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  1. Happy New Year to Everyone! Sorry for the late report folks! Since I babysit my grandson when I'm not traveling, it takes me quite a bit longer to get things done. But he's so adorable and I am very grateful that I get to spend so much time with this little guy. Every year I especially look forward to the FUN show. It is so well run and attended, especially since the FUN show folks help subsidize the cost to bus collectors from various clubs around the state. I happened to acquire a couple nice PCGS collections, a complete Lincoln cent set 1909-1964 in PCGS MS64-MS67, and a complete Indian cent set all PCGS MS65 RB, so I had some nice fresh material to offer my customers and had a really good show, with lots of activity from the minute the show opened until late in the day. From what I heard, overall everyone said it was a very good show but as expected, quality material is harder to find. I left warm sunny Orange County on Tuesday morning, flew into very cold Dallas for my connecting flight and ran into a few fellow coin dealers waiting for the same flight. We were about an hour delayed waiting for a replacement flight attendance, and when we finally boarded, they still had to de-ice the plane. Soon we were off! A few hours later we arrived in also very cold Tampa. I checked into the Marriott and had a beautiful view of the city from my room The next day it was overcast, and about 40 degrees. Being quite wimpy when it comes to cold weather, I even brought my Baltimore coat and gloves with me. This is a beautiful view of the bay from the hotel. Set up was a 2pm and I arrived a little early. Of course the massive bourse floor was quite empty while the dealers began lining up to get in. Here are just a few of the folks who help make the FUN show the great show that it is (I borrowed this photo from the FUN show website). As I mentioned, I had just acquired two large collections of coins so my inventory was pretty full and I hadn't planned on buying a lot of new coins at this show. However, I'm a sucker for pretty pennies, and I ended up finding several more nice pieces throughout the show that I just couldn't resist , including an upgrade for my own personal set. This beautifully toned 1886 Indian cent is a nice upgrade for my personal collection. I am always on the hunt for beautifully toned copper which is getting harder and harder to find, but I did acquire this very pretty purple toned Indian cent. Quality copper in rattler holders is also scarce (and this one must have gotten by the crack out artists) so I was thrilled to find this full red 1878 Indian cent in a rattler holder! After set up, I went on a harbor dinner cruise put on by ICTA - Industry Council for Tangible Asset - which is an industry "watch dog" and helps fight counterfeiting and lobbies against numismatic taxation in all states. They even took photographs of everyone who boarded the ship. This is me and my crew - Neil, Rick's son Kenny, Rick and me Even though it was quite cold, it was an absolutely beautiful night on the harbor. The dinner was delicious, as were the desserts! When I was getting ready for the show in my hotel room on Thursday morning, a nice commercial for the show appeared on the a major station on the tv! On the way over to the show between the hotel and convention center is the lonely fellow who is permanently sitting on a park bench. The convention center! Thursday was the official opening day for the show, which opened with a nice ceremony of pomp and circumstance. There was quite a crowd waiting to enter the bourse. Those of you who know John Kraljevich know that he has the most unusual pieces in his cases, often very historical and unique. At many of the shows when I see John, he often has a little envelope with goodies that he set aside just for me. Whenever he presents this envelope to me, I get really excited to see what treasures he found. This time he had a neat little Indian cent celluloid encasement that he and I both have never seen before. It is from a very little town in Pennsylvania, and when I showed it to a couple other people, they too had not seen one like it before. I can say I was very busy throughout the show and unlike other shows, the crowds didn't dwindle until late in the day. Each day of the show went by very fast. I was finally able to open the bottle of wine I had brought around 5pm on Thursday. On my way out, I stopped by the Heritage Auction room where there were quite a few people in attendance. On Thursday after the show closed, Rick and I went over to the Hardrock Casino. I played all sorts of games but in the end I left a little lighter than when I started. Friday morning I stopped by the NGC table to pick up some Conder tokens I had sent in for grading at the last show, including a rare pair of the same token in different die states. How can anyone not find these 3-d looking tokens amazing! I also went by the PCGS table which was busy as usual. A collector stopped by my table and offered me this Capital Plastics set of Indian cents that he had painstakingly put together over several years and finally decided to part with it. I asked him several times if he was sure he wanted to part with it because I could tell how much heart and time he put into this set. I graded it VF-Unc and paid him a very fair price for the set. The Fly-In Club held it's meeting at 1:30 on Friday. I always enjoy hearing what President Chris Pilliod has to say, as well as Rick's comments on the Indian cent market, new varieties, his grading system, etc. On my way back to the bourse floor, I stepped outside onto the patio next to the harbor. It was a gorgeous sunny day and even though it was chilly, I enjoyed watching the birds, the glassy water, and the bright blue sky. While I was at the Fly-In Club meeting, my good friend Neil covered my table for me. This is Greg, he collects love tokens with fancy designs Tommy/Tommy44 stopped by and introduced himself to me. Bobby B. brought by this very cool portrait of Lincoln that he created out of 864 Lincoln cents for another dealer. It was fascinating! As many of you know, I collect penny exonumia and have several "pie cutter" pieces, including a couple with original handles. So I was intrigued when I saw this one in error coin dealer Jon Sullivan's case. However, it was a bit pricey so I wasn't able to add it to my collection. A view of the harbor at night from the same patio outside the convention center. After the show ended on Friday, we headed over to a dinner party thrown by my fellow copper weenies Greg Hannigan and Chris McCawley at a house they rented outside of Tampa. Greg loves to cook and prepared this wonderful Italian feast for us. What a tasty and fun evening! Saturday morning I got up early to attend my WIN board meeting. This was a particularly special meeting as WIN had just received a surprise $10,000 donation from the Eric P. Newman Foundation and we spent the entire board meeting discussing ways to put the donation to use in a way that would also honor Eric P. Newman's philosophy of numismatic education. After our board meeting, we held our general meeting where John Kraljevich gave a fascinating presentation on African-American history and numismatics. If any of you have ever heard John speak, he is one of the most enjoyable speakers I have ever heard. He's so knowledgeable and comfortable and speaks off the cuff as if he is just having a conversation. When I got back to the bourse floor, I took a brief tour of the numismatic exhibits. The awards hadn't yet been presented so I don't know which exhibits won. Here are photos of some of the exhibits that I thought were interesting and different from the regular coin and paper money exhibits. Soon it was time to pack up to catch my flight back home. Let me just take a moment here to add my comment about the age-old debate on coin dealers leaving a show early. For me personally, I would prefer to stay at a show through the end, but my experience throughout the years of attending coin shows has always been that being at a coin show on Sunday is not productive FOR ME and often doesn't even cover the expense of the extra hotel night. Also, getting to be home on Sundays gives me that extra weekend day with my family after being away and that extra day to relax before the post show work begins. So, again, for me, my family, and my business, I have determined that not attending shows on Sundays works best for me. And as far as leaving early on Saturdays, for me that is completely dictated by the airline schedule. I reserve the very last flight possible to return to the Orange County airport (which has it's own curfews) and, unfortunately, sometimes that means I have to leave earlier than I prefer on Saturday in order to make my flight. If I drive to a show, I am usually there the full day on Saturdays. I am not speaking for all dealers but just trying to give you a little perspective and a better understanding of why some dealers leave coin shows early. So by the time I arrived in Orange County Saturday night, we were one of the last flights to land and the airport was completely deserted. After traveling around the country to many, many airports, the Orange County airport late a night is the only airport that I have ever seen so empty - it's almost eerie! That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Tampa, especially getting to see my fellow collector and dealer friends, but as always, it was great to get back home to my family, my very understanding hubby, my sweet little grandbaby, and of course, my mischievous kitty Penny. This is the first year that Penny decided to see what it was like to climb in our Christmas tree, and she was quite comfortable, falling asleep and nesting there for hours! Next up: San Jose and Long Beach Coin Shows!
