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  1. Almost a perfect submission 001 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 002 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 003 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 004 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO 005 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 PF 70 ULTRA CAMEO 006 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 007 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 008 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 009 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 010 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 011 2017 P LIONS CLUB CENTENNIAL S$1 MS 70 Haven't submitted in a few months, glad this worked out well. See more journals by walnutto
  2. Keep them coming Here is another one of my gems See more journals by Iskrona
  3. Keep them coming I have recently added a 1929 2 Kronur MS-66 to my Kingdom Era Set and mentioned about me acquiring others this past year I would like to share this beauty with everyone its a 1926 5 Aurar in MS-66 BN its virtually a mark free coin with a tiny bag mark that can't be seen with the naked eye,,,not even with a 4x lope...well you can find it if you keep looking. and the surfaces are as good as it will ever get coming from the Copenhagen Mint at that time,,They made very little afford and took no pride in the manufacturing of coins for Iceland. This coin has a nice light reddish chocolate color and in hand looks great. Thank you for reading my Journal Gudni See more journals by Iskrona
  4. I'm back at it and am excited to be focusing on my coin collection. I have been focusing on collecting a type set of early commemorative coins. I'm nearly there. I have 8 more coins to get and of course they are the most expensive ones. I'm thinking about the Antietam coin or the Battle of Gettysburg coin for when my tax return arrives. I also need the following: Isabella Quarter, Missouri, Hawaii, Hudson, Spanish Trail, Cincinnati. To maintain my collection at MS65 or better, I will need to pry open my wallet as the remainder may cost me above four grand. Being disabled I don't have a lot of spare cash laying around. I'll have to get creative when I'm ready. See more journals by stgecko
  5. Having fun examining things closely... Another coin I got from the Heritage auctions associated with the recent FUN show is an 1871 proof half dime. I already had one graded PF 64 Cameo, and wanted to upgrade to this new PF 66 Cameo. But there is a difference more important to me than the TPG grade. The Redbook and other references say that 960 1871 proof half dimes were struck. In his book on Liberty Seated Half Dimes, Al Blythe stated that many of them were melted in July 1873, a few months after the denomination had been discontinued. In the era of proof production for collectors, from 1858 on, references indicate that one die pair was used for proofs in 11 of the years (including 1871), and that two proof varieties exist for the other five years. My two 1871 proofs were not made from the same obverse die. In the images below, you can see that the date is farther to the left in the right-hand image. When I reported this on the Liberty Seated Collectors Club chat boards, one of the other members took it upon himself to examine about fifteen other recently sold 1871 proof half dimes in the Heritage archives. All of them match the coin on the left below, except for my new one on the right. Although fifteen coins is not the entire sample of extant 1871 proof half dimes, for the time being, I think it is pretty cool to own the only currently known example of this new proof variety. Unfortunately, half dimes are not popular enough for this to be especially valuable. But I plan to hold on to it for a long time regardless. I hope all of you have as much fun with our hobby as I do... Alan See more journals by Electric Peak Collection
  6. Two more MS-66 5 Aurar A little while back a ebay dealer I have dealt with in the past has posted a 1926 NGC MS-66BN 5 Aurar with the population of only one and I must say that this coin is the best coin for its type that I had ever seen with beautiful surfaces and with virtually only one tiny contact mark that you can not see with the naked eye,,,I had a lot of trouble finding it and also to my surprise NGC used photo's of this coin for there price list. Since I don't have the right camera I took the liberty of using there pic's on this post to show you how lovely this coin really looks. I also acquired another 5 Aurar a 1946 MS-66 in RED but since its not part of the Kingdom era its only a trivial acquisition. Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it Gudni See more journals by Iskrona
