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    At the deadline for entering coins for the awards, I had the #1 Proof Presidential set in the Registry. No mention of it in the downloads section. I also had the #2 set at the end, for this year, yet that was only close. Someone got an undeserved award, and I still am near the top. Collecting this set was a passion. There was only one top set. I tried.

    The 2013 W SP is a variety coin of the American Silver Eagle. It has no place in an MS set, especially adding it 4 years after being minted. There is a category for the American Silver Eagle varieties. One day I have a 100% complete set, and next day I don't. All those bogus eagles that we had to have ( and paid premium prices for), are not included in the mint state collection, but as varieties. The P and S Eagles belong there too. Ever notice there are no NGC 2017 FDOI S Silver Eagles? Another bogus coin that we have to have? Next year maybe we will get a CC mint mark?
  3. No "S" Silver Eagles!

    There are no bullion coins minted in San Francisco......period. They mint them at West Point and fly them to California. Please remove it. It is as phony as the "minted at" coins we "had" to have and paid a premium for. NGC pulled the last round of Eagles because it cannot substantiated, by fact, where the coins are minted. West Point does bullion.
  4. 2016(S) & 2017(S) American Silver Eagles

  5. US Mint blew the 2017 Congratulatios set Release

    All bullion coins are minted at West Point , NY Another atttempt by the Mint to rake in a huge profit. Sorry to disillusion the multitudes.
  6. 2012 Proof Sets

    I started sets in the multiholder slabs, but NGC decided to end the run in 2012. 2012 was also not good for the Presidential sets in any form. I now have to dissolve my multi holder sets as NGC resumed the line in 2013, but a different size. Collecting has become an overly expensive hobby, and is no longer for youngsters. Pocket change is one thing. A decent, graded set, another. I just sold my last loose set of 2012 proof Presidents. I am sorry the prices are so high, but sometimes you can find a bargain. The NGC price guide is not up to speed on many coins that are hard to find, or have been poor quality to get a good grade. I will have many for sale.
  7. If there is onsite grading for FDOI slabs, I would assume anyone can buy them, and in any amount. It's a shame that dealers control the hobby, and the Registry sets.
  8. I guess I missed out too. I bought all the other "had to have" coins that had a slot in the collection, but now they were just a waste of time and money. I still have a decent Eagle collection that is up to date.
  9. I have a NGC graded coin that has a mint population of 10. I consider it to be rare, and it is the highest graded in the World. If only I could find a buyer. My searching paid off in a way, but I will pass on, and no one will even know it's worth.
  10. ALL silver Eagles are minted at West Point, NY. The gimmick to get you to buy another is to change the label and claim it was minted there. In fact, it was, but it doesn't have the "W" mint mark. I was told there is a "variant" set for such fraud. My "Struck at San Francisco" and "Millennium" coins were deleted from my set also. I think the 5 they deleted cost over $1,000 total. What a scam they have going. I got fooled this year too.....don't feel alone.
  11. I stopped buying from the mint. Too many junk coins and some proof sets had fingerprints. I buy graded coins, and let the dealers go through all the nonsense. It costs way too much to try and get a good collection by sending in your own coins.
  12. I figured you might like them....
  13. I had some #1 World coin sets, but the monetary power made NGC delete them. I could care less what they do. I have the coins, and really could care less about the grading company.
  14. If you didn't get a DPL, I wouldn't try it. I have SP69 clad that look like 70s....I won't chance it. It is your coin though. Merry Christmas!