  2. I love going the Baltimore show - and this one was no exception! Whitman does a great job putting on this show, and Baltimore is a fun city to visit. I had checked out the weather forecast and discovered it was going to be quite cold so this wimpy SoCal gal made sure to take my heavy wool coat (now known as my "Baltimore coat"), scarf, gloves, and hat! And boy, was I glad that I did! I left bright and sunny OC Tuesday morning around 10am, and was delighted to find that the John Wayne Airport was pretty deserted at that time and I sailed through security with only a brief swipe and wipe on my bags! I arrived in Baltimore Tuesday evening, and settled into my hotel. Wednesday I dropped my bags off at security and got my dealer tag. Then I did some shopping at a couple dealer hotel "preshows" and found quite a few nice pieces to add to my inventory. Then I headed to the Horseshoe Casino for a little gambling entertainment. Set up was at 8am on Thursday morning and the lobby was crowded with dealers waiting to get in! This is what the bourse floor looks like before all the dealers set up their booths. I did more buying during dealer set up, as well as throughout the show. My certified inventory was a little depleted on some dates, so I did a lot of buying at this show. Here are most of my newps: Out of all the coins I bought at this show, this toned 1877 PCGS PF65 RB is one of the prettiest pennies and my favorite coin I bought at the show! In the afternoon, I broke out one of the wines I had brought with me. After the show, several dealers headed over to a reception at the Pratt Street Ale House sponsored by a Facebook group called "Coin Dealers Helping Coin Dealers" put on my Rob Oberth and John Schuch, Jr. They are introducing a great new program where dealers can list and promote coins. Hopefully, when it's ready to launch they will put the word out on the message boards! After the reception, we headed over to our favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy, Da Mimmo's. When we got there, several other dealers were already there dining. I had a delicious Lemon Drop Martini instead of wine this time. After dinner, we walked around the corner to the famous Vaccarro's for dessert! I also bought a box of cookies to take back to my hubby! When I got to the show on Friday morning, I went over to PCGS to turn in a group of raw coins for grading before they got too busy. Mark Stephenson I brought several Conder tokens to have graded by NGC, including two new very rare pieces I had just picked up at the show (Warwickshire 122, one is the early die state and the other is the late die state of the same piece). Before I submitted the Conder tokens for grading, I had Todd photograph them I also had him photograph some new penny exonumia I had recently bought, including this common repoussé/pop out penny with a very unusual clip on the back. I just bought this very cool very detailed carved eagle Indian cent love token These are Todd's photos of some of the other exonumia I acquired recently. Cliff/TooTawl stopped by my table and bought a 1909-S VDB that he'd been wanting to add to his collection. My friend Alan Weinberg came by and showed me this beautiful and extremely valuable 1792 silver plugged half cent from his own personal collection (valued in the 7 figures). He had brought it with him to compare to the one that was in the auction. Needless to say, his piece was quite superior to the one in the auction. Also, a young dealer friend who also deals in rare books showed me this very rare (valued in the 6 figures) First Edition of the Book of Mormon he had brought to sell to another collector at the show. This one was in great shape and I was honored to be able to see and touch this amazing piece of history. This is me trying on a friend's pair of pretty blingy sunglasses - what do ya'll think! After the show died down in the afternoon, out came the wine - and of course my wine drinking dealer friends! This is Don from Goldberg Auctions. After the show on Friday, my dark side coin dealer group and I went to our anxiously awaited dinner in the wine cellar of the Black Olive restaurant. We love this place and have a great time together. These dark side folks are a hoot, and the wine and food are always wonderful. We always start off at the intimate bar with a refreshing tasty white wine. Then we headed down into the cellar to the one large table they had waiting for us where we are surrounded by hundreds of bottles of wine! These are some of the red wines we had The menu Their famous and very delicious octopus appetizer Some of the main course dishes we had And dessert! The latest flight home I could get on Saturday was at 3pm, so I headed over to the show early on Saturday to get some work done before the public came in and before I would have to start packing up. The lobby was already full of the dealers waiting to get into the bourse. All too soon it was time to pack and head to the airport. Bye-bye Baltimore - be back in March! I love being at the show, but by the end, I really look forward to going home to my hubby, my adorable grandbaby and Penny! Next up: The Las Vegas Club show in December, then of course the FUN show in Tampa!
  3. I know I just did a show report on the Long Beach show, so this one will be rather brief. I always enjoy going to Northern California for a coin show as I usually only do 3 a year there and the Santa Clara show is the largest of all the Northern California shows. I have several customers who I only see when I travel up north, so they help make it worth while for me. And this year, Kagin was putting on an auction that included some amazing pieces. Also, the U.S. Mint set up at the show and was promoting their Ellis Island products. So this show promised to be a bigger success than usual. I left Orange County early Thursday morning because I planned to visit my dad in Oxnard on my way to the show. My dad is 96 years old and still living in the house I grew up in in Oxnard (which is in Ventura County, about an hour north of Los Angeles). Going from Orange County through Los Angeles early in the morning is a nightmare and took me twice as long as it would later in the day. But I was glad to visit with my dad who is doing quite well in spite of his age! Then I headed up the coast through Ventura, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, San Jose, then to Santa Clara. Even though it's a much longer way, it's a beautiful drive and I enjoy this 5-hour drive, especially since I get to listen to my audio book uninterrupted. This Nora Roberts book was thoroughly enjoyable and had me mesmerized! I finally drove up to the loading dock for set up at 5pm. Right behind the loading dock is the beautiful new Levi Stadium which hosts football, concerts, and several other huge events. Right across the street from the convention center is the Great America Amusement Park. While I was setting up, I had a few vest pocket dealers stop by and I was able to pick up a few nice pieces for my inventory. Instead of setting up everything, I decided to walk around the show so I could find more coins on my customers' want lists. Here are some of the pieces I picked up at the show. I really like this really pretty 1859 Indian cent that had prooflike fields with very pretty pastel toning. I also bought some nice raw material to add to my inventory. After the show closed, I walked over to the Tusca restaurant in the Hyatt which is attached to the convention center to have dinner with my dear friend Joe Wargo. He brought this wonderful Holdredge Pinot Noir that I very much enjoyed. After dinner, I checked into my room at the Biltmore Hotel, just a couple miles away from the convention center. It's a beautiful hotel and I was happy to be upgraded to a suite! The first pic is from the hotel website, the last two pics are of my room. Thursday morning I headed over to the show early to finish setting up. There was a nice crowd waiting at the door, and at 10am, the public began streaming in. There was a nice buzz in the room throughout the day and I think having the U.S. Mint set up as well as having a quality auction really helped bring in more public. In the afternoon I took a few minutes to view the auction lots at the Kagin table. And to say hi to my bff Nina! We even posed for our traditional exaggerated kissy face pose! The Mint was set up just down my row. Later that afternoon, even though the bourse floor had thinned out, I took a few minutes to take photos around the show. At 5:30pm I headed to the auction. They had just started with the hobo nickels. When I checked online for the lots I was interested in, the numbers had already passed what I was going to bid, so I didn't stay for those lots and headed out. I then met my friends at Mariani's Italian restaurant at the Mariani's Inn. While my fettuccine alfredo was very good, some of the other meals were less than satisfactory so it's not a place we would return to. However, they did have a nice crowd who was waiting for the karaoke to begin so if you're into karaoke, I'd bet it's a good place to go! Saturday morning I talked to several people about the auction results and discovered that it was extremely successful, bringing in huge numbers. Many of the dealers I spoke with said they were consistently outbid and that the gold slugs were especially popular. There was a lot of public who came to the show on Saturday and I was pretty busy through most of the day. I get offered a lot of lower end Indian and Lincoln cent sets in albums, but often many coins have been cleaned, have corrosion or other problems so I avoid buying those. However, a collector came by and offered me this very decent Lincoln cent set that had mostly original unmolested coins. Unfortunately, it was missing a the 1909-S vdb and 1909-S, but it still had the 1914-D and all the semi-key dates. After the show ended on Saturday, I headed over to the Bay 101 casino/cardroom. This casino was built in 1993 and, according to Wiki, it became "best known for hosting the Bay 101 Shooting Star, a World Poker Tour tournament created by Bay 101 owner Marko Trapani in 1997." They closed their doors the day after I was there because they built a brand new casino right on the other side of the 101 freeway, and right next to their competitor, the M8trix casino. So I just had to play at the old location one last time. I had a good time and ended up breaking even. Sunday morning, I took my time heading to the show. I slept in a little, had some breakfast, and gassed up my car. Then once at the show, I hung around for a little while, but not much public came in when the show opened, so I decided to pack up and head out for the long drive back home. Luckily, it was a beautiful day, traffic was light, and I made good time getting home to my hubby and my Penny-in-a-box! Overall, it was a decent show for me as I had a couple good sales and made some good purchases. However, there are many small coin shows put on independently and by various clubs in different cities in Northern California, and it is my opinion that having so many smaller shows throughout the year in relative proximity to each other dilutes each show, including the Santa Clara show. I think it would be much more fruitful and productive if some of these smaller shows could figure out a way to work together and combine their shows. I believe it would greatly enhance attendance at all these NoCal shows, especially the Santa Clara show, if there were maybe only a handful of larger shows up north. That's just my one cents, for what it's worth! Next up: The PCGS Members Only show in Las Vegas next week, then the local Buena Park show in early October, then the PNNA show in Portland, Oregon the end of October.
