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  1. Trying to add pictures. Site is fighting me. Will keep trying.
  2. At a recent coin show, not long ago, I purchased 6 ancient Greek coins, 1 fairly old Japanese and 1 Spanish treasure coin. I don't usually dive into a stack of unknowns unless I know a little bit about what I am doing as my stash got out of control, lapping up coins like a hungry cat on a dish of cream. So, with not the irrational exuberance I used to be under, I have been shedding more common coins and looking to be the only one holding a certain item. So, after asking a coupla dealers what they were worth, I went ahead and bought a bag of unknowns. Right off the bat I sold one for about
  3. Ancient Greek and Greek Islands. With all the new electronic aids, more and more coins are being discovered. With our great expense in finding, having graded and so on with these extremely ancient coins from our history, its a shame for them on to be recognized or given points. A coin's a coin, but one from the 5th century BC (or any coin for that matter.) That we invest in and collect, should be able to be recognized by both the registry and included in the points, pricing, and population. With the computers and knowledge NGC has, why not be on the cutting edge of history. And there is no
  4. Best of luck in your retirement. It took me a long time to get used to it. I would say between 7 to 9 seconds. I did many things during my pre-retirement time, and one thing I did was start collecting early. It's fun, and likely there are coin clubs very near you. I have 3 closeby and that makes it fun. I noticed you don't have a 1907 St. G, High relief, wire rim. It's the belle of my ball. Good luck and have fun Capt Brian