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  1. Ali, Could you also add a slot for the following sets: Silver Type Set, 1858-1968, Circulation Issue Dollars Type Set, 1935-Date, Circulation Issue Canada - Elizabeth II Type Set, 1953-Date, Circulation Issue
  2. Looks like you were busy, thank you for the best show report in numismatics!
  3. Nice eye appeal on this circulating dollar. Not perfect but will be a nice addition to my set. What say you!
  4. Nice near gem silver circulating dollar, as a recent cancer survivor, sure hope this so called "Death Dollar" is just a myth!
  5. Ali, In the Canada, Silver Dollars, 1935-1967, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set, for the year 1954 I request that a Short Water Lines slot be added. Thank you, Bob
  6. Ali, Currently there are two separate Canada Competitive dollar sets - Nickel Dollars, 1968 - 1987, Circulation Issue Set (currently 9 participants collecting this set) and a Loon Dollars, 1987 - Date, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set (currently 14 participants collecting this set). Would NGC consider creating a new set that would combine the two sets into a One Dollar, 1968 - Date, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Set? Thank you for your consideration, Bobby
  7. Could you please add a new slot in the Great Britain Silver Five Pounds, Commemorative, Elizabeth II, 1990-Date, Proof set, 2017 Remembrance Day - Colorized. Thank you, Bob