  4. Let me start out by saying that this will be one of my more briefer reports with less pictures than usual. The reason is a good one. I was SO busy that I didn't have a lot of time to take photos around the bourse floor. I've never had as busy a show as this one, but of course, I am not complaining - I am extremely delighted! As I've said in past reports, the Long Beach show is one of my very favorite shows as it's so close to home that I can sleep in my own bed each night. Plus, the area around the convention center is really beautiful with lots to do for everyone. And the weather during the week was absolutely gorgeous, if not a little on the warm side. Taryn and the rest of the Expos Unlimited folks really work hard to put the Long Beach show together, making sure the dealers have what we need, walking around checking on us, etc. Even the loading dock issues we've had in the past were addressed and went much more smoothly and quickly this time. This is beautiful, sweet, hardworking Taryn! This is a photo I borrowed from the Long Beach Expos folks of the "naked" bourse floor before everyone filled it up. This is the driveway to the loading dock. The walkway bridge they are building for the Long Beach Grand Prix along the loading dock street is almost complete so the street wasn't blocked by all the construction vehicles as it was before. Also, it was great to have the parking garage right behind the loading ramp finally reopened. I know several dealers I talked to said it was slow for them, that they didn't have very decent sales. However, other dealers I spoke with said they were able to make a lot of new purchases and the show ended up being very good for them. For me, even though I had a lot of sales in general, there was one wonderful customer, Victor, who allowed me to help him put his Lincoln registry set together. He had been buying Lincoln cents from me over the past year or so but then about a month before the Long Beach show he contacted me and asked if I would try and find the rest of the Lincoln cents he needed to complete his registry set so he could pick them up at the show. So I went to work contacting all my dealer friends, putting out feelers, searching auctions, etc. Then throughout the show, I again hunted for more coins to fill his set. I was thrilled when Victor ended up buying every one of the coins I had picked out for him. I can't tell you how much fun I had doing this for such a nice, kind, easy-to-work with (and grateful) customer. Aside from some possible upgrades, he only needs about 5 coins to have a top 10 Lincoln registry set! To top it off, when Victor first came to my table at the show, he brought me a great bottle of wine AND a box of candy!! So needless to say, set up day on Wednesday was very busy for me and just flew by. At 7pm when it was time to leave, I really looked forward to having a relaxing dinner and wine tasting with my usual group at Cafe Piccolos - Karl and Joanne Stephens, Rick, and George. I had my usual very tasty goatcheese chicken dinner. Thursday morning when I arrived at the show, I again searched around the bourse floor for more Lincoln cents and managed to find a couple more, as well as some coins for my inventory. I found this very fascinating and scarce 1942 plastic cent at one of the dealer's tables and just had to take a picture. Interestingly, it also had rotated dies. A fellow forum member Chris stopped by with another little gift for me - this time it was a really unusual Lincoln medal My friend Dennis Hengeveld also stopped by for a brief chat. Thursday was another very busy day with lots of public in attendance. Although it had thinned out somewhat as usual in the afternoon, I finally took a couple quick photos of the bourse floor taken from my table. The Millers of Millers Mint have had a table across from me for as long as I've had this table in Long Beach These adorable little kiddos were so excited to be hunting for coins! A gentleman stopped by my table and showed me these original bank half rolls of 1940 and 1942 Lincoln cents that he acquired in an estate sale. The end pieces are gem and the paper is yellowed and very old. We actually had some wine leftover from our wine dinner at Cafe Piccolo's so we were able to enjoy the good wine we had from the night before, and once I opened it, it sure went fast! Then it was time for rib night at Naple's Ribs! I am definitely a creature of habit since I tend to order the same thing at the same restaurants I go to. Also, I always order a combo platter to make sure I have plenty leftover to take home to my hubby (he makes me promise to bring him some ribs whenever I go to Naple's Ribs!) Friday morning I did my usual search for more Lincolns (in case any of the dealers I had visited previously may have acquired something new or got some Lincolns back from their submissions) and picked up a few more pieces. I also found more for my inventory. Here are my newps from the show! Included is this really nice original brown 1877 in PCGS MS64. I also found this beautiful finest known S-10 1897 PCGS MS65 RB with a very bold repunched 7 (repunched to the right) I also bought this gorgeous 1864-L that was graded MS66 BN for my personal collection, and I have no clue why it wasn't graded red brown so I plan to resubmit it. It is a stunning piece with tons of luster, and I love it! At one point during the afternoon when I was talking to another dealer, my buddy Matt stopped by and the dealer commented on how we had dressed alike that day. I hadn't noticed at first, but then it made me chuckle when I looked at our picture together! That night we went to dinner at King's Fish House just up the street from the convention center. They have the best macadamia nut crusted halibut I have ever had! It's definitely on the pricey side, but well worth it (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it, it would have had you all drooling!). This is a good picture of my booth buddy Rich and Rick taken at dinner We had some great wines with our dinner! Saturday turned out to be another busy day for me. Victor came by to pick up the last of the Lincoln cents I had found for him. He also decided to buy some of the toned brown Indian cents I had since he thought his wife would especially like the pretty colors (he later emailed me to say she loved them!). I also had a couple other large sales that day which really surprised me since usually sales on Saturdays are pretty slow. So all in all, I am thrilled to say that this was the best show sales-wise I ever had! It really feels good to have such a successful show, especially considering that last year was one of my slowest years. Now the fun part is that I need to replenish my inventory! I just have to post this photo of my little grandson Ryder. Whenever I am working with my coins, he loves to pick one up and "check it out" by doing what most babies doe, putting it in his mouth. I do hope when he gets older that he will develop a real interest in actually collecting pennies, and not just to taste! And while I was getting ready for the show, sorting and organizing some raw coins, Penny decided the coins made a nice resting place! Next up: The Santa Clara Show this week, the PCGS Members Only Show the end of the month, then the Buena Park show the first week in October!
  5. Charmy's 2017 DENVER ANA WORLD'S FAIR OF MONEY SHOW w/tons of Pics!

    Thank you for all your kind comments and support of me and my show reports throughout the years. As I mentioned on the other forum, your comments and appreciation brings a smile to my face and warms my heart, and it makes putting these reports together enjoyable for me.
  6. DEALERS: The ANA Dealer Relations Committee would like your feedback

    Thank you very much Mr. Mcknowitall, I really appreciate your comments, and I'm sure there is a lonely feline out there just waiting for you!
  7. DEALERS: The ANA Dealer Relations Committee would like your feedback

    As I said, why don't YOU do something to help the collector community? Contact the ANA and offer to help the collector community group. Be their spokesperson. YOU can make a difference. By the way, I am focused on the dealer side for this committee, but I am also president of Women in Numismatics, and a member of several clubs, including the Fly-In Club where I am District Manager and help edit the newsletter. I also have set up collector exhibits to try and help educate people on penny exonumia. I say this not to brag whatsoever, but to point out that I am also a collector at heart and try to do my part for the collector community as well. I really think you might be a great asset to the collector community by volunteering your time to help.
  8. DEALERS: The ANA Dealer Relations Committee would like your feedback

    Wow, that is harsh, physics. Not everyone takes polls on message boards or seeks advice from folks on message boards, and just because an organization or group isn't active online doesn't mean they don't exist. I happen to be active in social media so that is just ONE avenue I use to collect information. I also gather information in various other forms such as speaking in person to people, even taking handwritten notes, reading articles, talking to other bourse chairs, etc. Actually, Physics, if you feel so strongly about this, why don't you be proactive and contact the ANA yourself about all your concerns as a collector. I doubt they will ignore you and it may even do some good. I am doing my part as best as I can to help the numismatic community including, in this case, being on this committee to come up with ways the ANA can possibly make their shows better from a dealer standpoint, because if the dealers stop participating, there will be no shows. And who knows, it may come to that in time. But I would dearly love to see more collectors who are passionate like you get involved to try and help the numismatic community. It does no one any good for folks to just complain about all that is wrong without trying to fix the problem(s) they are experiencing.
