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  1. For sale or trade an entry level Libertas Americana medal! Guaranteed authentic. Past auction description below: Bronze, 47.7mm, By Augustin Dupré. Betts 615. Liberty bust l. with flowing hair and cap on pole, LIBERTAS AMERICANA, 4 JUILLET 1776. No rim cud at 7:00, probably filed away. Rev. France-Minerva defends infant Hercules (strangling snakes in his shield-cradle) from cowardly British leopard, NON SINE DIIS ANIMOSUS INFANS, Not without Divine Aid is the Child Courageous, dates of Saratoga and Yorktown in exergue. Plain edge shows no segment line. Medium brown surfaces show discoloration at borders, unusual silvery areas with scattered marks, perhaps once silver-plated. AU details $8000 shipped within the US. Payment by check or PayPal without fees. Trades for gold considered.
  2. Some silver bars including some purdy ones and a rare englehard. Prices include shipping within the US. Payment by zelle, PayPal without fees, check/mo. Prices valid with silver under $28/oz. Early 10 oz Englehard $600 SS Gairsoppa 10oz $315 Silvertowne 1oz x 10 $315 Year of the snake 10oz $315 ea Morgan 10 ounce bars $315 ea 10oz poured AGS loaf Sold 5oz MTB/Englehard Statue of Liberty $175 ea with box and cert OPM 10oz bars $300 ea Four 1lb Rounds $1550 for the set
  3. 1997 W $10 Gold 1/4 ounce NGC PF69 UC $385 shipped. Check or Paypal + 3%.
  4. The time has come for me to refocus my collection a bit. I am selling all coins from my Large Cent registry except for 4 coins (all three 1793's and the 1796). Everything else is available. Most coins are CAC, and some of the later dates may not be available. Please PM me if you're interested in anything or would like more details. A few prices since I have had some inquiries. Note that I am not looking to wholesale these coins. Eventually those not sold will go to auction. 1798 PCGS VF 30 CAC: $1650 1801 PCGS F15 CAC: $650 1802 PCGS VF20 CAC: $550 1804 PCGS VG8 CAC: $4900 1812 Small date PCGS OGH AU50 CAC: $4000 1795: sold 1820: sold Thanks! Ankur
  5. A sparkling example from the Randall Hoard. Gorgeous reds and browns shine with full mint luster. Truly gem and beautiful! PGS MS65RB CAC Approved! $2800 shipped within the US. Payment by check or Paypal + 3%