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  1. When I first started collecting the $20 Canadian silver coins, I was told NGC would not grade the "snowflake" issues. They contain crystals that may come loose and therefore are not gradable. My how times have changed. Now the "catch phrase seems to be "colored outside the mint" I am out good deal of time and money for this excuse to grade a coin that is submitted with a COA, and charged for no grading, or encapsulation. Limited numbers are being plated or colorized, and many more to come. Our US coins aren't even struck in the mint they claim to be struck in. If NGC is afraid the enamel will fall off, why are we signing a release when submitted? I just had 2 more become "ungradable" and have more (8), of the same to be graded. There needs to be a list of coins that NGC will not grade. Now I have 2 collections that are missing completion. At close to $100.00 per coin and $30 each to not grade them, it is ludicrous. There will be many more (collectors) trying to make sets with high grades, but now we have been halted by "policy." There needs to be a current list, or a change in the grading procedure. SmartMint is coming fast and then we will see. No one even knows where, or what entity even strike them anymore. Why should NGC care about the colorization on so few specimens? if they are not colorized at "the" mint. Where are they done? Why do B.H. Mayer and CIT exchange coins? I also have a few other colorized coins that came from "the" mint. Collectors need a list before we engage in the purchase of coins that are "worthless."
  2. It has also happened to me. I sent an email and it was corrected.
  3. namvette68


    San Francisco Silver Eagles are minted outside the San Francisco mint.....they grade them. Go figure.
  4. namvette68


    Deaf ears....even with a COA, they won't do it.
  5. They removed my colored Parrot$400. Charge me $19.80 each, for the 5 coins they sent back, and those cost over $400 raw. Almost a $1,000 loss. I want to hear the excuse on this one.
  6. I truly like the shipping box that NGC used to return my larger coin. Are these available for sale?
  7. namvette68


    I have sent a few colored silver Ghana coins to be graded, with the COA, yet they cannot be graded according to NGC policy. See what you think? The reply: Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we are not able to grade coins that have been colored or altered in any way after being produced from the mint per our grading policy. The alterations may have an effect on the metal and therefore we cannot guarantee the grade and condition of the coin. Thank you I rest my case.
  8. namvette68

    Coin Grading

    When you submit coins for grading, it asks MS or PF. There is no PL, RP, SP SRP space.. If we are to go by the old standards, a PL coin is an MS base. An SP coin seems to be both, MS and PF. Now we have reverse proof(RP), and Special reverse Proof (SRP?) Colorized, antiqued, plated, and a host of types that are emerging in almost every Country, and will be here soon. I started a set to find out that only 1 coin, out of the 10-15 that I sent to be graded, will have a slot in any collection. I see the Palladium coin has an MS PL variety.....hmmmm? My Canadian Anniversary proofs will be a nightmare. They already are too late for ER pedigree. So much for Express mail and special handling. I hope to see a few sets either combined, or actual revised to reflect the actual coins in the set. So far, I am thoroughly confused.
  9. I have a few colorized, graded coins, in my Ghana collection, and now, NGC refuses to grade those I send in. I sent a few more to make sets, and now it is impossible. "Colorized outside the mint" is the excuse. A silver Eagle with an S mint mark is the same. West Point simply changes the die. The (W) on the Eagle is also another ploy to sell coins. They all come from the same place.....P mint marks also. Who cares how, or where the coin is is still a coin, and should be collectible within set parameters. Now I have hundreds of dollars invested in coins that are only worth melt? SmartMint will destroy the hobby as we have known it in the past. I just sent one in that has 10 different rare metals. It will be the first graded.....or not. Checking my sets will tell. Happy collecting!
  10. I had a complete set of NewZealand Pennies in PCGS, and they eliminated the #1, in the world, set.
  11. namvette68


    At the deadline for entering coins for the awards, I had the #1 Proof Presidential set in the Registry. No mention of it in the downloads section. I also had the #2 set at the end, for this year, yet that was only close. Someone got an undeserved award, and I still am near the top. Collecting this set was a passion. There was only one top set. I tried.
  12. namvette68


    The 2013 W SP is a variety coin of the American Silver Eagle. It has no place in an MS set, especially adding it 4 years after being minted. There is a category for the American Silver Eagle varieties. One day I have a 100% complete set, and next day I don't. All those bogus eagles that we had to have ( and paid premium prices for), are not included in the mint state collection, but as varieties. The P and S Eagles belong there too. Ever notice there are no NGC 2017 FDOI S Silver Eagles? Another bogus coin that we have to have? Next year maybe we will get a CC mint mark?
  13. namvette68

    No "S" Silver Eagles!

    There are no bullion coins minted in San Francisco......period. They mint them at West Point and fly them to California. Please remove it. It is as phony as the "minted at" coins we "had" to have and paid a premium for. NGC pulled the last round of Eagles because it cannot substantiated, by fact, where the coins are minted. West Point does bullion.