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  1. One thing many people forget to do is grade the rims. A true XF will have sharply defined, well-rounded rims (assuming the coin is evenly struck), and the VF 35 and 30 grades will start to show flatness and hints of weakness, as seen here.
  2. I would put this at VF35, or maybe 40 if it has a lot of luster.
  3. You won't find any silver in these. They are normal, copper-nickel clad halves.
  4. It is well known that NGC originally decided not to certify moderns in the 1980s and into the 1990s. The market was not there. That was 30 years ago, and now there is a big market for modern coins; the mints themselves, have gotten into the business of gimmicky coins. There is no reason to bar certification of moderns, anymore.
  5. I think you answered your own question; this is "one of those nebulous areas of 'market acceptability.'" Corrosion is a chemical reaction and porosity is a description of surface texture. They are often used interchangeably, for better or worse.
  6. The distinction would likely be worth little premium if you can't readily identify it on your own. There would have to be some noticeable design variation between these two supposed minting that goes beyond the microscopic.
  7. I would not bundle 70s, + grades, and * designations together with special labels, signatures, and the like; but your overall point is taken. At least those first three factors relate to the actual coin.
  8. And once you know how to grade for yourself, you will learn that the grades on holder are guide-points only.
  9. One and two point changes in grade are not uncommon, especially within a specific range. If you have a 63 or "Choice MS" that goes 66 or 67 "Gem+ or Superb-gem," then you have a real problem. Granted, I have seen those types of swings I would also suggest that these early holder coins are often prime target for upgrade, due to an occasional reluctance to grade anything above MS65 in the early days.
  10. Strike-Through Mint Error State quarters are fairly common. We have a 1999-P ANACS-65 Connecticut with a bold Strike-Through on the obverse, for $28. Value is determined by how noticeable it is, and whether or not any major features are missing. A Proof Strike-Through is much scarcer and typically worth more money than a business strike.
  11. Bump!
  12. Are you talking about an actual return, taking place during the stated return period, or are you talking about asking a dealer to reacquire a coin from you at some point after the return period has ended? This makes a big difference. As others have said, it is not necessary to state that something is on consignment if a fair return period is offered. As for consignments, in general: Some coins are too unstable in the marketplace to make a fair offer to purchase outright, and consignment makes better sense for you and the dealer. If the dealer judged the coin to be best as a consignment before, it is likely he will feel the same way upon reacquiring it.
  13. Mints have not held their value historically, and I think many collectors are aware of this. Many sets are traded at or near face value; it's not worth paying the exorbitant prices for these sets.
  14. Bump
  15. We just posted a handful of freshly graded NGC coins to the website! Below are some highlights in thumbnail images; remember that high-resolution images of all coins are available on our website. 1836 50C NGC VF35 O-106A "BEADED REV" R.3 CAPPED BUST HALF ~ PERFECT ORIGINAL! 1949-S 50C NGC MS65* (STAR) FRANKLIN HALF ~ GORGEOUS PROOFLIKE GEM! 1952-S/S 25C NGC MS67 "RPM FS-501" WASHINGTON QUARTER ~ EXCEPTIONAL COLOR & FINEST! 1955 5C NGC PF69 PROOF JEFFERSON NICKEL ~ BRILLIANT & CAMEO OBVERSE! 1959 25C NGC MS65 "TYPE B REVERSE" WASHINGTON QUARTER ~ GORGEOUS GLOSSY GEM! 1962 1C NGC PF65RB PROOF LINCOLN ~ EXQUISITE RAINBOW COLOR & PQ! 1965 25C NGC MS66 WASHINGTON QUARTER ~ GORGEOUS ALBUM COLOR! 1966 5C NGC MS66 CAMEO SMS JEFFERSON NICKEL ~ OUTSTANDING CONTRAST! 1975-D 1C NGC MS66RD LINCOLN CENT ~ BEAUTIFUL PASTEL SPECKLES! Complete Inventory! Thank you for looking! Doug DM Rare Coins