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  1. Another fun, busy and successful Long Beach show has come and gone! As I've said before, I really look forward to this show in particular since it's "in my backyard" and I get to see all my local customers and friends. One of the best parts is that I don't have to rush out on Saturday to catch a flight home, I can stay to the end and pack up when the show is over. Wednesday was a bright and sunny day and it was beautiful in Long Beach! We arrived at the loading dock area an hour early and watched while they finished setting up the bourse floor. I always enjoy chatting with the other dealers while we wait to be let in. I’ve known the guy with the short shorts for quite a while, so I couldn’t resist telling him that the 80’s called and wanted their shorts back! ;-) After I was all set up, I went over to the PCGS area to see the gorgeous set of Flying Eagle and Indian cents (I had seen them at the FUN show and they were well worth viewing again!). Stuart Blay and Rick Snow were there as well. I don’t think there was ever a time during the show there wasn’t a long line of people waiting to submit coins to PCGS, even during set up. Here’s David showing off the new PCGS mugs! Sandy is always smiling whenever I see her. PCGS was handing out these sample slabs with their new Near Field Communication (NFC) chip technology-embedded in the slab. A dealer friend who knows I like penny exonumia found me a very cool William Jennings Bryan/Adlai Stevenson token with a 1900 Indian cent – they lost the 1900 election to McKinley/Roosevelt. I already have the McKinley/Roosevelt token (with the original ribbon from 1900) and the one with just Bryan, but I didn’t have this particular token so I’m thrilled to add it to my exonumia collection. Soon it was time to open the bottle of wine I brought, my favorite, Rombauer Zinfandel! I’ve even gotten a couple other dealer friends “hooked” on this Rombauer, so it didn’t last very long! After the show, we went to our usual Wednesday night spot at Café Piccolo’s where we enjoyed some great Italian food and shared some more nice wines! This is my favorite, goat cheese chicken! It seems the older we get, the less wine we seem to drink at dinner, so we each left with a half full bottle of the wine we had brought – more wine for another day! Thursday morning I arrived a little early so I could take some photos before the public was let in. The Tyrant collection was again on exhibit at the show, and if you like gold coins, you would be in awe of this amazing collection. And these are just a portion of the coins on display! The folks at NGC are always friendly and helpful, and every time I went by their table, every chair was filled and they were working hard to answer everyone’s questions. My friend Chris Simpson always comes up with some interesting penny exonumia which he gives to me as a gift at each Long Beach show. This time he found a neat love token on an 1862 Indian cent. As you all know, there are all types of interesting numismatics and also all types of interesting dealers who set up at shows. Up the aisle from my table was an interesting dealer who had a corner table covered with loose coins in 2x2 flips and was selling a lot of different types of “booty” and was dressed up as a pirate. My friend Ron Guth recently started his own business, The Numismatic Detective Agency, along with a new website – He also had some very interesting memorabilia from the Women’s Relief Corps in his show case. At 10am, there was quite a crowd of public waiting to be let in! (photo courtesy of Long Beach Show Expo) Everyone I spoke with said Thursday was a very busy day, both buying and selling. I know I was very busy the entire day. I had a lot of folks bring me coins they had found in change, wanting to know if they were anything special. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything that had much value and suggested that they get The Red Book and The Cherry Picker’s Guide to help them in their searching. They always ask what are the coins that have more value so I tell them The Red Book is the best place to get started if they want to find out which coins have a lower mintage, that those are the ones that usually hold more value. I also recommend that they learn how to do basic grading so they can determine whether a coin is in high or low condition, and suggest Making the Grade as a good resource in learning to grade coins. I must have referred at least a dozen people to the supply guy to get The Red Book during the show (I should start carrying them myself!). After the show on Thursday we met a group of other dealers at a new restaurant, Captain Jack’s in Sunset Beach, which was right on the harbor. What a fun place with a great atmosphere! It was definitely a place where a lot of locals hang out which is always a good sign. When we were at the bar waiting for the rest of our group, a couple locals came in and sat next to us. The bartender greeted them by name and quickly handed them their usual drink without them even asking. Me and my awesome booth helper Rich Wogoman This bottle of Prisoner cab we shared was excellent – so we ordered two! Our group! This was the only menu they had. Most of our group had their specialty, the crab legs. I was literally shocked when I saw the size and amount of crab legs they served! And the surf and turf wasn’t lacking either! They even had live music in the lounge area. We had a great time and I look forward to returning again! Friday was slower as usual, but I still had a steady stream of customers both buying and selling pennies, as well as several of my regular customers stop by. Friday afternoon is also the day I gather all my new purchases, and those coins I’ve bought since I last had my coin photographer take pictures of my coins, so he can photograph them for my website. I had quite a bunch for him to photograph this time around. I also found quite a few raw Pretty Pennies to add to my inventory. My dealer friend Andy Skrabalack has been surprising me now and then with some penny exonumia gifts too. These three were the latest items he gave me. Later in the afternoon we opened another bottle of wine I brought, this one from one of the Temecula vineyards I belonged to, Sierra Robles. It’s