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  1. selling some more of my coins NGC graded coins 1999 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 2000 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1998 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1997 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 2010 W EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC
  2. I didn't buy the coin someone else did on eBay.
  3. selling some more of my coins NGC graded coins 1996 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1986 S EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1995 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1993 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC 1994 P EAGLE S$1 PF 69 UC .
  4. I saw this coin on eBay I didn't buy it. I notified the seller but they just told me people buy these errors.
  5. NGC please make sure you don't make errors. Slab date does not match coin date on coin.
  6. GW

    NGC registry

    NGC can you bring back the self populating the sets on the NGC registry. I believe there was a time you could just push a button and it would put the best coin in each slot for you and then you could adjust it if you wanted to change.
  7. GW

    Not genuine?

    I've had a gold coin come back as not genuine. After that I only buy coins that are in NGC holders. At least you got your coin back and hopefully it's made out of gold. Apparently there's a lot of fake gold coins out there on the market.
  8. NGC or NCS One of my coins came back as NOT SUITABLE FOR CERTIFICATION - Coins that are severely damaged or otherwise impaired. The surface condition of these coins makes it impossible for NGC to render a conclusive opinion about authenticity, Details Grade or both. The grading fee is refunded less a $5 handling fee. In the past you've sent me an email saying that you could send it to NCS I didn't receive that email this time. I want to know if I could send this coin to NCS and possibly have them repair it? At first I thought you were saying it wasn't genuine but that's not what you said. Not sure if you have a photograph of it but maybe NCS can fix the coin for grading ? thanks.
  9. 1921s Morgan has a lot of varieties unfortunately NGC doesn't have photographs of every one of them. Reference.
  10. It's too bad they don't have a 3D CAT scan of coinage to determine the grade. Maybe artificial intelligence will be the next step in grading coins. Take the human error out of coin grading.
  11. I watched the video you posted but I watched it at 1.75 x speed, 14 minutes is long. Looking forward to your next video.
  12. NGC doesn't have any varieties for a 1981 d penny. Keep looking.
  13. Thanks. This is how I do my inventory Reports. but I was hoping that the "coin description" that's on the NGC label slab would match the "item description" that's in the NGC registry. Not sure what kind of database NGC uses to cross reference all of the data Fields between the NGC label and the NGC registry descriptions but these two Fields do not match. I'll just keep doing it the way I am doing it and manually change the item description to match the coin description in the spreadsheet. Thanks for your response.
  14. I'm having a hard time even seeing it in the example that NGC provides.