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  1. Towns in the state of Washington printed -script on wood to serve as currency during the bank failures in the 1930’s. Wooden money for community celebrations started in 1934 in Fenton Michigan
  2. Just a follow up to say Thank You for following up and having the Census correct for this coin
  3. Dena & Staff, Thank you for your very prompt response, I appreciate it very much. PG
  4. A week or so ago I called customer service asking to have what appears to be a typo in the Census corrected. The representative agreed that it was a typo and would send a message to have it corrected. Since no correction has been done I just don’t want the issue to fall off the radar as I am the owner. Cert # 2006779-005 is listed as a 1a variety. The photo of the encapsulated token on the Cert verification page shows it to be a 2a variety. Any assistance in getting the Census updated would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill (PennyGuy)
  5. Welcome Katniss1. One book that I recommend to you is “A Guide Book Of United States Coins”. By Whitman Publishing. Widely available and reasonably priced. It is commonly called the Red Book due to its cover color. The 2019 Edition is the most current. A quick search on-line will find it for sale. It will answer many of your questions regarding US coinage.
  6. As one of those Red Book collectors I am on the hunt for one.
  7. Thanks leeg. Both those pics ended up in Paul Cunningham's Book on Lincoln Medals
  8. This came home with me from the recent MSNS Spring Convention. i exhibited a collection of Civil War store cards from Jackson Michigan
  9. Not in a position to submit the required number of coins, so if you are a regular submitter and receive one of the NGC 30th Anniversary Red Books get in touch. Still tracking down a few of the past special editions of the Red Book. Penny Guy Thanks to those that viewed my want ad. I have purchased a copy of the NGC overprint I needed.