a really nice red wine blend. After the show closed, we went to one of my favorite seafood restaurants, King’s Fish House, just up the hill from the convention center. Being a creature of habit and liking a good thing when I find it, had my usual macadamia nut crusted halibut. And with one of the few places that offers free corkage, we brought our own bottles of wine to share, which again, none of us finished! Their salmon is pretty yummy too! They also have these adorable cocktail napkins with cute corny riddles! The convention center looks pretty at night, as does the area around it. It rained Friday night and Saturday morning was cloudy. But a beautiful rainbow could be seen from the convention center (photo courtesy of Long Beach Show Expos) Saturday was busy, with kids doing the treasure trivia hunt, and families trying to learn more about collections they had. I took these pictures around noon on Saturday and it was still quite busy The June Long Beach show will be held in a Hall C (rather than Hall A where we were right now), closer to where the aquarium is on the other side of the Hyatt. Here’s a map of the new hall location, just for the June 2020 show. We understand, however, that the show may be moving to this show for all of 2021. Around 4 pm, it was time to pack up and call it a show! The show seemed to just fly by. Overall, it was a very good show, and I was very happy with the traffic and sales. As always, the Expo folks do an excellent job of putting this show together and making sure everyone has what they need. As usual, my sweet hubby was at home waiting to help me unload, and Penny was waiting to be petted and scratched behind her ears! Then on Sunday, we took my mustang to my first Coffee and Cars event with up in Silverado Canyon. It was a casual event, with about 20 classic and modern cars, and even a couple other mustangs. Then we went for a nice drive though the canyon. I just love driving that car! Here’s a photo showing the correct fog lamps I just had put on in place of the ones that were on the car when I bought it. So that’s about it – next up, the Buena Park Show (March 7-8), and then Baltimore (March 18-21)!
  2. Wow! I'm still recovering from such a busy week in Orlando and trying to dig out! It was a fantastic show, went by so fast, got to see lots of great friends, bought lots of newps, sold lots of Pretty Pennies, and even bought a few penny exonumia pieces for my own collection as well! So after 6 weeks of no shows, I was very excited to be going to the FUN show! I left sunny warm west coast Orange County and headed for sunny warm east coast Orange County! We flew over the Colorado River I had a 3-hour layover in Dallas So I had time for some lunch and a nice glass of wine. I arrived late Tuesday night and Rick and his son Kenny were kind enough to pick me up at the airport since they had a rental car for the week. The next morning (Tuesday) I headed over to the convention center to take advantage of the dealer to dealer presales. I really appreciate being able to visit the dealers ahead of time so I don't have to take the time to go through their boxes during set up day, and it allows me to visit other tables. The dealer sales were held in a room at the Rosen Centre. This is the walkway between the convention center and the hotel This is the dealer sales room The convention center the day before the show starts And the bourse floor naked and empty - for now! But I did run into a couple of my good dealer buddies Mark Alvarez and James Sego Heritage had some fun signage in the lobby, advertising the different types of collectibles at their auctions Auction lot viewing was well attended That evening was my friend Karl Stephens' birthday so he and some of his foreign coin dealer friends went to Vito's Chop House for dinner. One of Karl's friends brought some great wine and graciously shared it with all of us Then the waiter brought out all the different cuts of meat (wrapped in cellophane) we could order I had the fillet (and since I prefer it medium, they butterflied it for me). It was absolutely delicious with enough left over for lunch the next day! The next day set up was at 2pm so I got to sleep in a little and take my time but I still arrived at the convention center a little early. I watched as the lobby area slowly began to fill up with dealers anxiously waiting to get in, set up, and start wheeling and dealing. Soon it was packed. With my booth all set and my sign hanging up, I was opened for business! Then I was able to visit with many folks that I hadn't seen since the Baltimore show, as well as check out other dealers' inventory and buy some more Pretty Pennies. Here is a photo of my new purchases (less some great coins that I sold during the show)! I also bought these neat Ford tokens for my exonumia collection - one is copper, one is sterling silver, and one is gold plated. I already had the copper one but had not seen the other two before so I was very pleased to add them to my collection. For those of you interested, here is the story of the Henry Ford "Cent": "Help the other fellow" was Henry Ford's personal motto. In 1917, he decided to spread the word through a special coin designed to resemble a Lincoln penny. An initial order of one million coins was placed with the Weyhing Brothers Manufacturing Company of Detroit by Ford sales manager Norval Hawkins. The company designed a die based on a photograph of Henry at age 30 and produced a few bronze prototypes but Henry's wife, Clara, didn't like the image. Henry was 54 by that time and she thought the coin should show a more current image of her husband. Before a new die was created however, the United States entered World War I and the project was cancelled. The original die was put away by Weyhing Brothers and sat quietly in storage for more than forty years. In 1963, Ford Motor Company celebrated the centennial of Henry Ford's birth with a large number of community events. Weyhing Brothers dusted off the old 1917 dies and produced both bronze and gold-plated versions of the coin." John Kraljevich also had set aside some sticker pennies for me from 1966 and 1967 to add to my personal collection. They may look pretty simplistic and "no big deal" but actually they are pretty scarce since the government