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  1. They(eBay) certainly take a large chunk out of my bottom line when I sell a coin. It's becoming a break even arrangement. The dealers I have worked with for years, will be history. Coins are getting out of sight on price today anyway. I don't need a silver Eagle without a (P) mint mark either. What's wrong with the West Point strike without the (W)?
  2. namvette68


    I did not know it.I am not lucky enough to fine a genuine one, as I originally had hoped. I was told that the Chinese Panda is another victim of this reproduction idea One reason I do graded coins. I let the grading authority certify the them.
  3. If prices rise, the Mint will produce a low mintage P and D issue. Dealers are the only beneficiaries of this created rarity. One coin per household doesn't include bulk dealer sales. Only dealers are allowed certain grading labels also. How do they rat the "special" first 100, signed editions? Greed is beginning to rule the collecting community. Some of the graded issues are at sale for over $20,000. It's the same 70 that I have, and paid less than $70.00 for it. I have 2 ounce silver coins in PF70, with less than 500 mintage, and cannot get even $800.00. Mint marks are a hoax too. If you wan
  4. namvette68


    I am not a collector of Morgans. I have no clue, other than weight and sound, to check authenticity. I found this coin in a sub floor. I am hoping it is good, but won't be disappointed if it's a fake. Thank you
  5. Lately, the U S Mint controls the value of our newer coins.
  6. The Mint issued 30,000 Silver Eagles in one day! All should have been eligible for a FDOI label, if the sealed package was received , intact, by a third party grading company. There were no "bulk" submissions. Dealers seem to rule when it comes to who gets what, and how many. Mine is for sale.
  7. I understand how it is done, but the coin is obviously FDOI pedigree, and I cannot get it? One label will not break NGC. I guess I will have to beg someone that has the label. It will still be "my coin", regardless. Just a bit upsetting that all members are not entitled. NGC Cert # 5826281-003 NGC Description 2019 S Eagle First Day of Issue S$1 NGC Grade ER 70 Pedigree COA No. 25444 Label First Day of Issue
  8. NGC Cert # 5826281-003 NGC Description 2019 S Eagle First Day of Issue S$1 NGC Grade ER 70 Pedigree COA No. 25444 Label First Day of Issue
  9. I was fortunate enough to have purchased the 2019 enhanced SAE on opening day. I sent it in sealed mint packaging for the FDOI label and the COA number. I am now told I cannot get a FDOI label. Why? If there was a 1 per household limit, did dealers send these in bulk to obtain one? Here is just one listing from a familiar place: “2019 S SILVER EAGLE REVERSE ENHANCED NGC PF 70 FIRST DAY OF ISSUE 5826281-003 OGP AND COA INCLUDED” More than 10 available? I rest my case. QuantityMore than 10 available
  10. From the NGC page: NGC will designate select coins in the order in which they were struck by a mint. The minting must be witnessed and documented by an authorized representative of NGC or the coins must be accompanied by official mint documentation that individually identifies the order in which the coins were struck. The NGC certification label will indicate this order (e.g. “First Coin Struck,” “Second Coin Struck,” etc.). This designation is generally made available only to submitters of bulk quantities of qualifying coins. An advance request is required and there is generally a higher
  11. Now that the rush to obtain the coveted 2019 "S" "Enhanced" Reverse proof Silver Eagle lasted less than 15 minutes to sell out, there should be a new label? "ONLY DAY OF ISSUE", xx,xxx of 30,000 should be added to the slab. Any thoughts? I will be submitting mine for FDOI, and the have the number that is assigned added.
  12. The 2019 S "Enhanced" Silver Eagle is at resale prices of almost $3,000. A $70.00 coin? 30,000 mintage.....That's a joke. I have silver coins with only 500 to 1000 mintage, and nowhere near that price. Being first to own one is a premium, but how greedy are we getting? West Point adds an "S", and the hobby has to be held hostage. P.S. Dealers are advertising multiples already, and the limit is 1 per household? I will be looking for a specific label also.
  13. When I first started collecting the $20 Canadian silver coins, I was told NGC would not grade the "snowflake" issues. They contain crystals that may come loose and therefore are not gradable. My how times have changed. Now the "catch phrase seems to be "colored outside the mint" I am out good deal of time and money for this excuse to grade a coin that is submitted with a COA, and charged for no grading, or encapsulation. Limited numbers are being plated or colorized, and many more to come. Our US coins aren't even struck in the mint they claim to be struck in. If NGC is afraid the enamel will
  14. It has also happened to me. I sent an email and it was corrected.