  9. First, I apologize for this report being posted so late. I had lots of family things to take care of right after the show. Also, my hubby finally retired just before I left for Denver (I'm very glad he's home, but his only instruction from me is "do not bug me so I can get my work done"! - let's see how long that lasts!) So the first thing we decided to do was to get away to our place in Lake Havasu when I returned from Denver and I had to get things ready. The good thing about Arizona is that the gas prices are quite low compared to California which helps take a little sting out of the 113 degree temperatures! Can't wait to take the boat out on the lake! But first, I told myself I have to get this report posted before I can relax, so I'm preparing this show report while on "vacation." Unfortunately, I left my notes at home, including some of the names of the folks who stopped by my table. I'll do my best and will update this report when I get back home next week. So now on to the show report! Wow! What a show this was! Even though it was long, it went by very quickly. I went into this ANA Denver WFM show with only medium to low expectations since the last show I did in Denver a few years ago was not very good at all. So I'm not sure whether it was my excellent table location, all the new Pretty Pennies I had recently acquired, or just that collectors were in the mood to buy, but this Denver ANA was one of the best shows I've EVER had! I seemed to be busy from the opening of the show to later in the afternoon. Sometimes I'll judge how well a show is doing (at least for me) by how many times I leave my table, and I can tell you that I barely left my table until late in the afternoon each day! So I left Orange County on the afternoon of Sunday so I would have the opportunity to hunt for more Pretty Pennies at the preshow on Monday. I always arrive at the airport two hours early just in case there is a glitch going through security, but this time I sailed through in about 15 minutes, even with a bag check. So I had some time to kill and there just happened to be a wine tasting bar directly across from my gate so, well, you know.... I thought I'd start this trip off right! This Faust wine was amazing, and I look forward to finding it and getting some for home. Soon it was time to board my flight. I settled into my seat, and felt so very happy to be fortunate to be doing what I love and heading to another coin show! It didn't seem to take too long before we were landing in beautiful Denver (actually only n easy 2-hour flight)! I checked into the host hotel at the Sheridan, unpacked, and fell right to sleep. I woke up to this beautiful view of downtown Denver from my hotel room. I wet over to the convention center so I could drop my bags off at security until set up day. Well, I was quite surprised at the distance the security room was from the front of the convention center, and all on carpet no less (which makes pulling heavy bags much more difficult)! The security room was at the complete opposite side of the convention center. Hauling two very heavy bags that far on carpet, in thin air compared to sea level air, well let's just say, it took my breath away and made me perspire more than just a little (remember, girls don't sweat, we perspire)! Even those folks who were obviously quite fit had a hard time with the extra thin air. It does take some getting used to. Then I headed over to the PNG preshow, walked around to all the dealers, starting with some of my favorites. I'm guessing there were a total of about 40-50 dealers set up at the preshow. I was pleased to be able to find quite a few more Pretty Pennies which helped to fill some holes in my inventory. After the preshow, I stopped by the auction lot viewing. Then I walked around the convention center and took a few photos (however, Kenny Snow's photos of the bear were better than mine so I used his!). It's a very large and attractive convention center. Most unusual, there is this huge bear right in front of the convention center which is a very popular photo subject! Then I met up with Rick Snow and Greg Hannigan for a late lunch at the Yard House. Then we headed off to the PNG dinner. Since I didn't have a table at the PNG preshow where each table holder gets two tickets to the dinner, luckily one of my other PNG dealer friends had an extra ticket. The PNG dinner is held at a wonderfully nice restaurant and they usually serve very delicious wine at dinner. They also honor some of the great folks who work behind the scenes to help make numismatics better for all of us, especially those helping to curtail counterfeiters and coin thieves. So I was very pleased and honored to be able to attend. This dinner was held at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, and boy, was it beautiful inside. The menu for dinner I always feel honored to be in the presence of David Bowers, he definitely an amazing man, still going strong and such a wonderful personality and wealth of knowledge. And John and Nancy Wilson are right up there with folks who work hard to make numismatics a better place for all of us. Their tireless efforts often go unsung, but they give their time, service, and knowledge freely and with great delight to countless numismatic organizations. My fun little bff Nina, holding "court" as usual! She is definitely the life of any party!!! More numismatic greats! Chris McCawley (and his lovely wife, Julian Leidman, Jimmy Hayes and David Sundman Part of my posse! Rick Snow, his son Kenny, and Gary Knaus Ghost Pines puts out some very good wine! The next morning was set up day. There was quite a crowd of dealers waiting to get into the show. I set my booth up pretty quickly, and soon vest pocket dealers were coming up to my table showing me more Pretty Pennies. I was happy to pick up several more pieces for inventory, including these Pretty Pennies (since I'm a little late getting this report out, Todd had already finished preparing my new purchase photos!): I took an opportunity to see the ANA's exhibit and they had some amazing pieces on display! My buddy Dino Koromvokis showed me this beautiful Flying Eagle pattern piece he had for sale: So the folks at CoinWeek stopped by and asked to interview me LIVE on Facebook about a "Cool Coin" in my case. Of course, I said "Sure!" I chose this 25 planchet piece from the 1960's that got jammed together in a feeder shoot and sort of welded together. Pieces like this don't usually make it out of the mint, but for some reason, this one did and it's the only piece known to have made it out and not melted. So I took a photo of them photo-interviewing me! Also, here's a link to the actual video piece on Facebook in case you're interested: They also did a video interview with me about the 1943 cent, and its popularity among collectors, its history, etc. I think this piece will air at a later time. After the show ended on Tuesday, we went to the very famous Buckhorn Exchange restaurant. It's Colorado's oldest restaurant having been established in 1893 by Henry "Shorty Scout" Zeitz, a big game hunter and the youngest member of Buffalo Bill's band of scouts. So for those of you who aren't a fan of big game hunting, you may want to skip over these next set of photos. My dad was an avid hunter and provided us with meat that sustained our family of seven throughout each year. My dad still has a large buck head mounted on the wall of his house. However, even though I grew up learning how to use firearms from an early age, I personally was never a hunter. This is a beautifully carved piece hanging also on the wall about two feet in diameter. It looked just like the reposse/push out pennies I collect so I just had to take a photo of it. Someone in our party even commented that we just can't escape coins even at a restaurant like this! While we were waiting for dinner, we tried some of the various beers they had. I really enjoyed this cherry beer, it was very refreshing. The menu was printed on the other side of this "newspaper." As you can imagine, they served all kinds of game, including buffalo and alligator! Since I grew up on venison and never was a huge fan, I enjoyed a delicious tenderloin! The next day Wednesday was the first full day the public was let in. This is me and Rick's son, Kenny, headed up to the bourse floor. James Houghtaling was the first to stop by and say hi! Followed shortly by John/Claychaser, his son (forgive me, I forgot his name), and my buddy Buck I was very busy most of the day and was pleased to have sold quite a few pennies. Things finally slowed down around 3pm, so I opened one of the bottles of wine I had brought with me. I really enjoyed this Sonoma Zinfandel, and so did several other folks who stopped by for a taste! I have always been impressed with how hard ANACS works and how many shows they attend, including taking submissions at many of the smaller club shows throughout the country. Since ANACS is based in Colorado, they had a strong presence at the show. Here's a great group shot of all the hardworking ANACS folks. From left to right: John Roberts (Director of Attribution Services), my BFF Cindi Snow (West Coast/Pacific Northwest Rep), Christian Merlo (Texas Rep), Paul DeFelice (Vice President), Brett Williams (President & CEO), Bill Arnold (Denver Rep), Quent Hansen (Midwest Rep), and Matt Adams (Southeast Rep). ANACS also held a wonderful reception at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was a really nice event, and everyone really enjoyed it. Here are pics of various people who attended the reception. Rick, Neal, Kenny, me, and Cindi Cindi and me Raeleen Endo and Ian Russell (GreatCollections), and Paul DeFelice (ANACS) James Sego Dennis, Rick and Neal After the reception, Rick and I headed over to the Black Hawk casino which is located in the mountains in what looks like it used to be an old mining town. It was raining on and off and the sun shining through the clouds along the way was really beautiful. I found my favorite Buffalo Stampede penny slot machine but sadly had no luck this time. Thursday I had to get up very early in order to attend my Dealer Relations Committee meeting at 8am. We had a very productive meeting. I had distributed all the comments posted on the message boards, so we discussed them, and several other important issues involving the ANA shows. We made several recommendations to the Board so now it's up to them to decide what can and can't be implemented. Just so you know, the ANA commits to show venues about 4 years ahead of time, so some things can't be changed until a few years down the road. We also discussed having