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  1. If you can, it would be great to see images you take after you have the nickel in hand.
  2. Like James, I own a number of nickels with similar toning, and they have been in Whitman folders for decades. It's a very good possibility they are indeed NT as the seller claims. However I also agree with other responses that its likely the images have been tweaked. Remember though, tweaking is often done more to compensate for the lack of skills on the photo taker's part than to 'puff' the piece being sold, but I realize this can make the coin appear better than it would look in hand. So long as the seller has a return policy, and you like the coin enough to purchase it, than it's up to you.
  3. Here are five new Ebay listings that end on Saturday, the 11th, and six below it that end on Sunday, the 12th Ending Saturday: 1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS65 1958 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 1942-P Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 1953-D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 1942-D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 5FS Ending Sunday: 1940-D Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 1942 Jefferson Nickel NGC PR66 Type 1 1951 Jefferson Nickel NGC MS66 1943 Washington Quarter PCGS MS66 1951-S Franklin Half Dollar NGC MS63 1957-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS64 FBL Take a look: Ebay Listings
  4. Moved to Ebay - links in original post. Auctions ending Saturday (Jan 21) evening.
  5. Happy New Year! Since it's a new year it's time to clear out a few things. I'm trying these here first to see if there is any interest before I post them elsewhere. It's difficult for me to price these because they are pretty much at the top of the ladder for toned proof Jeffersons. These were part of an entire raw collection of nickels I bought from a respected dealer who acquired them as a piece of a larger deal and just wanted to move them along because they aren't what he typically deals with. There were several other earlier nickels toned just as nice as these that I've opted to hang onto because the colors are so amazing and it will be a long time before I see anything like these again. It's a head-scratcher that neither of these were given the star designation, but the images will show whether or not they should have been worthy. The two nickels I'm posting were submitted by me to our hosts and have sequential serial numbers. There are two sets of photos for each: one set taken outside with ambient light to bring out the colors and one set taken inside to show lustre...I'm no good at getting both in one shot. Ebay: 1958 Proof target toned nickel Ebay: 1960 Proof target toned nickel 1958 Proof 68 Jefferson Nickel - $105 1960 Proof 67 Jefferson Nickel - $65
  6. I purchase mostly slabbed coins unless it's a US mint or proof set, late 19th/early 20th century foreign, or a raw coin I can see in person. I'm also enjoying filling coin albums to stay active with my collection as I wait for the 'right' coin to add to my slabbed collection...it helps me to keep the collection juices flowing.