bans any advertising on coins and required anyone who put sticker advertisements on coins to remove them or face penalties. At one point, he Secret Service was actually dispatched to help combat the practice of merchants placing stickers on coins and contacting the merchants to retrieve them or be fined. Later that afternoon it was wine time! After the show, we went to Bonefish Grill for dinner. I had the haddock which was very yummy, along with one of their specialty martinis! Thursday was opening day for the public at the show, and was excited to see such a huge crowd waiting to get in! I took photos as the public began streaming into the show and it seemed to never end - it was great seeing so many collectors hunting for coins! Thursday was the busiest day I've had at a coin show since the last FUN show - the day just flew by! Later in the day I was finally able to view the amazing collections of Stuart Blay, Douglas Wright and Mark Hagan over at the PCGS table. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen such rare, high grade, and gorgeous Flying Eagle and Indian cents! After the show on Thursday, a group of us went to Rocco's Taco's and Tequila Bar. They had a huge selection of varieties of tequila all on one wall! We really enjoyed their Cadillac margaritas. But their specialty was handmade guacamole right at your table! The food was delicious. After all the quacamole and chips and margaritas, I ended up just having one taco! But everyone else's dishes looked just as delicious! The great group of folks at ANACS were enjoying Rocco's as well! Our table was right next to the lake. There was even a sign that said "Please don't feed the wildlife." Apparently, crocodiles have been known to wander up to the patrons for a snack! My friends treated me to the margaritas and guacamole, so when my bill came, it only had one taco. I don't think I've ever had a lower bill at one of our show dinners! One of the most "interesting" things I've seen during my travels to various restaurants around the country was when I went to the ladies' room at Rocco's, there was actually a tv mounted on the wall behind the toilet (playing Star Wars). And then when you sit down, there was a mirror on the inside of the stall door so you could actually watch the tv! What a hoot!! But the only thing is, if there was a busy night, you might have to wait a bit to use the facilities if someone got too interested in whatever they were watching on the tv! Friday, I arrived early at the show and took an opportunity to view the exhibits and take some photos around the bourse. David Talk and PCGS folks David Lange and NGC and PMG folks Greysheet Ladies! Busy bourse floor! Me and my booth! Some forum members who stopped by and let me take their photos! Steven/Winesteven Greg/Walkerguy21D Steven/Sabotage On Friday, I attended the Fly-In Club meeting. This is Chris Pilliod, the President of the Fly-In Club, giving a report about the club. Afterwards, I gave a presentation at meeting on the major errors and varieties in my collection. Here are some of the errors and varieties discussed in my presentation After the show, I went to a dinner party at Greg Hannigan's condo. Greg is an amazing cook and has been preparing several Indian and Mediterranean dishes all week! It also happened to be Greg's sister's and wife's birthdays! It was a really fun evening and Greg's dishes were all mouth watering! Saturday morning I had an early Women in Numismatics board meeting, followed by our general meeting. John Kraljevich was our speaker and gave a very interesting and fascinating presentation on "The Women's Work of White Supremacy: the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Stone Mountain Half." In case there is anyone in the numismatic community who hasn't heard of John, here is just a small part of his distinguished bio: John Kraljevich is the owner and proprietor of John Kraljevich Americana, specializing in the coins, medals, and artifacts of early America. A graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A., History, 1999), John's expertise on authenticity, appraisal, and historical context of numismatic items is widely sought by individuals and institutions alike. Since 2000, John has been a popular annual instructor at the ANA Summer Seminar. John's numismatic honors include election as a Fellow of the American Numismatic Society and the American Numismatic Association's Honorary Doctorate of Numismatics and Glenn Smedley Award. John has written hundreds of major auction catalogues, including the five-part catalogue of the D. Brent Pogue Collection, which shattered the record of most valuable coin collection ever sold at auction. A former tour guide at Monticello specializing in the life of those enslaved by Thomas Jefferson, John's counsel has been sought by institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution, Colonial Williamsburg, the Massachusetts Historical Society, Monticello, and the Yorktown Victory Center. He has been quoted on numismatic topics by mainstream media around the world, including CNN, the Associated Press, National Public Radio, and the BBC. John lives in Fort Mill, where he sits on the board of the Fort Mill History Museum, with his wife Megan, sons Andrew (18) and Riley (13), three dogs, two cats, and a frightening number of books. Soon it was, once again, time to pack up and head home. Due to the storms over Texas and the midwest, many flights had been cancelled on Friday and Saturday morning. I was flying through Dallas and it had cancelled several flights that morning so I was very concerned mine would be next. When I got to the airport, I discovered they delayed my flight but that meant I wouldn't make my connection (which was the last flight to OC) so I had to change my flight to Dallas and was lucky to get the last seat on that flight, and was able to make my connection and get home on time! Bye-bye Orlando til next year! After almost a week away, it was great to be home to see my hubby, and of course my real Pretty Penny! Next up: The PCGS Las Vegas show, and then Long Beach - hope to see you again soon! P.S. over the last few months, I've been having a new website built and it should be rolled out in the next week or so. Can't wait to see and start using all its new features!
