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  1. I agree with the others, this appears to be an AU coin with AT.
  2. Justin Lee takes fantastic pictures. I know he's a member on CoinTalk, not sure if he is here. He also signs his pictures, as seen above Thanks. The pictures are superb indeed.
  3. Looks 63 to me. Care to mention the seller? Has a familiar "look" to it.
  4. Neither is attractive, regardless of the origin of their toning.
  5. My guesses: 1880-S: VF-XF 1921-S: MS-62-63 1922-D: VF-XF
  6. Nice work Coinman_23885, a dominant grading performance!
  7. I applaud NGC for making this change to NGC-only competitive sets. This will only strengthen the NGC brand and will remove marketplace ambiguity for many collectors.
  8. I'm probably being a bit harsh, but I think the reverse limits it to 65, maybe even 64.
  9. That's an easy 64. Value would go roughly from $100 to $200.
  10. The Peace Dollar, as previously mentioned by Mark, is absolutely environmentally damaged. I think it's at least AU, though. And the 2 Morgans... The pictures/scans are rough, but I personally think that both have a shot at UNC.
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    No longer for sale
  12. Love the WLH Clarkbar! Couple of cheap Peace Dollar pickups:
  13. roger that, the slow image load is a real pain, was not like that with their previous version. Otherwise, agree it is a step up. Best, HT If you use the built-in image hosting, the images do tend to be slow-loading. If you use external hosting (e.g. imgur), images should load as fast as usual.
  14. "Additionally, the Commission found that it was unnecessary to amend the Rules to address specific collectible items (such as ‘‘fantasy coins,’’ as some commenters suggested) because it can address specific items as the need arises."
  15. Huh? I don't see a palm print anywhere. I see a bit of "textile toning" on the neck, through the hair, etc. -- but nothing that looks even remotely like a palm print or any other kind of "print". It's very light and almost inconsequential... Lower left obverse field I still don't see it, but it is certainly not an "...enormous palm print across much of the obverse..." as described by physics-fan3.14. I do see a print below her jaw and in front of her chin, but I agree with brg5658; It is certainly not "enormous" and is certainly not "across much of the obverse".
  16. It's a shame that someone who has contributed so much to this hobby also resorts to such negativity.
  17. Snagged this on eBay as a novelty for the unique toning pattern: Also took a flyer on this for $17, turned out to be cleaned/polished, but the blues are interesting nonetheless, especially for the price.
  18. PCGS did a great job with the new software and subsequent tweaks. A huge upgrade.
  19. According to the pictures that looks like a solid 64 and definitely worth grading.
  20. I did not go after this lot because I had concerns about the color.