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  1. While the numbers presented may seem disappointing at first blush, let me ask some questions...


    Are these numbers typical for the industry and the type of items?


    How do these numbers compare to a straight retail consignment of comparable material?


    How do these numbers compare to the cost, effort and time of a DIY listing?


    I'm a buyer, not a seller, so I've no real-world idea what it takes to sell a book or Internet domain or pretty much anything else.




    Don't mention it. This thread was clearly posted to get a "rise" out of all of the people here who so adore Ms. Sperber. Thanks for blessing us with your occasional presence EVP, even if to stir a pot.




    I love how you read into a message whatever suits your particular need.


    You mean like you did about the thread????

    Sometimes, I think you live for being a troll. There was NO need, whatsoever, of you having to reply to the thread, other than trolling. None.




    I will join in wishing LS a Happy Birthday! Haven't met her, don't always agree with her, but I do think she has her heart in the right place for the hobby and participants and wish her the best!


    /yawn/ Circle the wagons! lol




    Nice picture, troll. Let me know when you decide to become a fair-minded, decent human being.



  3. to Laura Sperber.


    She is a lighting rod for controversy, to be sure, but I am told today is her birthday and I'd like to take this opportunity to wish her long life and good health.




    I see you've been taking spelling lessons from her. hm


    Thanks for your valuable feedback. :applause:


    Don't mention it. This thread was clearly posted to get a "rise" out of all of the people here who so adore Ms. Sperber. Thanks for blessing us with your occasional presence EVP, even if to stir a pot.




    Wow. Love it when a relative noob tells a long-time member that he's an intruder. FYI - I was around in the early days helping this site increase its membership.


    Anyway, enough about me. This thread should've been an innocuous one, with it fading organically away from lack of interest (if indeed there is a lack of interest), but you had to come along and spout hate.


    How's that Taylor Swift song go?


    Haters always want to hate, hate, hate.

    Shake it off. Shake it off.



  4. From this board's terms of use:


    You explicitly agree, in using this web site or any service provided, that you shall not:


    (a) provide any Content or perform any conduct that may be unlawful, illegal, threatening, harmful, abusive, harassing, stalking, tortuous, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, offensive, objectionable, pornographic, designed to or does interfere or interrupt this web site or any service provided, infected with a virus or other destructive or deleterious programming routine, give rise to civil or criminal liability, or which may violate an applicable local, national or international law;


    IMO, HT has violated the terms of use.

  5. Here we are, on the eve of the 2015 NYINC show, and I haven't bought a real coin since Baltimore (I did buy a low-value sceat in early December because that was a curious piece). I got an email from CNG today telling me about new matches to my want list, and there were many!!! Too many, in fact, that I didn't know what to do. Work has been slow due to the holidays, and I've been in full-blown coin mode since after Christmas, and my wife is out of the country and there's no one around to control me (other than my dog). So what did I end up doing about these coins that interest me? Yes, you guessed it -- I bought a small handful of them. I'll just tell my wife that I bought a very nice Christmas present for myself later when we do video chat. :D


    So, without further ado, here they are:


    ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of Wessex. Eadwig. 955-959. AR Penny (21mm, 1.37 g, 1h). Circumscription Cross/Horizontal-Trefoil (HT 1 ‘York’) type. Eoferwic (York) mint; Hereger, moneyer. +E¯A¯DPIG REX, small cross pattée / (HE)RIG/ ΔER MO in two lines; +++ between, trefoils above and below. CTCE 68; SCBI 34 (BM), 783 = Walker, “A Hoard of Anglo-Saxon Coins from Tetney, Lincolnshire,” NC 1945, 61 var. (pellet on second line of reverse); North 724; SCBC 1122. Near EF, toned.


    I already own a near EF S-1122, but I bought this anyway because these are rare and I think I got this for a good price. (Yes, I know it is stupid of me to think I can out-price CNG on this stuff.) The new coin and my old coin are actually different sub-varieties (different reverse) of S-1122, with differing North catalog numbers.







    Thread for my old Eadwig




    Next coin:


    ANGLO-SAXON, Secondary Sceattas. Circa 720-745. AR Sceat (12mm, 0.82 g). Series H, type 39. Hamwic mint. Stylized pecking bird right / Celtic cross. Abramson 46.10; SCBI 63 (BM), 458-9; North 96; SCBC 801. Good VF, toned.