  3. First of all - HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I know I am very grateful for my family and friends, including all you folks who have always been so supportive, friendly and helpful to me on this forum. I am also thankful to PCGS for having a platform such as this forum that allows us all a place to ask questions, gain knowledge and share our numismatic (and other) passions with each other. Next, I sincerely apologize for the lengthy delay in producing this show report. A lot of different things conspired to make it difficult for me to put this together sooner (which unlike some "suggestions" did NOT involve joy riding in my new mustang - though I wish that were the case! On the contrary, my red beauty is currently receiving some tender loving care and minor tweaks that will make her even more perfect than she already is). In any event, finally, here are my adventures at the November Baltimore show! I left sunny and warm 85 degrees OC early on Tuesday very happy to be going to another coin show! When we landed in beautiful Chicago where I was changing planes, it was only 14 degrees! I arrived in Baltimore late Tuesday, where it was in the 30's - way too cold for this SoCal gal, but I was prepared and brought what I call my "Baltimore gear" with me! The next morning I headed to the dealer trading rooms at the convention center to see if I could find some Pretty Pennies to add to my inventory, which I did! Here are the coins I found both at the preshow and throughout the main show: After I secured my coins at Security, I headed over to the Horseshoe Casino which was only a couple miles from the convention center. I wasn't doing very well at the tables, but I hit a nice jackpot on my favorite penny slot machine! During one of the bonus free spins I hit so many buffaloes that it gave me 32 x $90 for that one spin alone. I ended up with just over $3,000 for the bonus spins and had to be "hand paid" along with the dreaded federal form so I can pay taxes on my winnings! (You have to pay taxes on any slot machine win over $1,200). Rick later joined me at the casino and we decided to play some limit poker for a few hours. Since I play at various Harrah's casinos, I had $150 in dining credit so we had dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant in the casino. I even had credit leftover so we ordered some crab cakes to take for lunch the next day! Thursday of course was the day the Mint released the 2019 American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof coins. I wasn't involved in purchasing any of these, but boy, did folks need a lot of patience to participate in this special release! There were lines everywhere, from obtaining them at the Mint, then trying to get them graded. My friends, Cindi and Steve, got up very early and bundled up so they could stand in the various lines, along with hundreds of others, early that morning and were able to get a couple of them. They graciously allowed me to use some of the photos they took of how long the lines were to get the numbers and then the separate lines to get the coins. Wow, what an ordeal! Even besides the chaos of the Enhanced Reverse Proof sales, the show was very busy on Thursday both during set up and after the public was let in. Here is my good friend David Lange busy helping folks at the NGC table. My long time friend, Winston Zack just published the first volume of his amazing book on contemporary counterfeits, which I had ordered, and brought it over to me. This volume is on copper and nickel counterfeit coins. The next volume will be on silver, followed by the third volume on gold counterfeits. What a fantastic and well-written and beautifully photographed reference! I had brought a bottle of Justin Malbec with me, along with my new personalized Penny Lady cups! Thursday night after the show I had dinner with a large group at Mo's Seafood - James Sego, Mark Alvarez, David, Steve Cummings, Rick Snow, Ron Mirr, Cindi Snow (no relation) and me! Mo's had a wonderful crabcake over lobster dish that was very yummy, not to mention huge! Their crab legs were also popular. We ended up sharing dishes and had a great time! After we left Mo's, we went across the street to famous Vaccaro's for some of their amazing desserts! Friday was also surprisingly busy at the show and I had a lot of sales! I also picked up some Conder tokens I had submitted that NGC brought to the show for m. I also found another beautiful Conder token to add to my collection. I love the various die states, especially terminal die state Conder tokens - and this one is a beauty, not to mention scarce variety! I also checked with John Kraljevich to see if he might have one of his little packets for me. John knows the type of exonumia I collect and will put a little packet together for me if he finds pieces he thinks I might like. He found this unusual encased penny pin back piece for me. Ron Mirr brought me this wonderful bottle of Mencia which I shared and was gone pretty quickly! Friday night of each Baltimore show is reserved for dinner with my "dark side" friends at the Black Olive in Fell's Point. We all very much look forward to this evening of great wine, great food and even greater friends! Dan Sedwick, Al Boulanger, Karl Stephens, Charlie, Michael Barry, Me and Augi Their specialty dish is the octopus and it is fantastic! Even though I've only been participating in this event for the past 5 years or so, this group has been coming to the Black Olive for about 15+ years. So they let the folks at the restaurant line up an excellent selection of white and red wines for us. They also have a great selection of seafood and their lamb is very popular as well! On Saturday, there seemed to be a lot of public early on, but as usual it thinned out in the afternoon since many dealers were packing up and heading home. I couldn't get a late enough flight on Saturday this time, so I stayed and flew home on Sunday. There was this bird character walking around the show but I never did find out what or who it was representing, but it was awfully cute! My flight was early Sunday morning, so I packed up my booth and went across the street to the Pratt House Pub with some friends for a quick bite, then called it an early night! Then it was back at the airport at 5:30 am, through Chicago again, then onto home..... where sweet Penny was waiting for me (my hubby was having fun riding the dunes in Glamis while I was away)! For me, it was a very busy and successful show and I was very happy to be kept busy most of the time. And as usual, I especially enjoyed seeing all my usual customers and friends. I am truly grateful to be able to do something I love and for all the good friends that help make numismatics so interesting, challenging and especially fun! Next up: The FUN Show in Orlando in January!
