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  1. When Did NGC Begin To

    When did NGC begin applying the FT and the * (Star) designations to coins? Also, do we know what the beginning Cert. # may have been? I have an old holder coin which I believe would have been graded both and am wondering if it was graded prior to the designations. Thanks...
  2. NGC Plastic Coin Boxes

    So, been looking all over the NGC site and can't locate how to acquire the NGC Coin Boxes. Is there some secret hiding place for these? They're really well hidden.
  3. 1955-S PCGS 10c MS66+...$155 shipped to a good home. The coin was originally graded PCGS MS67 (Cert. # 26625129) but I cracked trying for the +/Plus (which I still believe the coin is) but it came back at the 66+ grade (Cert #81799316). No doubt, this would Star with NGC. I'd submit myself but have to much money in the coin to pay off...your gain! Here's his brother (below) that was first graded as MS67 (Cert. #28161487) but did up grade to PCGS MS67+ (Cert. #81799317) This one is not for sell. Just an example of grading happenings.
  4. Have a few extra PCGS graded dups hanging around for those interested. No questions asked return if not satisfied with the coin, as long as it's returned within five days of pay return postage. PayPal accepted, but add 3% for the fees. Although some of these are not my best images they do reflect the coin well. Actually, the coins are much better in-hand. Of course, offers are always considered. 1946 MS66+ $50 1947-S MS67+ $395 (Very clean fields and super rainbow color) I believe, my opinion, this coin would cross at grade with NGC and receive the Star Designation. 1949-D ICG MS68 $65 (Coin is not an MS68 - Good MS67 and nothing more. Two small hits on upper cheek) 1951-S MS67 $295 (fantastic coin, super clean and great potential for the + or better) Another coin I think will cross at grade with great potential to + and Star. 1953-S MS67 $135 1954-S MS66 $55 SOLD (color is way better in-hand, possible MS67?) 1957-D MS67 $75 (booming obverse luster) 1960 MS67 $165 (nice color for a 1960 and might just +)
  5. Everything is FOR SALE!!

    Sent a PM on Wednesday and have not had a reply. What's up with that?
  6. Post a blue coin

  7. WTB - Rainbow toned jefferson nickels

    I've got an entire raw album of these from 1938-1964 with some real monsters. It's yours at $70 per coin. Will sell at $4,200 for the album. Interested?
  8. Yes, I know. Had a fixed price for quite awhile, but removed it when I changed to accepting offers. No biggy, all fixed. Thanks
  9. What happened to my avatar, post counts, and PMs??

    Ok, so I looked and do not see the post...ya got a link? Thanks...The Lab
  10. What happened to my avatar, post counts, and PMs??

    Funny you have to request this. Why would NGC not automatically do so and create a seamless transition? If you're reading NGC please merge my stuff.
  11. PM Help

    That worked!!! Thanks...
  12. PM Help

    Same email, etc. used for years, I changed nothing.
  13. PM Help

    Did that, and I still get no history...this new system is a mess.
  14. PM Help

    Can anyone tell me how to locate my PM history? I need to find a former PM sent...