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  1. Sorry, I always remove the price paid in respect to the buyer. Frequently, less than listed.
  2. I'm in the process of selling most of the coins in my Seven Stars Set. This was the first set of complete MS67* (or better, i.e. 67*+ and/or 67*FT, etc.) ALL STAR SET ever assembled in the NGC Registry for Roosevelt Dimes. The first dates I'm selling are below. I'm providing a Link to the Set so as not to load all of the images to this post. All are shipped with insurance and 5 day returned if not pleased, you pay return insured shipping. Thanks for looking, and feel free to PM an interest to any coin or Make an Offer, all will be considered. Lablovers SEVEN STAR ROOSIE SET NOTE: All comments are My Opinion based upon experience, and no basis for guarantee. 1946 MS67* $115 1946-D MS67* $115 Somewhat darker then imaged 1948 MS67* SOLD 1948-D MS67*FT ON HOLD 1950 MS67* SOLD 1950-D MS67*FT $395 1950-S 67* $125 1951 MS67* SOLD 1952 MS67* $145 1952-S MS67* $195 1953-S MS67* $245 Should be a Plus 1956-D MS67* SOLD 1957-D MS67* $165 Possible Plus Coin 1958 MS67* $125 1958-D MS67*FT $145 1959 MS67* SOLD 1961 MS67* $135 1963 MS67* $125 1964 MS67* $150 1964-D MS67* SOLD
  3. NGC COINS... 1946-D NGC MS67* SOLD 1956 NGC MS66* $115 OBO Super Color Reverse!!! 1967 NGC MS68 Blast White $85 1956 NGC MS67* White (Old Holder) $115 1957 NGC MS67+* SOLD 1964-D NGC MS67* Monster Color!!! $250 OBO PCGS COINS... 1947-S PCGS MS67+ w/QA Sticker $350 OBO 1947 MS67 $90.00 1950 MS66 $125.00 (under-graded by a point IMHO) 1953-D MS65FB $85.00 Reverse Monster - Better Than The Image! 1955-S MS66+ $80.00 (coin was previously graded MS67 - see cert#26625129 - dang crack out, sometimes you lose) 1955-S MS67 $99.00 (this is a Plus Coin all day long)
  4. Offers considered. 1957 PCGS PR67CAM...$**185** (reduced) Prefer PayPal F&F, Price includes Insured Shipping. Seven Day Return, No Questions, But You Pay The Return Shipping.
  5. Now that is one sweet Roosie. When you're tired of it let me know!!!!!!!!!
  6. Jason, Had to get me one of those Blue 1947-S Roosies too. MS67 in a old NGC holder.
  7. Jason, Great 1938 Buff, Love It!!!! Oh, the Washington's ain't to bad either.