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  1. A star might be given to a coin that is almost proof-like in appearance but not quite all there. I have found this to be true in the Jefferson nickel series.
  2. Beautiful coin, I am envious!!! For what its worth I believe I would keep it in the old holder. Doug
  3. Please check link shown below; Prices are listed in the verbiage. Doug
  4. Take a look at article shown below. Hope it helps. Origins of the 1921 "Zerbe Proof" Morgan Silver Dollars are Uncertain Doug
  5. Great read, thanks for your thoughts. Doug
  6. I have searched all of the references I have on Jefferson Nickels (Jefferson Nickel Analyst, Jefferson Nickel Doubled Die Varieties, and the Official Red Book for Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels) and have only found estimates of the MS quantities. It would be fantastic if accurate information would turn up. Doug
  7. Another nice one Jim....... I have been searching for the last 5 years for an MS67 Full Step of this date/mm and have yet to see one. According to PCGS they have certified 16 examples of this sub type in 67 FS ( NGC - none) but to date I have not been able to find one. Every one I have seen come up at Heritage or Great Collections is the rev. of 40 sub type that is mislabeled or a rev. of 38 that in my opinion is not a true full stepper. Doug
  8. Congrats on the rare grade Jim. Great to see you still involved with the Jeffersons. Doug