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  1. 1997 W $10 Gold 1/4 ounce NGC PF69 UC $385 shipped. Check or Paypal + 3%.
  2. The time has come for me to refocus my collection a bit. I am selling all coins from my Large Cent registry except for 4 coins (all three 1793's and the 1796). Everything else is available. Most coins are CAC, and some of the later dates may not be available. Please PM me if you're interested in anything or would like more details. A few prices since I have had some inquiries. Note that I am not looking to wholesale these coins. Eventually those not sold will go to auction. 1798 PCGS VF 30 CAC: $1650 1801 PCGS F15 CAC: $650 1802 PCGS VF20 CAC: $550 1804 PCGS VG8 CAC: $4900 1812 Small date PCGS OGH AU50 CAC: $4000 1795: sold 1820: sold Thanks! Ankur
  3. A sparkling example from the Randall Hoard. Gorgeous reds and browns shine with full mint luster. Truly gem and beautiful! PGS MS65RB CAC Approved! $2800 shipped within the US. Payment by check or Paypal + 3%
  4. Contact Paypal and Ebay IMMEDIATELY. Take images of what you received in the package.
  5. Lot of 10 Silver Dollars in XF/AU. $240 shipped. Payment by check or fee free paypal.
  6. Two Large Cents for sale here. Both were hand picked after looking at many examples for my set. Neither has a trace of porosity. But the time has come to break up the set and allow someone else to enjoy these. Feel free to PM with any questions. Shipping with the US is included. Payment by check, or paypal + 3% (or gift). Many board references available. 1803 Large Cent PCGS VF25 Small Date, Large Fraction Smooth chocolate brown surfaces with a few minor contact marks. Very nice for the grade. $599 1805 Large Cent PCGS VF35 Smooth chocolate brown surfaces. Only minor issue is a rim ding at 4:00. $999 Thanks, Ankur
  7. Thanks for looking!
  8. Freshly graded. Pics are before the coin was sent for grading. Gorgeous with original color and eye appeal! $1995 shipped within the US. Payment by check or PayPal + 3%. ON HOLD 2007 Buffalo $50 NGC MS70 Early Release Pics on request. $1395 shipped. Payment by check or PayPal +3%. Price is good with gold under $1300.
  9. 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar PCGS VG10 CAC Approved. 2 Leaves Variety which is deemed to be Three Times more rare than the 3 Leaves Variety. There are dozens of Flowing Hair Dollars you will find on the market. Sadly many of them have been tampered with in one way or another. This example is not one of them. While this example saw a good amount of circulation, it has retailed extremely original surfaces with only faint hairlines from being circulated. The rims are full as is Liberty, Liberty's portrait, date, the stars. United States of America is full on the reverse as is the eagle's outline and wreath. The coin has a full "circ-cam" look with hardly any surface marks. The only defect that exists are a few small rim dings. Even the most picky collector would love the look and eye appeal of this coin. Priced at $4600 which includes shipping within the US. Payment by check, money order or paypal + 3%.
  10. 1913 D $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Raw MS63 $1500 shipped within the US. Payment by PayPal + 3% or check/mo.
  11. For a few years I have been working on a bust half date set. The qualifications for my set were AU grade with nice toning and CAC approved. 90% of my set met these qualifications. One of the more elusive coins to get in my parameters was the 1815/2. The example I had was VF30 CAC with crusty original surfaces. I loved the coin, but always wanted to upgrade it. A HUGE thanks to JA who helped me secure this example with gorgeous toning and mint luster intact. The timing worked out, and with the market a little slow, the price was great. This one grades PCGS AU53 CAC. Sorry for the pictures, my photo setup is in storage. So Iphone pics will have to do for now Thanks for looking! Ankur
  12. Thanks for the report. The cold weather, being on an off week and that it was Valentine's day probably made attendance a bit low. Next month will be the first Sunday again and if metals keep up, should be a well attended show.