an ANA rep respond to various questions you all have so that you will have a better understanding of what goes into putting on these shows, some of the specific criteria required in choosing a location as well as the costs. Any way, like I said, I feel it was a productive meeting and hopefully you'll be hearing more details soon. Thursday was another very busy day for me, yay! I bought a few more pieces and sold a lot more! I didn't even get out on the bourse floor once until later in the afternoon! I had even forgot that Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars was making an appearance at the Modern Coin Mart booth, so I missed taking his photo there, but the MCM photographers graciously let me use one of their photos! Also on display at the show was America's First Coin! David McCarthy (Kagin's) did exhaustive research on this piece to determine that it was the first coin ever minted by the U.S. government in 1783, the precursor to our U.S dollar issued 10 years later. (fyi, These two photos are not mine.) Then Thursday afternoon was the "Shave Miles" event where Miles Standish was holding a fundraiser to help support his Child and Family Healthcare nonprofit. Rick Harrison and the Broncos Cheerleaders made an appearance, with Rick being the first one to shave Mile's hair. Also, Dave Halperin (Heritage) had his hair shaved off first! On Thursday afternoon, I opened the other bottle of wine I had brought with me, a very tasty Carr cab. It didn't last long! After the show was over on Thursday, we went to an absolutely wonderful restaurant in Little Italy called Luca. It was recommended to us and they indeed did not disappoint! We started off with this awesome 2014 Rosso Toscano Followed by this 2006 Il Fauno Wow, both were amazing wines, especially for the value! These are some of the entrees we had. Mine was the brazed shortribs with creamy polenta and grilled brussell sprouts. The sortribs practically melted in your mouth, they were soooo yummy! If you're even in Denver, I highly recommend Luca! Friday morning I had to be at the convention center early again for my Women In Numismatics board meeting, followed by our general meeting. We had Steve Dippolito give a fascinating presentation on "A Century of Empresses, Russia in the 18th Century," which focuses on Russian Imperial coins. Back at my table, business began anew. I was so pleased with how well this show was going for me, particularly since coin shows and sales slow down during summer! Then this gentleman walked up to my table and handed me a Lincoln cent and asked me what I thought. I immediately could tell it was a fake and looked up at the gentleman. He had a big grin on his face, so I looked at his badge and it was Dan Carr! He showed me this beautiful portrait of Lincoln and said the coin was carved using that portrait as a model. This portrait had several differences than the design of our Lincoln cent. Very cool! Next up was my Fly-In Club (for Flying Eagle and Indian cent enthusiasts) meeting where Rick discussed Flying Eagle pattern cents and passed around several amazing specimens. I sat next to Mark (from Colorado) at the meeting, who recently volunteered to be the Colorado State Rep for the Fly-In Club (I'm the club's District Rep Manager, as well as the California State Rep). District Reps help promote the Fly-In Club at any club meetings and shows they attend around the country. On my way back to my booth, I passed by this scene where a car is on its side. I am guessing they were getting ready to set up for a car show at the convention center? After the show was the ANA's Awards banquet and silent auction fundraiser. In addition to the exhibit and other awards, this year they were "changing the guard" and swearing in the new board members. They had some interesting and fun items up for auction and bidding was quite active! This is the item I won at the auction! Then it was time for dinner and the banquet. There are always some neat souvenirs left at each table! Me and my table buddies! Barbara and Neal, and Rick and me The room was filled with lots of numismatic luminaries! In addition to the exhibit awards, the ANA gave out several service awards. This year I was extremely honored to be given the Elvira Clain-Stefanelli award which honors "women who have made significant contributions to numismatics. These contributions, whether in research, leadership or mentor-ship, must have made a lasting impact on the numismatic community and demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the betterment of numismatics." While I knew I was to receive this award, I seriously didn't know how special it was until that evening. When I went up to receive the award, several people cheered, whistled, and hooted and I became very emotional, so much so that I wasn't able to say much when asked to give a few remarks. I know, me being speechless was amazing in and of itself, but it was true. So let me now just say that I am so thankful and grateful to the ANA and everyone who supports me throughout my adventures in numismatics. I hope I can be an example to young women numismatists that they can do anything they put their minds and passions to, and not let anything or anyone stand in their way! Then the new board was sworn in. Even though I know Gary Adkins will work hard and be a great ANA leader, I very much enjoyed working with Jeff Garrett on the Dealer Relations Committee. He was very involved, had some great ideas, and worked hard to make the ANA a better organization for all of us. It is this type of hard work and dedication that any organization needs and the ANA was very fortunate to have Jeff. Thank you Jeff, for your service to the ANA and numismatics! Saturday morning I finally had some time time to view the exhibits. As always, there were several amazing exhibits, but what I really noticed and was pleased to see this year was that there were several "woman" themed exhibits. Then I visited the U.S. Mint booth. I came across these young numismatists gathered together going through their treasure trivia loot! Then it was time for our WIN Summer Seminar scholarship raffle drawing. The days before the drawing, one of our board members, Dreama went around to every table on the bourse floor and was able to sell over $800 in tickets. Together with that, we had sold over $1,800 in raffle tickets. Fifty percent of the sales of these tickets goes towards our Summer Seminar scholarship, while the other 50% gets split between two winners. These are photos of Dreama giving the winners their winnings! This is David Lange (NGC) along with his well-deserved award for Numismatist of the Year! Brent Pearson is an talented hobo nickle engraver and I ran into his table at the show. The Denver show was first show. He knows I collect hobo pennies and gave me this pretty piece that he had carved: The PCGS folks! Always-happy-Paul at ANACS! My awesome booth neighbors, Northern Nevada Coin! It's always a joy to see Lance! My friend Oded Paz, the Reposse/Pop Out Expert! LAs photo of me and my lil ol medal and placque! It's time to pack up and ship out! Nina and I had flights close together so we took an Uber together to the airport. When she lived in Orange County, we used to meet up at the airports quite often, so it was fun to spend some time together catching up on our families, etc. When we got to the airport, we weren't surprised that our bags needed extra screening which is pretty usual for us. However, what we didn't expect was a very rude and nasty TSA agent who had no patience and clearly wanted to be an alpha dog. And this is why we get to the airport at least TWO hours before our flights! It started when alpha dog picked up one of my bags and began walking to the private screen room. However, I asked her to stop because my other bag was still at the xray machine and i needed to keep my eyes on both bags at all times. That's when she got the "attitude." When the other TSA agent grabbed my bag and Nina's bag, we proceeded to the room. However alpha dog wanted us to enter the room first, but I said I would follow her (again, wanted to keep my eyes on my bags). But she insisted on being behind us, so I instead walked NEXT to her, but had to enter the room immediately ahead of her. Then she began going through my raw coins very roughly with several of them falling out and her tossing them just anywhere back on the tray. Then while the alpha dog was going through Nina's PCGS boxes, pulling each coin out one at a time, she couldn't get the lid off one of the boxes. She tossed it on the table and demanded to Nina to "open it." No please or would you mind, no politeness whatsoever. So I said "PLEASE?" but of course she just scowled and ignored me, and continue meticulously pulling out each and every coin. While she was going meticulously trough my SIX doublerow boxes of certified coins, I eventually began to video tape her while Nina snapped some pictures, but then alpha dog went outside and got her superior who told me I was not allowed to video tape his agents. I said I just wanted to make sure nothing went missing because the coins were falling out of the trays. He told me "his agents don't steal!" I just shook my head. He forced me to delete the video right in front of him. Then alpha dog kept leaving the door wide open every time she went out to do the swipe test, and we kept closing it for security purposes. She complained to her superior about that too and he told us to keep it cracked open, which we had never heard of before. However, when alpha came back in I ignored that command and again shut the door behind her (small victory). When we were finally finished, we saw several of our dealer friends waiting to go into that room for private screening. We warned each one of them to be careful about alpha dog, that she had a really bad attitude and would draw out the whole process as long as she could. After that experience, Nina and I really needed a drink! We found a nice bar that had great Cadillac margaritas and chips and salsa! We also took some selphies and Nina added those funny filters to some of our pics. That was a hoot! While I greatly enjoyed this Denver show, it was a long week and I was worn out and so glad to be headed home! Bye bye beautiful Denver! Hello Orange County! So glad to be home with my hubby and adorable soft fluffy kitty Penny! So as I mentioned, this Denver show was a huge success for me. I thank the ANA for working so hard and doing such a good job putting on this show. All of your staff and volunteers did a great job and everything seemed to run very smoothly. Next up: Long Beach, then Santa Clara!