  4. Another Long Beach show has come and gone - and it seemed to happen so quickly! I always enjoy being at the Long Beach show and seeing all my friends and regular customers, as well as meeting new folks! Most people I spoke with about this show said it was slower than the usual September show. I know several usual east coast dealers weren't there, possibly due to the storms. For me, Wednesday I did my usual buying, and Thursday was busy, but Friday was slow, then Saturday was surprisingly busy. Overall, it turned out to be a B+ show for me, both buying and selling. I know the expo folks work really hard to please both the dealers and the collectors. I'm sure it's not easy sometimes working with us dealers, trying to meet all our needs yet run the business of putting on a successful show, but they in my view they do a great job. And they also work hard at getting the public in the doors with special promotions, free passes to any collector wanting to attend the show, great door prizes, and a fun and entertaining treasure hunt for the kids. Being a creature of habit, whenever I attend the Long Beach show, I enjoy going to the same restaurants as before (and usually with the same group of people), mostly because they have such good food. And this makes it a bit of a challenge to write a show report that doesn't look like past Long Beach show reports, but I'll try! Me and my booth bud, Rich, arrived at the convention center as usual on Wednesday before set up, unloaded, and waited at the loading dock area to be let into the bourse floor. While standing outside the open loading dock door, I noticed a big white tent in the middle of the bourse floor. We were told that there was a cosmetics convention that had taken up all the rooms upstairs so they had to juggle tables around on the floor and make room for Heritage lot viewing. So while Rich waited with my cart at the door, dealers who wanted to do lot viewing were let in so I took advantage of the opportunity to do that instead of waiting outside. I saw my friend Matt who is a quality copper lover as well. I had wanted to see several pieces I noticed in the catalog - I was glad I took the opportunity to see the coins in hand, and it was nice to have a second pair of eyes look at the coins I was interested in as well. During set up, I met with several vest pocket dealers and bought some great Pretty Pennies, including a nice 1856 Flying Eagle in PF61 that looks higher grade. I'm planning to write an article on Penny Pocket Mirrors and my friend Alan Weinberg graciously agreed to let me pick his brain since he too is an avid collector of pocket mirrors and has a wealth of knowledge on most anything exonumia related! So we had a really nice chat, and he gave me a lot of useful information for my article. After set was over, we went to our usual place for dinner, Cafe Piccolo's. Along with my foreign coin dealer friends Karl and Joanne Stephens, Ron Guth and Jeff Garrett joined Rich and I for dinner. Cafe Piccolos has a really nice casual atmosphere, with part of the restaurant outdoors. We've been going there for so long that the waiters know us and even know what we like to order! We all brought wines and each one was very good. Most of us had our usual goat cheese chicken dish which is excellent! Thursday when I arrived at the show I took a few minutes to see the amazing Tyrant Collection. And this is the Paterson Collection of Ancient coins that was on display at the GreatCollections table The US Mint was set up at the show Todd also stopped by to show me another rare glass Columbian Expo token he just bought. This one was in its original bezel and is beautiful! The show on Thursday was really busy, and everyone I spoke with said that Thursday was their best day. Once the show opened, I didn't get away from the table until later in the day. I finally took some photos around the bourse later in the day. My friend, Ryan Delane of Interfanatic Digital Marketing stopped by to say hi. He's building a new website for me and I'm really excited about it! After the show on Thursday, due to some conflicts within our group, instead of going out to Naples Ribs with several other dealers, we went to King's Fish House just behind the convention center on Pine. They not only have amazing seafood, including the best macadamia nut crusted halibut, but they have FREE corkage! Rich and I got there a little early, so we had a pre-dinner cocktail - they make an awesome lemon drop martini! Everyone brought a bottle of wine to share, and there were some really great ones. The Grenache I brought seemed to be very popular as it was all gone by the end of dinner! This is the macadamia nut crusted halibut that I have each time I go there! Getting together for these dinners after a long day at the show is something we all look forward to. It gives us a chance to get to know each other, find out about how our families are doing, talk about how the day went, how the coin market is going in our specialties, etc. It is one of my favorite aspects about attending shows! Fridays are usually slower than Thursdays, and this Friday was typical. I had lots of bursts of business, then it would quiet down and be slow for a while. So I had a little more time to walk around the bourse, hunt for coins, and take a few more photos. This is Alan Weinberg's jaw dropping Brasher Doubloon that was on display. I also viewed the stunning Rollo Fox Collection of $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins that were on display at the Heritage table The PCGS folks working hard as usual! NGC folks working just as hard! Ted from San Diego also always seem to be very busy at every show I see him. There there is Todd and his dad Roger - I think he has more fun than he actually works! ;-) My dear friends Joe Wargo and Art McBride - two of the nicest, kindest dealers out there! A very good friend (and customer), Buck, is working on a couple of booklets about his personal collections and I recently helped edit one of them, so he brought me these two very good bottles of wine as a thank you. Forum member Michael/RockyMountainProspector stopped by to say hi That night Rich and I went across the street to PF Changs, our favorite Chinese restaurant. The harbor area where there are several restaurants, is really nice, and the evening was warm with a slight breeze - It was an absolutely beautiful evening! This is the view from the harbor across the street to the convention center Rich and I just sat at the bar and had a nice grouping of appetizers. And PF Changs makes the best Mai Tais! The next day Saturday we arrived at the show early (Rich and I carpool since we're both from Orange County) so we could get submissions ready for PCGS, take my Conder tokens to NGC, collect checks from dealers, write checks to other dealers, etc. before the public was let in. Surprisingly, we were very busy most of the day Saturday, all the way until about 2pm. I was sincerely shocked at how much business I did that Saturday - it was great! But soon it was time to pack up, load up, and head home. My hubby was at our Havasu home checking on things after the monsoon they recently had, but of course I had Penny waiting for me when I got home - she's such a sweet affectionate kitty! That's it for now! Next up: Buena Park Show in October, then the PNNA Portland, Baltimore, and Las Vegas Palace Station shows in November.
