweler side if you dont mind. What would be the best way to acquire some platinum jewelry at spot? I specifically want a usable cuban link chain for myself. But additionally I'd like to acquire some bullion in the form of jewelry because it seems any platinum coin bullion is still being offered at high prices. Would a pawn shop be the route or some sort of smelting place? This also answers the OPs question. I love platinum I would own a few coins if they werent being offered at higher premiums. I know platinum is harder to work with than say silver so im sure thats a part
  8. At least you posted it again for no clear reason, in the spirit of consistency.
  9. If you think some of those look like they came from the mint yesterday, what do you think of this one?
  10. Dude, a novice can tell that coin is polished. But you have been afforded the confirmation from experts in the field who have worked as professional graders at major TPGs in this thread. And yet somehow growing up in Lousiana and being an accountant has given you the gut feeling that somehow trumps these expert opinions in your mind? Why dont you send the coin to NGC or PCGS and for $30 you'll save hours of writing and making people read, ridiculous posts.
  11. The pros are also strangers, unless you know them.
  12. Looks like environmentally affected steel but hard to tell from pic