  10. DEALERS: The ANA Dealer Relations Committee would like your feedback

    Zebo, our committee meets on Thursday morning, so if you can't make it to the show on Tuesday or Wednesday, feel free to pm or email me. Thank you.
  11. DEALERS: The ANA Dealer Relations Committee would like your feedback

    This forum is just ONE venue where we solicit information. And believe it or not, there are quite a few dealers who are members of this and other coin forums, many of whom prefer to simply "lurk" rather than post, so putting the questions out there lets them know we are soliciting this information and they tend to pm, email, or talk to me in person at a show with their responses. By the way, the ANA Conventions Committee is where collectors can give feedback: "The Convention Committee facilitates the work of the convention(s) under the direction of the Executive Director and/or Conventions Director [Bylaws: Article X, Section 2]. It serves to provide feedback and/or perceptions from the general public, membership, and local convention committees on the National Money Show and World's Fair of Money conventions." Larry Gaye is the Chair - you can contact him here: Also, another thread was started on the PCGS forum specifically directed to collectors: Suggestions to the ANA from Collectors
  12. As many of you know, I am the Chair for the ANA Dealer's Relation Committee and we are charged with providing comments and feedback to the board on ways to improve the ANA shows as it relates to dealers. Our committee is made up of representatives from Heritage, Stacks Bowers, small and large dealers, and paper money and foreign coin dealers. Just so you know, there is a separate committee that deals with feedback from collectors, so no disrespect intended whatsoever to all you collectors, but for this post, I am specifically looking for ideas on how shows can be improved from a DEALER'S PERSPECTIVE. Here are some questions we'd like feedback on, but feel free to comment on other areas not mentioned: Would the ANA and its members be better served by choosing an anchor city (such as Rosemont) to avoid taxes and nexus issues? Do you think the ANA should offer dealers more educational opportunities/seminars before and/or after shows that are specifically focused on dealers such as Chinese counterfeits, ecommerce, photography, numismatic law, marketing, etc.? Should the ANA consider local tax issues when choosing cities (keep in mind, the list will be short on venues without tax issues)? What are your thoughts on the Dealer listing on ANA website, any ideas on improvement? Any other ideas on improving the shows for dealers? I will gather any feedback I receive and present it to our committee for discussion at our meeting in Denver next month. If any of you prefer not to comment publicly, please feel free to send me a PM or an email at Thank you.
  13. Let me first say that I LOVE the ANA Summer Seminar. This is my 4th time attending and I hope to return every year. Each time I go, I not only learn a lot, but I get to spend time with many wonderful numismatists, both new and experienced. For those of you interested in attending, several numismatic organizations offer scholarships to its members, including Women In Numismatics. Each organization has its own requirements, but they generally include being an active member, writing articles, giving presentations, etc. Here is a link on the ANA's website to the groups that offer scholarships: The ANA offers two sessions in June and I attended the second session. Most participants arrive on Saturday but I like to attend the Colorado Springs Coin Show so my trip began on Friday afternoon (fyi, I paid extra for an additional night in the Colorado College apartment). I arrived at the Orange County airport and, even carrying a double row box of coins that I brought to sell at the show, I sailed through security so I had just under 2 hours before my flight. My gate just happened to be right near the Vino Vola wine tasting bar, so of course, I decided to do some wine tasting before my flight. I tried 3 cabs that were all wonderful. Then it was time to board my flight. This is me very happy to be going to the ANA Summer Seminar! After a couple hours we were landing in Denver. Rick was setting up at the Colorado Springs show so he and his son Kenny drove from Arizona to Colorado, and he graciously agreed to pick me up in Denver. I was very grateful I didn't have to endure the 20-minute flight from Denver to Colorado Springs on one of their prop puddle jumper planes because that short flight is awful. We got back to Colorado Springs that night and made a quick run to Cole Trains for snacks in beverages before I checked into my apartment. Cole Trains has an excellent wine selection and I was like a kid in a candy store trying to figure out which wines I wanted to try. I stayed in the Antero apartment building. The apartments are much more comfortable than the dorm rooms, and have a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The next morning I headed over to the cafeteria for breakfast and took a few photos of the campus. This is the Worner building where the cafeteria is located and where most of the events are held, including our classroom. Here are Rick and his son Kenny at the cafeteria, along with several other notable numismatists Then we went to the coin show. These are two very friendly hard working gentlemen who happily greet each person coming to the show. I took my double row box around to various dealers and sold quite a few coins. I even sold a coin to Leo Frese, who recently moved to Colorado and opened up his own coins store. There was quite a bit of traffic at the show on Saturday but unfortunately I forgot to take photos around the show earlier so these photos make it look like the show was deserted since I took them early in the afternoon. After the show, we went back to the campus for registration, dinner, then orientation. A few weeks before my session, I received the Student Handbook and other forms. At registration, I received my ID, Program Guide and Family Activities brochure, and water bottle. At dinner, there was a line of hungry folks waiting to get in. In the cafeteria, I ran into more familiar faces. Sam Ernst (notlogical on the Message Boards) Ricardo De León Tallavas This is one of the ANA photographers taking photos throughout the week. After dinner, it was time for orientation where we hear about the upcoming events, introduced to the staff and instructors, as well as the usual "drink lots of water," who to call for specific "emergencies," etc. Then it was time for my favorite part of Summer Seminar, hanging out at the "Lunar Lounge"! It's where many folks gather each evening where there are tables and chairs out on the quad between the dorm buildings. It's in an area that overlooks Pike's Peak and you get a beautiful view of the sun setting each night. People bring their own beverages to share with everyone, sometimes they bring a guitar and play music, and sometimes someone brings a deck of cards and poker chips (like me!). It's the best place to spend one on one time with fellow attendees and instructors, relax, share some coins, and just get to know each other. Rick came especially prepared with his flip flop bottle opener! Sunday morning was the first day of class. I was assisting Rick with his "Secrets of Flying Eagle and Indian Cents" class. There were 8 of us, and even though I've taken his class a couple of times, I still always learn something new! He gave each student a copy of his Attribution Guide, as well as the Whitman Guide Book that he wrote (and which I wrote a section on Flying Eagle and Indian cent exonumia). He also gave each student a couple issues of the Fly-In Club's newsletter, Longacre's Ledger. This year Rick added information about Civil War Tokens and encased stamps used as money. He also brought several counterfeit Civil War Tokens for us to examine. Rick discussed the nuances of and showed us how to grade proof Flying Eagle and Indian cents. This is one of Rick's earliest versions of his photoseal! During the lunch break, I found a group of YN's already wheeling and dealing for some coins! At dinner, I ran into Rick's "brother from another mother" Brian Fanton (they switched badges just to confuse us even more). Later that evening it was once again time for Lunar Lounge! Sunday night was the great book sale where the ANA puts on sale surplus books, periodicals and auction catalogs at discounted prices. Books are available on a variety of numismatic subjects including world and U.S. Coins, paper money tokens, medals, ephemera and more. The proceeds benefit the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library. Often there are rarities hidden between more common books. People are let in one by one a couple minutes apart so they have a chance to be alone and quickly search for books of interest to their collecting desires. So the ANA Library Manager, David Sklow, hands out numbered tickets at random, with the coveted Ticket No. 1 being raffled off. As usual, there is a long line of people waiting their turn to see what cool book they can find. This is David with Ticket No. 1 which was raffled off during orientation. This gentleman bid the highest and won Ticket No. 1, along with a rare signed first edition of the Red Book. The crowd of folks waiting in line. Before the book sale, I took some time to view the ANA's new WWI exhibit "Trenches to Treaties, WWI In Remembrance." This is Douglas Mudd, the museum curator. I especially enjoyed the photographs of the propaganda posters t It looked like a storm was moving in over the mountains and it rained a little. We soon got a great poker game going under the overhang. The next day, Monday, in class we learned more about grading Indian cents and variety attribution. We did a lot of grading exercises, and I was very pleased that my grading skills were pretty much in line with the grading services. I ended up buying this 1863 S-22 variety for my personal collection since I didn't have this one and thought it was pretty neat. It has a "1" sticking out from the bust. More cafeteria photos. After dinner on Monday there was a guided tour of the Harry Bass collection of U.S. gold coins and patterns, two 1804 dollars and a 1913 Liberty Head nickel, plus numerous other rarities at the ANA Museum. Later on Monday evening we had a huge hail storm. Being from Southern California where it hardly ever hails, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Our apartment building had a lounge room with a large table, sofa and chairs so due to the rain/hail, we ended up having another poker game in our lounge. We were having so much fun that security showed up at midnight and asked us to keep all the noise and music down! On Tuesday, I gave a presentation in class about Flying Eagle and Indian cent exonumia, and brought several pieces from my collection to discuss. Then Rick pulled out some of his counterfeit pieces so we could learn what to look for. The first group was pretty crude and more easily detectable. We also had a roving instructor attend our class, Ken