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  1. Cleaned or not, the detail is superb & obvious!
  2. Question for any who might be willing to answer. If you had $100 to spend on Morgans, would you buy a lot of 5 Morgans or 1 lower grade CC Morgan?
  3. I've began collecting coins in 1982 when I was 10 years old, but then got into comic books at age 12. By 17 I stopped collecting coins altogether & went fully into comic books (and then later original comic art). In 2011 I got back into coins here & there, but my experience is pretty limited. I still have about 10 coins I bought as a kid, but had sold the rest to help buy my 1st car. I had a pretty impressive little Indian Head Penny/Flying Eagle collection when I was 14-15, only have 1 of them left, a BU 1892.
  4. I just noticed two of them had a sticker on them with a hand-written date of 1981. That must have been when my dad bought the later batch.
  5. I've noticed a few differences on some of them already. One question I have. I noticed the rim of two coins of the same year had 2 very distinct thicknesses. Is that common? Even to my untrained eye I could spot how 1 coin was at least 20% thicker than the other.
  6. So the second half of the collection was a bit of a disappointment. Here's what was there. Morgan Dollars- 1886-O 1 coin 1921 P, D & S 244 coins Peace Dollars- 1922 P & S 213 coins 1923 P & S 127 coins 1924 20 coins 1925 11 coins 1926 4 coins 1926-D 8 coins 1926-S 12 coins 1928-S 2 coins 1934 1 coin 1934-D 2 coins 1934-S 1 coin 1935 3 coins 1935-S 8 coins Overall, a pretty fun experience going through them!
  7. I went through the coins my dad had as a kid. I'll tackle the larger portion later. Here's the list of what I uncovered along with the number of coins per date. Kind of interesting to see a truly random collection of what he got way back in the 1950's-1960's. Absolutely no CC's! 1878 9 1879 14 1879-O 1 1779-S 4 1880 5 1880-O large 2 1880-o small 2 1880-S 3 1881 6 1881-O 3 1881-S 1 1882 3 1882-O 3 1882-S 1 1883 14 1883-O 7 1883-S 3 1884 13 1884-O 5 1884-S 3 1885 10 1885-O 3 1886 3 1886-O 11 1887 2 1887-O 5 1887/6-O 1 1888 3 1888-O 5 1889 7 1889-O 13 1890 10 1890-O 10 1890-S 1 1891 5 1891-O 4 1892-O 4 1896 1 1896-O 10 1897 1 1897-O 2 1897-S 1 1899-O 1 1899-o Micro 4 1900 5 1900-O 15 1901-O 7 1902-O 1 1904 6 1921 1 1921-S 1 600+ more to go!
  8. That's the plan. Spend a few days sorting & picking out the best examples of each date.
  9. Not so much. I just got home with them. Probably take a while just to sort them!
  10. My core collection is Gold American coins.
  11. So I finally got the coins. The 1st portion of the collection my dad got from 1957-1965 when he was a kid. Apparently back then you could still get Morgan Dollars from the bank for a dollar. Then in 1965 he told his mom he wanted to turn them back in to the bank because he wanted to use the money to start dating. My grandmother said she would buy them from my dad and did. She kept them for a long time before telling my dad she still had them! These are all Morgans that date from 1878-1904. The second, larger portion of the collection my dad got in the 1970's- early 1980's. These are mostly later Morgans & maybe about 25% Peace Dollars. They have been in these bank bags since the 80's. We bought a few tubes to put them in for travel.