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    are you kidding?
  1. nice slq reid1836, thats a nice addition for sure
  2. johnny9434

    An interesting progression....

    i dont see anything wrong with that one either.
  3. love the 1935 washington quarter.
  4. johnny9434

    Only Silver Dollars

    welcome to the forums.
  5. johnny9434

    1917 peace dollar

    its a nice looking coin. jmo and do like it.
  6. johnny9434

    2005 California Quarter errors

    welcome to the forums. got some pics?
  7. johnny9434

    FUN Show Coin Theft

    will keep an open eye for it just in case here.
  8. johnny9434

    Red book vs Blue book

    a few others that i know wonder why that blue book is still around as well. i have no use for it but what ever suits the person. just saying.
  9. johnny9434

    2017 cents with P mint mark

    or a put on by the looks of it.
  10. johnny9434

    What do you do with 298,745 cents?

    saw that on the news yesterday. had to smile and walk away
  11. johnny9434

    2017 cents with P mint mark

    i cant wait to see them. it should be interesting and welcome.
  12. johnny9434

    Old Pennies

    PLEASE don't clean anything!!! Whatever value they might have will be destroyed if you clean those coins. This is especially true of coins that are made of copper or bronze like those old pennies you grandfather had. ageed with
  13. love the looks of that 1900 $5 gold
  14. pass, the color is not right for me. just saying