Hallenbeck. The usual lunch bunch group! The college was giving a campus tour On Tuesday evening, many of the instructors attended a private reception sponsored by Ken and Tom Hallenbeck at the prestigious El Paso Club. There was a "secret room" hidden behind a bookshelf where women were not allowed, so of course, I had to investigate! They had a beautiful bar with a female bartender! There were also lots of paintings of partially nude women (which I respectfully did not photograph). There was also a large rack of copper mugs that had individual names on them. Tom Hallenbeck told me they were specifically used for Moscow Mule drinks and he showed me his. After the reception we went back to the College Campus for the big of the week, the YN Auction! Some of the hardworking YNs who worked tirelessly to put together the auction The first item auctioned off was this fancy sombrarro that Ricardo modeled Two years ago when I last attended Summer Seminar, I bought Tiny's lightbulb hat, see photo below from 2 years ago. (I also had to wear Tiny's overalls since someone paid a bunch of money for me to wear them and the only way I could get out of it was to pay more NOT to wear them.) Since then, Tiny retired due to health issues with his wife, who just recently died. So I donated Tiny's hat back for the YN auction. Then Joe Paonessa donated a hobo nickel hat band that he made. So they auctioned off the hat and hatband together which brought in about $450! The highlight of the auction was the $3,500 they collected to get Bill Shamhart to wear makeup, wig, and a dress all day on Wednesday, including to the graduation banquet. It was the brainchild of these two, Bob and Jim, who paid a large portion of the $3,500! It was hilarious and Bill looked fantastic! However, Bill preferred not to have photos of him in drag posted on social media so I promised I would abide by his wishes. Wednesday in class we studied more deceptive counterfeits, including other denominations. Some of these were so very hard to determine how they were made and would pass inspection by many people. It is scary how well made counterfeits can be. In the afternoon we visited Bob Campbell's class on counterfeit detection and learned about how to detect artificial toning. This is our class photo! Women in Numismatics is once again selling raffle tickets to hep support our Summer Seminar scholarship, so throughout the week, I sold tickets in the cafeteria and in class (25/25/50 raffle, $1 ticket or 6 for $5). I was so pleasantly surprised by how supportive folks were and how many tickets I sold (yes, that's a $100 bill in that wad of money!). After class on Wednesday, they held a reception in the Worner building before the graduation banquet. Then we walked across the street to the banquet where they serve a great bbq dinner! Afterwards, several awards are given out to YN's, and certificates are handed out to the instructors. The always give everyone a souvenir coin replica, and this one was pretty neat. I'm somewhere in the middle of this first picture! Susan McMillan has been in charge of the Summer Seminar for many years and this year will be her last as she is retiring. After the banquet, we spent our last evening out at the Lunar Lounge, just hanging out, chatting, sharing beverages, and enjoying the company of our fellow numismatists one last time. Soon it was time to pack and head to bed since we were heading to Denver at 6am! Bye bye Colorado Springs and Denver, at least for a couple weeks since I will be returning to Colorado Springs for my nephew's wedding on July 11. I love flying over Colorado! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the ANA Summer Seminar and look forward to returning next year! But even more, I love coming home to my hubby and my sweet fatty Penny!
  14. The summer Long Beach show is usually slower and a little less attended by both dealers and the public than the winter and fall shows, and this one was no exception. Expos Unlimited/PCGS did their usual great job making sure all the dealers had what they needed, and even walked around the bourse floor asking if they could do anything for each of the dealers. For me (and all the other dealers who drive to the show), the only negative part of this show is the loading dock system. It is so slow and tedious and needs to be revamped. I can't really think of the right way to improve the process, but every year it just seems to take longer to actually get inside the bourse. Other than that, I love this show as it is very well run and one I look forward to the most! By the way, the June Long Beach show typically doesn't have any major coin displays so this report will NOT be coin intensive but will mostly include photos in and around the bourse floor and Long Beach in general. We've been having "June Gloom" so the weather in the morning is very overcast but it usually burns off around 11am. I got to the loading dock at 10:30 am (1 1/2 hours before the bourse opened for set up) and was 18th in the line of cars waiting to unload. The first car in line had been there since 8:30 am! Rather than wait forever to be let up to the loading dock, I decided to park the car in the temporary lot right next to the ramp, unload, and with the help of my booth buddy Rich, we pushed my cart up the ramp to the loading door, then moved my car to the regular parking lot. This way, I was able to enter the bourse floor right when it opened. Since I only had one load, this was a much better solution for me than waiting in line for hours. With the help of my boothmates, Rich and Roger, I got set up pretty quickly. Then the buying began! I found several great pennies on Wednesday and throughout the week to add to my inventory, including a beautifully emerald green toned 1911 Matte Proof Lincoln. I also bought this very cute Indian cent teapot that came with this copper case for my personal collection. The teapot has the tiniest lid of any of my teapots! As usual, PCGS sponsored beer and taquitos for all the dealers on set up day, and also as usual, they were a big hit! This is my friend Matt Chapman. After set up day ended, we went to our usual Wednesday night restaurant, Cafe Piccolo's, with the usual gang: my booth buddy Rich, Karl and Joanne Stephens and Ron Guth (PCGS), and had some great wines. Thursday had pretty good public attendance and I was busy with some decent sales throughout the day. By early afternoon, it slowed down so I was able to walk the floor some more. Afterwards, we opened this bottle of Barbed Wire wine that one of my customers gave me. After the show we went to the usual Thursday night place, Naple's Ribs, along with a great group of other dealers. I always order the combo platter because my hubby would be very disappointed if I didn't save some of these delicious ribs for him! On Friday I had decided to stay overnight in Long Beach rather than drive home like I usually do because I had received a notice from Hyatt that if I didn't use my points within the next two months, I would lose them. So I used some of the points for one night at the Hyatt in Long Beach. So on Friday morning I went straight to the Hyatt and parked my car there. I arrived at 9am and decided to pre-check in so I could leave my overnight bag at the bell desk and just pick up my room keys later that night. When I was giving the clerk my info, the guy next to me who was checking in with another clerk, was loudly talking on his cell phone while his clerk was trying to check him in. I scowled at him but he didn't even notice, so I commented to my clerk that that guy was extremely rude. She got a big grin on her face and completely agreed with me. I also stated that he was being very disrespectful to the poor clerk who had to wait for him to finish his phone conversation so she could complete his check in. She grinned again and said, because I was so nice to her, that she would find an available room for me even though it was only 9am, and even gave me one facing the harbor! She also said she was giving me a complimentary breakfast buffet in the morning. I was so surprised by her generosity. She said she really appreciated my comments because she wasn't allowed to say anything herself. I told her I only said what she was thinking and she laughed! The Hyatt in Long Beach is a beautiful hotel! So I went up to my room and immediately saw my beautiful view of the Long Beach Harbor. Luckily, Friday there was no June Gloom and my view was fantastic! These two photos are taken from my window. This photo was taken from the elevator lobby window on my floor. These were taken from the walkway between the Hyatt and the convention center. The front of the beautiful convention center! Inside the front of the convention center Right inside the bourse floor are these wonderful Expo folks, eager and willing to help you with whatever you may need! Friday morning was busy, but it seemed to die down pretty early. But I did manage to pick up this fantastic toned Cameo 1878 Indian cent with gorgeous vibrant magenta and rainbow toning! In the afternoon we opened this wonderful bottle of Oso Libre Zinfandel that Rich brought for us to share. It was wonderful! After the show on Friday, a group of us went across to harbor for dinner. These are some photos taken on the walkway from the convention center to the harbor. As you can see it was another beautiful evening in Southern California! We decided to have dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, PF Changs. We had dinner outside on the patio and really enjoyed the warm weather. I decided to have one of their tasty Mai Tais! My favorite appetizers: pot stickers and spring rolls! Me and my posse! The night life at the Long Beach Harbor area! Since I wasn't driving home this time, we headed over to the dueling piano bar right near the harbor, Sergeant Pepper's. We had a great time! "Let's do the Time Warp Again!" When I got back to my room, I took a picture of the beautiful view of the harbor at night! On Saturday, it was pretty slow for most of the day, with a lot of people looking but not much in sales. I did sell a nice original 1909-S vdb in low grade to a collector who needed that last coin to finish his Lincoln set. I am always honored to be the one to help a collector find that last coin to complete their set! I also prepared a lot of raw coins for submission at PCGS, along with a few crossovers. That took up most of my Saturday morning. Soon, once again, it was time to pack up and head home. That's always the hardest part, but it was great to get home and relax. On the way home, I made a quick stop at my p.o. box to pick up my mail. I was very pleased to find these scarce pie cutters with handles in my box that I had bought on eBay. Once is a Canadian large cent and one is an Indian cent! It's very hard to find large cent pie cutters with the handles, much less Canadian large cents and, even harder, Indian cents! When I got home, even though my hubby was away on the pit crew of a race, my little fatty Penny was there waiting for me! Next up: ANA Summer Seminar in 2 weeks, then the San Diego Coinaram, and the Fremont Coin Show next month!
