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  1. Four new auctions ending late Friday Night. If you're the high bidder on any of my auctions let me know you saw it listed on the NGC board and shipping is free! 1942 Proof Cent - NGC PF66RB - beautiful toning on both sides Proof Lincoln Cent 1869 Shield Nickel - NGC MS61 - nice overall color on both sides consistent with age Shield Nickel 1905 Liberty Nickel - NGC MS63 - dle clash visible on the reverse Liberty Nickel 1939-S Washington Quarter NGC MS62 - very clean and well-struck example Washington Quarter
  2. If you're the high bidder on any of my auctions, let me know via PM on this site, and shipping is on me! 1942 Nickel NGC PF65 toned - old no-line fatty slab 1961 Washington Quarter NGC PF67 - missing CAM! 1951 Jefferson Nickel NGC PF67 - lovely toning! 1915 Buffalo Nickel - NGC MS63 1911 Liberty Nickel NGC MS62 1899 Liberty Nickel NGC MS63
  3. Ending on Saturday, 8/17 - new Ebay listings Nice examples at great starting prices 1930 Lincoln Cent - NGC MS65 RD - old no-line fatty slab 1935 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS65 Red 1938-S Lincoln Cent NGC MS67 RD 1939 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS66 Red 1939-S Lincoln Cent MS67 RD 1883 Liberty Nickel No Cents NGC MS63 1913 Buffalo Nickel Type 1 NGC MS62 Take a look!