  7. Another MS-66 Well I added another upgrade to my Icelandic Kingdom Era coin set tonight a 1929 2 Kronur NGC MS-66. This coin I was looking for many years now and was one of only a hand full of Icelandic coins graded by NGC back some 12 or 13 years ago,, Back then I wondered if I would ever get to see this coin as the years gone by and around two years ago I came across a auction in England that had this very coin while searching the internet for Icelandic coins and I had missed it by only a few days after the auction had ended. Well I said to myself well I guess I will never see that coin again. Well Heritage just auctioned it tonight and I was the lucky one to win this gem for my collection for a measly $235 with the buyers premium included. Hopefully there will be other gems for my set in the future. Thank you for reading my journal and I hope you all find the coins you have been looking for. See more journals by Iskrona
  8. Adjusting to new rules. Friends, Well, The new year started with adjustments made to fit in sorta speak. A few posts started on no more PCGS coins have been adding up of which I don't get into as I don't do much accusations with not knowing the full truth behind the smoke screen. The posts read like women in a salon talking about yesterdays dramatic soap opera. So with that said I have sent all my sales and trade set PCGS coins off to new collectors that do not build sets here in the club. That leaves my extra sets and coins all NGC for trades and such within the club. My latest state quarter submission has made it to NGC and will be graded in a week or two. I hope to get a few more top pops to add to Pinnacle Collection again. I had a great time last year helping him get his set to the top of the sets category. My state quarter set and VanPhillips set are still holding MS66 state quarters where we would like to have MS67's. Those are some coins that were submitted as well. 2008 dates seem to be the toughest rolls to find with good strike appearance and luster. Soon to send in a few nice torches to add to the dimes along with some other series sets I have been saving up. Well everyone, enjoy the 2017 year in NGC Collectors Society and I hope to read many posts from all of you through the year. Rick --- (Rick's Keepers) See more journals by Six Mile Rick
  9. I Can't believe It I was checking out a certification number tonight and noticed that the Register Awards where given out on the 6th while I was away on vacation which I had forgotten all about. As I scrolled down reading about the sets that was honored this year and to my complete shock to say the least I seen my set being one of the five that was awarded NGC Registry Best World Sets. I had to look again to make sure that what I was really reading was in fact what I was reading. I never ever thought that my set would win because of all the terrific sets out there. Well I would like to thank NGC for this honor and yes I will in the near future get those other coins graded,,,Well I did come across a nicer 1942 10 Aurar then the one I have. And in the passed two years a close friend of mine in Iceland became the curator of the Numismatic collection in the national museum in Iceland and I have plans on visiting him and viewing the collection,,,specially the 1940 1 and 2 kronur coins that are believed to be proofs. Someday I hope to buy a good camera so I can include photos to my set. Well thank you once more and graduations to all the other winners and I guess hard work does pays off. See more journals by Iskrona
  10. This penny was in my pocket change. As an artist and builder, I admire the design of The Lincoln Memorial Monument, to see this on the 1c coin with all the steps its awesome. Moreover President Lincoln is my favorite President. See more journals by imac
  11. It had to happen sooner or later. One of the other coins I "won" in the Heritage FUN auctions was an addition to my set of proof Liberty Seated Half Dimes, 1858-1873. It fills the 1859 slot in my collection, but not in the NGC Registry. It is graded PR64CAM by PCGS, and is therefore not eligible. It also has a green CAC sticker. This is my first higher dollar purchase that will not be in the registry. I have not been in the PCGS Registry, and have no plans to get involved with that. Why would I, with a mixed NGC and PCGS collection, decide to start up in a place that will not accept a majority of my coins? (And a related hint to NGC: Don't expect as many new registry members as you were getting prior to the decision to exclude PCGS-graded coins.) I will, however, continue to participate in the NGC Registry. But I will not cross my PCGS coins. Even at a discounted price, it seems foolish to me to spend money to switch from one company to the other. I collect coins, not holders or special inserts. I won't care if there is a lack of slab uniformity if I ever display or sell my collection. (That said, I have paid to "upgrade" a number of old, beaten-up NGC slabs to newer scratch-resistant edge-view holders for a number of my smaller coins. I wanted to be able to see and photograph them better.) In any case, the new addition to my set of proofs is the first in quite a while. Because there are only a few, hard to locate coins left to complete my main set of business strike Liberty Seated Half Dimes, I probably will try to finish off the collector era proofs in the near future. My goal for that set is cameo designated coins, graded 64 or better. Alan See more journals by Electric Peak Collection