  15. The CSNS show is the last show in a string of back-to-back shows I've attended over the past couple months, and I don't have another show until Long Beach in June. So I was hoping to end this show with a bang, or at least in the positive, and I wasn't disappointed! Wednesday was a great buying day, Thursday I had lots of sales, Friday was slower but still had decent sales and found some more good pieces for inventory, and Saturday was sparse but I had a couple great sales. Kevin and his staff do a most excellent job of putting on this show and making the dealers feel welcome. They also go over and above to get collectors in the door. So overall, for me the show was a solid B+! I left on Tuesday and for a change, I had a mid-day flight out of sunny Orange County direct to Chicago. It was in the low 80's when I left. This is me very happy to be headed to another coin show! When I arrived in Chicago it was in the high 60's which wasn't too bad. Coincidentally, my flight arrived around the same time as Rick Snow and his son, Kenny. So Kenny and I waited while Rick retrieved the rental car. The host hotel for the CSNS show is the Renaissance which is connected to the convention center. It's a beautiful hotel and the rooms are spacious. I'm not sure how I rated this, but the Event Planning Director left me a wonderful bottle of wine along with glasses, an opener, a box of chocolates, a glass bottle of water, and a granola bar. I felt very special! I had a room on the 16th floor and had a great view. This is the view at night They had this fascinating picture on the wall of the Chicago skyline in a car's side mirror. Set up was at 9am on Wednesday and there was quite a crowd of dealers waiting to get in right at 9am. My table was one row over from the PCGS table so I decided to get an early photo of the group before they got too busy. It was great to see Mark Stephenson join the gang! Also, the Kagin table was just down the aisle from me as well, and Nina was being her usual vivacious self! I also ran into two of the nicest, kindest, and friendliest people in numismatics - Mitch Ernst/Cornhusker and his son Sam/Notlogical. I met Mitch when I took an exhibiting class at the ANA Summer Seminar several years ago. He collects sower medals and put together an amazing exhibit of these medals a couple years ago and won Best of Show. This was the Central States Numismatic Society's souvenir coaster that was being handed out. Since it had an Indian cent on it, I had to include it in my report! After the show ended on Wednesday, we met a group of people at The Gather bar in the Renaissance for drinks and dinner, including Mitch and Sam. The Gather is a very popular spot where many dealers gather for drinks right after the show. Mitch follows my show reports and wondered why I didn't give him one of my lipstick kisses like he saw in one of my recent show reports, so of course, I had to oblige! Thursday morning I had an early Women in Numismatics board meeting, followed by our general meeting. Louise Boling (WIN VP) gave a fascinating presentation on medals of Saint Barbara, Patron Saint of Those Who Make Things Go Boom. During the show, Kenneth/NickelJones stopped by my table to show me this nickel with a previously unknown reverse die. Emily of Americana Rare Coins came by to show me some coins. Rick showed me this rare beautiful 1861 CSA Restrike Throughout Wednesday and Thursday I was very pleased to find many nice coins to add to my inventory. Usually in the afternoons the show slows down quite a bit, so that's when I like to open a bottle of wine and turn up the music, it makes the slow afternoons much more enjoyable! This is the wine that the hotel left in my room. Others like to pass the slow time with other activities, Stacks Bowers was right across from me, and this is Peter Treglia tossing nuts in the air and trying to catch them in his mouth! After the show, a group of us headed into the city. They had the most beautiful tulips all around the city. (Most of the photos of Chicago were taken by my bff Cindi Snow Ray.) We went to Trattoria No. 10 for dinner with some dealer friends, Bob and Carol Campbell, of All About Coins We really enjoyed this wonderful bottle of Brunello. I completely forgot to take a picture of our dinner entrees, but let me tell you they were excellent. When I finally remembered, this was all that was left! At the show on Friday, a couple of young men stopped by my table to fill a customer want list. They ended up staying for a while (and buying quite a few coins). I really enjoyed chatting with them, learning about how they got started in coins, working in a shop together, and then ended up buying their own coin store together. It's so great to meet such friendly, honest, and hard working young men. This is Tyler Walker and Alex Ralston of All American Bullion & Coins from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A fellow exonumia collector stopped and showed me this amazing multi-love token pin. He guessed it was made for an entire family. Once again, the late afternoon was quiet and i caught the Stacks folks enjoying playing a little baseball in the aisle with a cardboard tube and wadded up piece of paper! This is Robert Witt of Stacks Bowers with the "bat." After the show, we went back to The Gather for dinner before heading over to the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin. Saturday morning I checked out the exhibits. There were quite a few great exhibits but I thought these were most interesting. The public slowly bean streaming in on Saturday morning. Even though several dealers were packing up and leaving, there were still quite a few dealers still left by noon on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do quite a bit of business on Saturday. PCGS and ANACS were still doing business up until the last minute! Soon it was time for me to pack up and catch my plane home. When I walked out of the convention center, I was shocked to find that it was raining and the temperature had dropped to 38 degrees! Wow, that cold air hit me right in the face when I opened the door! I arrived at the airport with no problems, sailed through security with just a swipe test of my bags, and headed to my gate. I found a nice little bar right next to my gate so I decided to grab something to eat. All they had were Chicago dogs so I decided to try one. Wow, it was one of the best hot dogs I've ever had! When I got to my gate, I ran into several familiar faces who were also on my same flight headed back to Orange County! This is the group from Stacks: John Konop and Chris Napolitano in the back, with Linda Bernard and Wendy Napolitano on the bottom. And Robert Witt and Peter Treglia Watching the cold, cold rain from my window seat Four hours later we were landing in beautiful sunny warm Southern California! This is a picture of the historic airship hangers in Tustin Here is a little background info on these hangers from Wikipedia: "The Air Station was established in 1942 as Naval Lighter-Than-Air Station Santa Ana, a base for airship operations in support of the United States Navy's coastal patrol efforts during World War II. It was commissioned on 1 October 1942 by its commandant, Capt. Howard N. Coulter. As of July 1947, the facility, under command of Capt. Benjamin May, had personnel consisting of 100 officers, 500 enlisted men and 180 civilian employees. NLTAS Santa Ana was decommissioned in 1949. In 1951, the facility was reactivated as Marine Corps Air Facility Santa Ana to support the Korean War. It was the country's first air facility developed solely for helicopter operations. It was renamed Marine Corps Air Station Tustin in 1979." And coming in for landing... As always, I really look forward to each show I attend, but I especially look forward to getting home to my own bed, hubby, and Penny! As an update, some of you will remember the drama (and trauma) that occurred while I was at the CSNS show last year involving my husband's crash during the NORRA 1000 race in Mexico. Well, Wednesday was exactly one year since his accident, and he's doing great. Since he is no longer driving a race car, he still went back to help his buddy's team as a chase car driver and pit crew. He had a great time, and their car finished third in class with no major problems! Now I have a month home and get to spend lots of time with my new grandbaby Ryder who is five months old! Next up, the Long Beach show in early June!