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  1. Check out my registry sets.. I have a NGC 66 cam 39 merc dime....I hace a 36 half NGC65 star that would cam if the sun was a bit more frosted
  2. AWESOME SHOW.. saw many neat things including a 1901 s barber quarter in MS 67.. was able to get a ORLEANS 20 been wanting a long time to get!!! DAMN 'IM BROKE coin budget shot to hell for a while but got a nice one from across the street.. a good day and fun
  3. I just recently looked at some gold coins (5 dollar libs)which supposedlyare DIFFICULT to get the CAC green bean on and I tell you I WONDER HOW THEY GOT THE BEAN?? I can't post the pic at this time maybe at a later date.. MAKES BE MORE SKEPTICAL of CAC..
  4. UPDATED UPDATED.. it seems the account jaedst1964 was HACKED and used according to EBAY.........more details to follow... UPDATE EBAY AND PAYPAL REFUNDED MY PURCHASE 9/1.... alls well that ends well
  5. I want a type one DE.. but Its gotta be a "O".. guess the 52 or 53 will be the best candidates.. if I had unlimited funds the 54,56 or 61 would be the ones
  6. jaedst1964... beware seller shows in Canada but is really in CHINA.. ebay auction 182688583026.. LOOK AT THE deceptive PICTURES on the listing and then look at what was sent..COUNTERFEIT weight off bad reeding on edge and it goes clunk.. Not alot of money I am out but just a public service to the board
  7. Ive seen good and bad with ICG.. know Randy Cambell for more than 30 years. Good Guy knowlegeable.. Many collectors are snobbish with them being PCGS or NGC only.. AGAIN BUY THE COIN the holder is a tool
  8. Just read across the street effective Aug 27 GC is charging a extra 2.5% for CC and Paypal.. UGH.. all these auction houses seem to want to get in our wallets.. I get it they gotta make a living but dont ya think they are killing the collector .. JMHO
  9. 35 seems fair ANACS ws a bit optimistic on that one.. a Bit dark might have resulted in the 30 from our host
  10. According to VAM.. 1 89cc 1 92cc 1 93 cc.. I like the 1864 seated dollar in the GSA blue soft pack also 78cc's are cool too!!
  11. your eyes are playing tricks on you.. if you got it in change you did good.. nice finding old wheats in change.. hope you didnt pay $$$$$ for it
  12. This past friday I passed on a couple of items @ heritage. I havent bought from them in years cause of the juice. Almost felt bad for the consigner as they probably got hurt. Gotta wait till either FUN or ANA in Irving in the spring
  13. I have pleny of NGC PCGS ANACS even some ICG.. I get that there are some overgraded and undergraded in all slabs but is CAC really worth it?? if you can grade and know what the coin is to me it is a waste of $$ for that little sticker.. and to pay more seems a waste.. who made JA god anyway?? Ive seen some CAC that were "how did that coin get that" JMHO
  14. I think(heritage,stacks bowers etc) are bound to off themselves with the increase in the "JUICE" they charge.. I refuse to pay that on princple.. Don't they realize it will reduce bids?.. Great collections and ebay seem more and more realistic. Even though one must tread carefully in the bay. JMHO.