  12. Addition to Type Collection... I had been full of anticipation heading into Heritage's auction sessions associated with the FUN show. I was fully expecting to add another ex-Gardner half dime to my collection. Alas, someone else wanted it more... Not to worry, though. I had other coins in mind. In addition to the series set building that has been my primary numismatic activity, I occasionally add to my type collection. In this case, it wasn't one of those pesky little half dimes. It's a whole dime! When I was in high school, my collection started expanding beyond Lincoln Cents. In addition to learning to love the early copper, I assembled a complete set of uncirculated Roosevelt silver dimes that still resides in a nice plastic holder, and I dabbled in Morgan Dollars, Washington Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Cents, and Barber Dimes. The new type coin is now my best example of that last series. It's an 1892 dime. Being in an NGC holder, it even found its way into my registry type sets. It's graded MS 66, with green CAC sticker. It's odd though. I really like the Barber Dimes, but simply cannot get excited about the quarters and half dollars. I'm not sure why. In any event, my new dime is pictured below. Alan See more journals by Electric Peak Collection
  13. In the spare penny tray One of the secondary collecting goals that I've had, but never put any effort (i.e., $$$) into, is every year to add a 100 year old coin and a 200 year old coin to my collection. The higher priority goals simply took all the money, and I haven't had the time to search for and research those "century" coins. This past Saturday my wife and I made our annual trip to visit my mother at Christmas-time, in Bethlehem, PA. The tradition is for us to chat for awhile and take her out to a local restaurant for dinner. This year's eatery had us paying the bill at a counter by the door. While standing there, I noticed the extra penny tray. I collect coins, after all. One of the cents caught my eye. It wasn't flashy like most of the others. It was brown, but with a bright border. I picked it up to look at it, and saw that it was a wheatie. But because I can't see well up close with my contact lenses, I could not read the date or be certain if there was a mint mark or not. I asked if I could take it, was told "yes", and put it in my pocket. Later that night, I traded contacts for glasses, took the coin out of my pocket, and examined it. All of the wheaties I've found in recent years have been from the 40s and 50s. But this one was older. The date is 1916, and I could see a mint mark. Taking off the glasses for a good close-up view, I saw a tiny S. That had me mildly excited. I have my childhood Lincoln Cent collection in a pair of Whitman albums. I shouldn't call it my childhood collection though, because I have improved only two of them during my adult collecting. There is a decent 1916-S in the first album. (Only the 09-S VDB, 09-S, 14-D, 22 no D, and 31-S are missing). But I also had a Whitman folder for my second bests. I knew that it was far less complete. Sure enough, the 1916-S hole was empty. So my new find has a new place of honor. Well, it's a better place than the coffee can that holds all my other extra wheaties. It isn't exactly 100 years old, but close. And it was a pleasant little experience to start the new year. The bigger numismatic experience so far was getting four half dimes and a dime in Heritage's FUN Show auctions. More on them later. I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday season, and wish you all the best in the coming year. Oh yes, and Congratulations to all the Registry Award winners. Well done! Alan See more journals by Electric Peak Collection
  14. We need to talk 561-351-0005 suntantours@aol.com See more journals by CaptBrian1
  15. another "setless" purchase As I have posted and written about over the years, sometimes I make a purchase for the simple reason that I love beautiful coins. There is no "collecting" involved as there is no higher goal than ownership and enjoyment. I got pretty lucky with this purchase also. The British Virgin Island bullion coin is an attractive design and I purchased the silver addition some months ago for a small case I have with ungraded, large silver coins. The gold gilt with rhodium finish coin I saw at a few websites and with a premium for a 1 ounce silver piece. My guess is that the mintage of only 500 pieces, the fine packaging and the rhodium finish to give it a "black and gold" look is why the coin sells most often at $100 or more while the bullion piece I acquired for $25 or less. I appear to have gotten a bit of luck. The coin was at auction with a note that the seller would be out of country for several weeks and the items won would not be shipped until January ( this was before Christmas.) Maybe it was the seller being too busy out of country to schill up the price, maybe it was other collector's not willing to wait for the gratification of receiving their purchase, or maybe it was simply that others don't find it as stunning as I do--either way, a winning bid of $33 was VERY satisfying for a limited edition piece like this. My first new coin arrival of 2017..Britannia and Pegasus from the BVI See more journals by Jackson