  5. Thursday morning I had a 7:30am meeting with Kevin Foley, Mitch Ernest and several other dealers regarding ways to improve the Central States show. We discussed both positive and negative aspects of the show, and had a few ideas on how to improve the negative aspects. I think it was a productive meeting, and I appreciated being asked to be a part of it. It is a positive step when the people running the shows ask for and listen to outside opinions. Mitch Ernest in particular has been working very hard to improve the inner workings of the CSNS, and I personally applaud him for all his efforts and insights. He is a truly wonderful person, with a big huge kind and gracious heart. Here is Mitch manning the Central States table! After the meeting, I got to the show right when the public was being let in. The NGC and PMG tables were already busy And here's my bff Cindi working the ANACS table! I am so sorry I neglected to get pics of the PCGS table but it was all the way on the other side of the room, and I just plain forgot! More folks stopped by just to say hi - this is the Dave and Bob/Watersport Sam Joseph/ANA Exposition Manager - he is so friendly and always willing to help with anything! Thursday was again hectic throughout most of the day. It's days like this that make the show fly by - I love it! Also, Thursday night was platinum night at the auction, and a group of us who were not bidding on the auction went over to Gibson's for drinks. I knew Rick was bidding on a couple items at the auction and would report back once it was over. Greg Hannigan, his wife Cecelia, stopped by for a drink before heading over to the casino for dinner and invited me to go along. Well of course, how could I refuse! espeially since the casino was just down the road. We had dinner at Hugo's Frog Bar and Chop House at the casino which I believe may be related to Gibson's since they basically had the same menu, only less expensive. Their food was amazing! Cecelia even offered to take my leftovers back to the hotel and bring them to the show (heated) the next day for lunch - Cecelia is not only a beautiful lady, she is a super kind and gracious sweetheart! I gambled for only a couple hours and again left with extra money in my pockets! Friday morning I had another 7:30am meeting, this time it was the CDN dealer meeting on coin pricing. It was very informative. I believe John is truly being transparent and is working hard to be interactive with the dealer community and auction houses in creating accurate and up to date pricing for all coins. He has brought the Grey Sheet into this century and CDN website has some amazing and helpful features. photos courtesy of Greg Hannigan An elderly couple stopped by my table and showed me a 1943 bronze cent and asked if it was authentic. Of course my first impression after seeing countless fakes was that here's another one. However, he told me he found it in the wall of a house he recently bought from an old coin dealer who had died. He said they found several coins but this particular coin was specially wrapped in newspaper so he figured it must be something special. This peaked my interest. He also said it didn't stick to a magnet, and when I showed it to John Dannreuther who weighed it and it had the correct weight, my interest was peaked even further. But there were a couple things that gave me pause, including the way the rim looked with an extra "outline" and the fact that the date and motto were boldly doubled (which could be attributed to machine doubling) but I've never seen a regular 1943 doubled like this. Even though John suspected it might be counterfeit, he felt it would be worth sending it in for verification just in case. Then I thought about Fred Weinberg who was an aisle away from me. I brought it over to him and he verified that it definitely was a struck counterfeit. The elderly couple was disappointed but glad they didn't have to spend $100+ to submit it only to find out it was not authentic. I wished I had taken a photo, but I got caught up in getting it authenticated one way or the other and didn't think about photographing it at the time! One of my favorite couples stopped by for a brief chat - Larry Sekulich and his wonderful wife Linda. Larry was my exhibiting instructor at the ANA Summer Seminar several years back, and we've been friends ever since, in spite of the fact that it was his exhibit that beat my Penny Potpourri exhibit for Best of Show at the WFM show a few years ago! Soon it was time for my Capped Cents presentation to the Fly-In Club. Before my presentation began, Rick talked about penny counterfeits and had a nice display of several examples. He also brought the discovery piece of the 1875 "dot on the N" cent which was created by the mint to catch a coin thief! I had been preparing my presentation for several weeks now, tweaking it here and there. I hadn't used Power Point for over 15 years and I had fun