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  1. Same coin, different color?

    What was done to the coin to turn it blue?
  2. 1960 D Lincoln Large Date

    There are a number of nice/interesting RPMs and DDOs known for 1960-D cents. This does not appear to be one of them, but it does have die erosion doubling or possibly machine doubling damage. Here are a couple 1960-D varieties: 1960-D DDO-101 (RPM & DDO) 1960-D CONECA DDO-004
  3. Same coin, different color?

    I agree that this is a difference of lighting and white balance.
  4. 1723 Hibernia 1/2 cent

    This does seem, to me, to be some type of counterfeit, whether evasion copper or modern forgery.
  5. Recent Submissions

    If it says "Rim Filling," then some sort of metallic putty was used to fill in a hole. If it says "Rim Filing," then the rim was shaved to remove copper, as has been said.
  6. Great collections fees going up

    Paypal fees remain the same: 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.
  7. Franklin Halves- Type 2 Business Strikes

    E PLURIBUS UNUM and the right bell pole are the easiest places to see the doubled die on 1959 DDR FS-801.
  8. FS: 1818 Bust Quarter NGC VF35 B-1, several IHCs

    The diagnostics do suggest this is 1818/5 B-1, though the overdate itself is obscured by encrustation.
  9. variety is too minor for attribution

    There are also some very strong, very desirable die varieties that PCGS/NGC will not recognize because they are not published in certain books.
  10. variety is too minor for attribution

    NGC publishes the complete list of die varieties they will recognize on their website. If the variety you submit turns out to be a different one, it will be labeled "too minor to list" because NGC does not include that variety in their catalog.
  11. outrageous auction fees

    It is often best to consider the buyers premium as part of the price. Personally, I don't even pay attention to the actual "bid."
  12. outrageous auction fees

    I've seen nowhere near the caliber of fabulous collections on GC, so this certainly has not happened at 17.5% buyers premium. Time will tell if 20% will be the breaking point.
  13. 1965 Dime (mint strike error?)

    I agree that this is die wear. The letters of Liberty are also distorted.