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  1. I'm back at it and am excited to be focusing on my coin collection. I have been focusing on collecting a type set of early commemorative coins. I'm nearly there. I have 8 more coins to get and of course they are the most expensive ones. I'm thinking about the Antietam coin or the Battle of Gettysburg coin for when my tax return arrives. I also need the following: Isabella Quarter, Missouri, Hawaii, Hudson, Spanish Trail, Cincinnati. To maintain my collection at MS65 or better, I will need to pry open my wallet as the remainder may cost me above four grand. Being disabled I don't have a
  2. Adjusting to new rules. Friends, Well, The new year started with adjustments made to fit in sorta speak. A few posts started on no more PCGS coins have been adding up of which I don't get into as I don't do much accusations with not knowing the full truth behind the smoke screen. The posts read like women in a salon talking about yesterdays dramatic soap opera. So with that said I have sent all my sales and trade set PCGS coins off to new collectors that do not build sets here in the club. That leaves my extra sets and coins all NGC for trades and such within the club. My latest