playing around with all the graphics and designs. In the end, I kept it simple since I already had many photographs in my presentation. I think the presentation went well, though I was a little slow with changing slides on time! Here are some photos that Greg Hannigan took and allowed me to use them for this report! Rick was gracious enough to video tape my presentation, but it cut off in the middle (he was using his phone and got a call!), so it's in two parts. However, I do not know how to post a video here, so perhaps someone can help me with that! I really enjoyed doing the research and writing the article/presentation on this topic, but then I'm crazy about anything made with pennies! So once I get the videos posted, I will certainly understand if any of you find this topic/presentation kind of boring and don't make it through the whole thing! ;-) Friday was once again very active and again the day went by very quickly. I haven't had such a busy show as this one in a long time, with so many people in attendance. Everyone I spoke to felt the same way and I didn't hear any grumbling or dealers say they had a bad show! Friday night was the big ANA banquet, with a cocktail reception ahead of time. It's a great opportunity to socialize with a lot of our illuminaries and honor those in our industry who go the extra mile by giving of their time and expertise to help improve numismatics for everyone. If it wasn't for many of these folks, our world of numismatics would be a little less enlightened, a little less interesting, and a little less fun! We went over to the Hilton a little early, and ran into Abe Lincoln! Here are our very fun and diverse table mates at the banquet One of my very favorite people on the planet - Susan Trask, a truly gracious and wonderful lady! Susan and Kenny Snow As usual, the ANA held a silent auction with some great items up for bid. I tried to win a few things but was outbid on each of them (which was a good thing since I didn't have any extra room in my suitcase to take them home!). Here are some of the items up for auction. Some pics around the room Then the ANA special award winners were announced, followed by installation of the new ANA officers. They decided to hold a separate ceremony for the exhibits on Saturday, so the banquet was a bit shorter than usual. I thought it would be simpler and more accurate if I just took pictures of the program which lists all the award winners along with short bios of each recipient. (not my photo) On Saturday, once again, I had another 7:30am meeting - yuck! I am not a big morning person and these early meetings were wearing on me. But this one was my most important one - it was our Women In Numismatics meeting and as president, I plan a few weeks ahead of time what our agenda will be and do a lot of follow up with various folks. We had a long agenda for this meeting since next year we are celebrating "The Year of Women in Numismatics" which coincides with the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote. Throughout the year we will be holding special presentations, raffles, door prizes, give-aways, etc. to help promote numismatics to women. We are also doing a big push to involve more young women in WIN by giving all young women who attend the ANA Summer Seminar free memberships for a year. We already have several guest speakers lined up such as John Kraljevich, Ron Guth, and Roger Burdette to give presentations at the three shows WIN holds meetings - FUN, CSNS, and WFM. I am very excited to be a part of this special year for Women In Numismatics! Our board hard at work! Dreama Hurst tallying up our raffle receipts We had a very fruitful board meeting, followed by our general meeting with Mel Wacks who was our guest speaker. Mel is Director of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame, and spoke about women on their commemorative medals. I then headed back to my table and, even though I fielded a lot of questions about the value of handfuls of old generic wheat pennies people had inherited, I had quite a few sales and suprisingly found Saturday to be surprisingly busy. I even ran into good old Abe again! And these adorable young ones with their parents stopped by to take a look at my Pretty Pennies! When I had a break, I went over to the other side of the room to see which exhibits had won. I took photos of most of the winners and of the ones I enjoyed viewing. Soon it was time to pack up and head home. Even though it was a very busy week, it went by so fast and was very successful and fun! When I finally boarded the plane and sat in my seat, I felt exhausted by very satisfied! Bye-bye crazy Chicago for now.... Hello beautiful Orange County! My hubby is taking care of some things at our place in Lake Havasu so he wasn't home to greet me, but of course my sweet Pretty Penny sure was! Next up: Long Beach in a couple weeks, then Buena Park and PNNA Portland in October!
