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  1. Rick You are cruising to a victory for sure. they should know to bid high if they want more than 1 coin. Next up should be the 2011-D MS-69 FT POP of 4 the 2014-P MS-69 FT Pop of 1 the 2014-D MS-69 FT Pop of 3 and the 2016-D MS-69 FT POP of 1 not to mention the 6,000 registry points These 4 are a must for the #1 set. Congrats to you on winning the bids. Merry Christmas to Everyone Mark
  2. Rick And to think that there were so many semi key coins that should have gone for much more money. As an example, the 2005 P MS67 FT. $6.00 I figured that was a $100.00 coin.All the top pop coins you are getting may not be back on the market for a few years so when your set gets to #1. It will be there for many years I Hope Thank you for all the support. More great deals just ahead next week. Get those 2007 & 2008 POP 1 coins. Thanks Rick Mark
  3. I got the emails from NGC on all the coin transfers. You did good. Thank You Very Much. Maybe see you next week for the next 20. Mark gemguy2u
  4. Hi All The first set of 20 Roosevelt dimes has been entered for the Sunday 11-25 Auctions. Here is the link Press the shift key and the left side of the mouse. There will be 20 coins per week for 6 weeks. Thanks for viewing and I hope you bid to get a few. Thanks Mark gemguy2u
  5. You Are Correct. Getting to #1 is a very hard task to do especially when there may only be 1 coin in that top stop. But there are things I am wanting to do to get me ready to retire so the coins will pave the way. Thanks for the comment.
  6. Jason, You put a smile on my face with that statement. Buy them all back, even the ones that Dan Close sold me.
  7. I can only predict that all 119 will sell for sure over the 6 weeks. If anyone is wanting to build a #1 clad set, the five or six 1 only MS68 & MS69 FT I have should drive prices up and that's a beautiful thing.
  8. OK one and all. After many years of collecting and now I am wanting to get things in order for retirement, I am going to be selling my Roosevelt Dime Set - " Don't Be Mad - Be Clad " in the 1965 to date Circulation Issue. The set is ranked #1 and has most of the 1 only coins available for the grade. It will be up for auction on Great Collections over 6 weeks beginning Sunday 11-25 and the last auction will be on 12-30. 119 coins total so get ready to bid. The coins have already been shipped so please do not message me to buy any of them. I do want to thank everyone who has helped me get t