    Third coin:


    ANGLO-SAXON, Secondary Sceattas. Circa 725-745. AR Sceat (12mm, 0.75 g, 6h). Series QIID, type 65. Uncertain mint in East Anglia (Elig [Ely]?). Bird standing left, with wings spread; small cross pommée to left, pellets around / Quadruped advancing left; pellets around. Abramson 64.110; SCBI 63 (BM), –; North 138; SCBC 809. EF, toned. Rare.




    Final coin:


    ANGLO-SAXON, Kings of All England. Cnut. 1016-1035. AR Penny (18mm, 1.11 g, 6h). Short Cross type (BMC xvi, Hild. H). Lundene (London) mint; Beorhtmær, moneyer. Struck circa 1029-1035/6. + CNV– RECX, daidemed bust left; trefoil-tipped scepter before / + BRIHTMER ON LVN, voided cross, with pellet-in-annulet at center. SCBI 14 (Copenhagen), 2198 (same dies); Hild 2039; BMC 430 var. (rev. legend); North 790; SCBC 1159. Superb EF, lustrous.



  6. David,


    Unless I'm mistaken, the original BB number sequence tried to match the emission sequence. Therefore, it was presumed that for 1803-dated ED's, the emission sequence was: 251, 252, 254, 255, 256 (no known 253).


    So the new emission sequence is "251/252/254/255/257/256" or "251/252/254/255/256/257"?


    If the former, then why wouldn't there be more 257 and fewer 256? If the latter, then why would the new obverse die be paired with reverse of 255 instead of 256?


    Or, the BB number sequence was only an honest attempt at doing the emission sequence, but maybe we need to re-think the emission sequence?



  7. I can't believe I read this entire thread in a single sitting. Ouch! I must've had too much free time...


    I am nearly exclusively dark side now, and post predominantly ATS in the dark side forum (because here is so minimally trafficked that it's not worth my time). I would like to point out that we post raw or slabbed and no one cares as long as it's mostly about the coin.


    Enforcing a slab-to-site rule would be laughable in the dark side world. We like coins. Check out the threads there (ATS dark side); maybe you'll enjoy the topics. We have posts about the earliest of coinage, and Alexander the Great, and hammered coins as well as the more familiar talers and medals.


    One thing you have to admit: we have more variety than in lite side!



  8. Hi David,


    It's been a very long time since you had me thinking about USA Early Dollars, and this is quite an excellent reason to pique my interest!


    I have some questions:


    What do you think is the die state of this new obverse die? EDS or MDS? An EDS would support the assertion that 255 came before 257.


    If 255 truly predates 257, do you think 257 predates 256 (low R.6 to high R.5)?


    What is the reverse orientation relative to the obverse? (All known specimens of 255 has the reverse rotated a bit off.)


    What is the size of the 3 of this new obverse die relative to other known 1803 obverse dies? Does it seem like a new punch?


    There seems to be some artifacts by the 3. What do you think they are? Could they be traces of an under-date? If over-date, does the obverse die match a previously dated die?



  9. Of toned lincolns? i'm going to send them in for grading soon.


    If you're going to send in a coin for grading, it may be very cost effective to try out their imaging service on the same invoice to save on shipping, insurance and turn around time. If you don't like it, then don't use them anymore.


    But, Doug used to do images for B&M/ANR/Stacks catalogs. If you like those images, then there is reason to believe that he'll do ok for you at NGC.



  10. I decided to try NGC's Photo Vision service. They do it out of the holder, so that is an advantage over 3rd party photographers. Here are two coins that Doug Plasencia did for me today that I include here -- in FULL SIZE -- for commentary.


    I have two complaints regarding their product: they sent the images to me as PDF files, with the overall resolution (per Adobe Elements) as 300 dpi; and, the NGC logo is too prominent. As far as the actual coin pictures are concerned, they are nice: faithful in color to the coins in hand, and I can blow them up a lot on my 27" iMac before I notice any grainy resolution. He also contacted me prior to ask me how I want the reverse orientation done: as-is, or aligned 0h with the obverse.


    I haven't yet provided feedback to Doug, but will do so by showing him this thread. Overall, I think he did an excellent job with the imaging with my sample size of two coins.


    (As an aside, for those who don't know: Doug was the photographer for the old B&M/ANR/Stacks folks, and left after the B&M/Stacks merger.)