  6. I always look forward to the ANA's World's Fair of Money show as there are a lot of events and activities in addiiton to the buying and selling of coins. I had several business and club meetings, a presentation, and some cocktail receptions to attend, so I was doing preparation for this show a few weeks before I left. As is typical for the WFM show, I knew it was going to be a very busy week! I was very pleased to see that the popular CBS Sunday Morning show even had the WFM show on their upcoming week's calendar! I left OC on Sunday afternoon, with lots of enthusiasm for the week ahead and, about four hours later we were landing in Chicago. I stayed at the Hyatt which has a beautiful lobby and interior, however, the rooms are a bit dated and the bathrooms are very small. It does have a walkway from the hotel to the convention center, but boy oh boy is it long and sort of like a mouse maze! However, it is covered and air conditioned! The Hyatt happened to be having a Beatles festival that weekend and Sunday night was their last event. Since Rick Snow is a big Beatles fan, he and Kenny met me at the hotel for the tribute concert being held that evening by a band called Liverpool. They were very good and played songs from the Abbey Road album. Monday morning I headed over to the convention center for the PNG preshow where I found quite a few Pretty Pennies for my inventory. This is a pic of most of the coins I bought throughout the show, though several pieces sold before I took the pic. I even found a couple of very unusual and cool pieces, particularly this 1942 plastic pattern cent! And this neat Large Cent blank planchet I also found some very cool errors for my personal collection! (Scratch is on the holder, not the coin) And I brought these new pocket mirrors that I recently bought for Todd to photograph The convention center is pretty lit up at night Monday night was the PNG banquet held at Gibson's. It's always a very nice enjoyable event, especially since it starts out with a hosted cocktail reception. It provides a great opportunity for me to catch up with many of my dealer friends. Me and Liz Coggan Neil Ulrich and Rick Snow Me and Jennifer Ackerman/ANA New ANA President Steve Ellsworth New ANA Governor Lynn Garrett and her husband past ANA President Jeff Garrett Foreign coin dealers Dan and Conner of Daniel Frank Sedwick auctions Me and Neil Others at the reception During the banquet, the PNG honored Paul Nugget with the PNG 2019 Abe Kosoff Founders Award "for his steadfast dedication to the entire numismatic community and significant contributions to the Guild and the numismatic fraternity in general." Q. David Bowers, a former PNG President, received the PNG 2019 Significant Contribution Award The PNG’s ACTF Alan Kreuzer Memorial Award "for combatting numismatic-related fraud and thievery" was presented to Jack Young by Beth Deisher of the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation and PNG Executive Director Robert Brueggeman. Our table included past ANA President Gary Adkins and his wife, as well as past ANA President Jeff Garrett and new ANA President Steve Ellsworth Tuesday morning at 8am was set up for the dealers. I arrived a little after 8 so most of the dealers had already entered the bourse floor and the lobby was sparse. But as I was coming down the escalator you could see the ANA was busy setting up the lobby for the opening ceremony later that day. The bourse floor was huge and sort of L shaped. This was taken from near the furthest back corner of the room during set up. After I set up my booth, I went over to the ANA Money Museum to check out their displays, in particular, I wanted to see what the Louis Werner's Capped Cents display looked like since I lent them some of my pieces for the display. As I mentioned before, I also was giving a talk on the Capped Cents later that week at our Fly-In Club meeting. The ANA Money Museum always has some fantastic displays, and this time didn't disappoint! The 1942 pattern cent is amazing, and I always love seeing the 1943 copper cent display! Once the public was let in, I can tell you that I got slammed - and it was great! I had one of the busiest days at a show that I've ever had, and it lasted most of the afternoon. Here are some of the folks who stopped by to say hi Dennis Forgue brought me several pieces of penny exonumia for my collection! Michael Maretta Rod Gillis, ANA Education Director Finally about 4pm things started to slow down, so I finally opened up the bottle of Rumbauer that I had brought. My neighbor, Greg Krill, who has his own winery, Pellet Estate, surprisingly needed to borrow my wine opener and graciously gave me a cup of his delicious wine as well. As I mentioned, Tuesday was super busy and I was thrilled with the amount of collectors who were actively seeking pieces for their collections. After the show was over, we stopped at the Five Roses Pub for dinner and drinks before we headed over to the Rivers Casino. That's my nice little stack of chips to the right! Between this Texas Hold-Um Bonus game and the 2 cent Buffalo Stampede slots, I ended up $600 ahead for the night! Wednesday morning was the only morning I could sleep in a little as I had 7:30 am meetings the rest of the week. So I took my time, ordered breakfast in my room, then headed over to the show around 9 am. I took that long walkway which, with all its turns back and forth, I estimate to be almost a mile to the convention center - or at least it felt that way! I later learned that if I just went outside and walked to the convention center down the street and around the corner, it was at least half the distance! Inside the door of the bourse was this handy sign directing collectors to the specific areas on the bourse And here I am all ready for another busy day at the show! My table happened to be right across from David Hall's table. So we took a photo together, along with this rare, fantastic, and gorgeous 1886 $20 gold proof coin he just happened to have! My dear friend Ron Guth stopped by! More folks stopped by too - this is Mark/DollarAfterDollar And this is Josh These are a couple beautiful encasements that I was asked to examine because the owner thought the 1911 might be a Matte Proof Lincoln. The 1911 was not only beautifully toned, it was very sharp and looked like it could be a Matte Proof. However, after careful examination and showing it to a couple other copper experts, it didn't have the proper diagnostics and we determined it was just a very well struck business strike. I was still very interested in purchasing both pieces since they were in pristine condition and would fit nicely in my encasement collection. However, the seller wanted quite a bit of money for the pair and even though I would have loved to haved them, the price was just too high for what I thought they were worth, even taking into consideration the premium for their condition and eye appeal. I later found out that the delaer did get his asking price but I suspect the new owner bought them thinking the 1911 was a Matte Proof or I doubt he would have paid that much. You win some, you lose some! I was very pleased that Wednesday was again very busy with lots of traffic and sales. After the show ended on Wednesday, a large group of us (mostly Copper Weenies including Greg Hannigan, Chris McCawley, Rick Snow and Dino Koromvokis!) went to Carlucci's for dinner. They weren't too far away, and the food was fantastic! Me and Ron waiting for the rest of the party This was a wonderful bottle of wine that Ron chose! I had the Biztecca di Manzo con Gamberi which included a filet, baked crabmeat stuffed scampi and pasta - it was fantastic! Charmy Harker - The Penny Lady®
  7. Conder, thanks for pointing out another mistake in one of my show reports.
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