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  1. Ali, Could you also add a slot for the following sets: Silver Type Set, 1858-1968, Circulation Issue Dollars Type Set, 1935-Date, Circulation Issue Canada - Elizabeth II Type Set, 1953-Date, Circulation Issue
  2. Looks like you were busy, thank you for the best show report in numismatics!
  3. Nice eye appeal on this circulating dollar. Not perfect but will be a nice addition to my set. What say you!
  4. Nice near gem silver circulating dollar, as a recent cancer survivor, sure hope this so called "Death Dollar" is just a myth!
  5. Ali, In the Canada, Silver Dollars, 1935-1967, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set, for the year 1954 I request that a Short Water Lines slot be added. Thank you, Bob
  6. Ali, Currently there are two separate Canada Competitive dollar sets - Nickel Dollars, 1968 - 1987, Circulation Issue Set (currently 9 participants collecting this set) and a Loon Dollars, 1987 - Date, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set (currently 14 participants collecting this set). Would NGC consider creating a new set that would combine the two sets into a One Dollar, 1968 - Date, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set? Thank you for your consideration, Bobby
  7. Could you please add a new slot in the Great Britain Silver Five Pounds, Commemorative, Elizabeth II, 1990-Date, Proof set, 2017 Remembrance Day - Colorized. Thank you, Bob
  8. Thank you for the clarification.
  9. Ali - I am not the owner of the coin but would put in an offer to purchase if I could include in my Nickel Dollars, 1968-1987, Circulation Issue set. The certification number is 4952833-002, "1973 $1 CANADA VOYAGEUR NGC SP66 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND SPECIMEN DOLLAR".
  10. Would a canadian coin graded SP (Specimen Strike) be allowed in a circulation issue type set? If not where would a an SP graded coin reside. Thank you, Bob
  11. In honor of your mom and all the ladies who have proudly served our country we will never forget, thank you for your service.
  12. Thank you for providing a quick answer
  13. On April 3, 2019 my 12 item world-value coin submission status was designated Scheduled For Grading. As of today the status is unchanged. My submission # is 2832776. My question - Is 48 days the norm for this submission? Thank you, Bobby