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  1. Is this "CAC" thing a load of *spoon* or what?

    I like VF 30 on the pictured coin.
  2. Natural Toning vs. Artificial Toning

    The pictures are too washed out for me to tell if the coin is naturally toned or artificial, or if the coin is circulated or MS, let alone MS64. However, my first impression was that this is a cleaned AU with AT.
  3. 1836 O-106 Beaded Reverse 50C SOLD Thank you for looking!
  4. This strikes me as a reproduction at first glance. Post this in the World Coin Forum for a specialist's opinion.
  5. 1970 Lincoln error penny?

    This appears to be a nice "Capped Obverse Die" Mint Error. These are popular and can sell for $50-$100, or more, depending on condition and date.
  6. 1967 Star 25C and 1829 Album toned 50C both SOLD. Thank you for looking!
  7. 1956 dime MS66

    I think it has already been said, but the W is not a mint mark, it is a "White" designation, referring to the color of silver coins without toning. It was discontinued over a decade ago.
  8. This interesting album toned Bust Half just came in!
  9. Small anomalies are the norm on Early US coinage, and a tiny die chip inside the S would not add any value by itself. These are collected by die variety numbers, and the die chip may help determine what die variety it is.
  10. First, how do you know the coin is "cleaned/" I cannot tell from the images. Does it have hairlines? Second, if the coin is "improperly cleaned," it cannot be restored. "Improper Cleaning" is irreversible damage to the coin's surface. NCS may be able to remove the spots, and otherwise improve its appearance, but you will still have an "improperly cleaned" coin when your done paying the $15 conservation fee and $28 for grading, plus shipping each way.
  11. Clueless need help please

    This issue is .2419oz pure gold, with a melt value of $309, as of today. It will be very difficult to get MS70 money for an ANACS graded example. Beyond that, I am not sure what the premium on these is right now.
  12. 1946 Roosevelt Dime- Possible Coin Error?

    This is a damage and distorted coin, as Conder101 has already said.
  13. So called dollars

    NGC most likely intended to say MS65 DPL, as a Proof cannot be called Prooflike. I have seen other examples of this typo on so-called dollars.
  14. It has been fun.

    What made you decide to sell?