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  1. Some who may know me know my thing is the Newfoundland series. I have over 300 graded examples from NGC and some from PCGS. For the most part NGC gets it right most of the time. A little too tough on the details grades IMHO, but the grades are very close. This is the first time I think they really missed on the grade. Normally I would not send in a coin below an F-12 or in the FINE range but this particular coin has been eluding me for many years (The narrow 0 variety) and I wanted to fill the slot in my registry. In my opinion the coin grades in the MID VG range. VG-8 would be fair maybe VG-10 on a good day but certainly no more and here is why I say that. The rims are not flat, the denticles are visible, the devices are very legible and readable on both the obverse and the reverse. The obverse high points are the hair especially the bun are clear and not flattened to a silhouette. On this coin the hair details are still visible and the bun is clearly defined and the ribbons are even somewhat sharp. The reverse high points are the crown which is clearly defined and not worn flat, all the devices are clear and readable. The coin is in no way worn flat and is not just a silhouette of a strike. That is how I come up with a mid range VG. NGC graded this coin a G-6, and I would like some opinions before I take the time to send it back for a re-evaluation. Do you think they got it right?
  2. Hi All, I found this token in with a bag of various foreign coins my Dad had collected over the years from his time over seas (while in the military). The strange part was in WWII he was in the Navy and he does not recall where he obtained the token, and has no details on its origin. I've looked on-line and through some token catalogs at the local coin store and can find nothing like this token. Has anyone seen one before and can anyone provide any details or at least where I could look to find out something about it. Thanks.... Have a great day Jim