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  1. It's worth something, but without knowing the condition, it's impossible to give even a rough guesstimate of what it's worth. Post some images and someone here may be able to give you a rough idea of it's worth.
  2. Look inside the circle that says Delaware. It says copy.
  3. Based on the date of the OP's coin compared to a real proof two cent piece, I believe it's a fake.
  4. Insider asked " is the "traffic" on this forum picking up or normal?" I would say the forum has been more active than it was several months ago.
  5. Top 50 Most Commonly Counterfeited U.S. Coins According to Submissions to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) All three of these coins made the list. #3. 1914 Indian quarter eagle. #6. 1911 Indian quarter eagle. #16. Indian half eagle I'm not saying these are counterfeit. However, the 1914 does appear to have the counterfeit identifier of a small round depression above the #4 in the date. Duncan, you might want to have all three coins checked by an expert or perhaps someone here can tell from your images if they're real or fake.
  6. When Bum Phillips, the head coach of the Houston Oilers, was questioned about his star running back Earl Campbell not being able to finish the mile run in practice, he replied (paraphrased) "I guess if it's 1st down and a mile, I won't run him"
  7. Wooden Jefferson cpm9ball HiHoAudio Boiler78 Mohawk LogPotato RexCat
  8. NGC ranks this as the 43rd most counterfeited US coins. I've copied and pasted what they wrote about this coin. Hopefully your coin is the real deal. Good luck. 43. 1889-CC Morgan Dollar The 1889-CC Morgan dollar is the second silver dollar to make this list. Only 350,000 examples were struck at the Carson City Mint, and many ended up in melting pots later. Due to its value, this coin is an attractive target for counterfeiters. The most common type of fake is simply an added mintmark. The 1889 Philadelphia issue is quite common, which makes it a prime target to add on the mintm
  9. This thread is almost 7 years old so I don't think we'll ever see the grading results.
  10. I looked up your 3 NGC graded coins and they were all on the certification verification look-up on the NGC website. The images are there. Your images of your 10 dollar Liberty and the ancient coin both show rim hits that also show on the NGC images.
  11. In my opinion, it's just a badly damaged quarter. Since you took the time to image the coin and then post it here, you're probably thinking it might be valuable. However, you didn't ask a specific question so we're left to guess what your thinking. There are members here that are very willing to help, but they need enough information to give you an opinion.