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  1. what a loss someone took on that if it went from the ICG slab to a genuine details PCGS slab
  2. Id like to hear from dcarrs supporters on this....coinman hit it on the can you like this but hate on the chinese coins?
  3. Physics Fan, PCGS doesn't even have anything of this sort for those with NGC coins in their registry. Its all PCGS coins and thats it. Yes it sucks that those that could compete in the NGC registry can no longer can add PCGS coins. HOWEVER, by allowing you to add pcgs coins in a custom set, you can still participate and display your coins. I'm just so surprised by the double standard regarding the registry.......... PCGS doesn't allow NGC coins yet noone complains and threatens to cross over. WHEN NGC does the same thing PCGS does but allows you to still do custom sets, you get so many threatening to cross over their NGC coins. What gives guys?
  4. Electric peak, make a custom set, allows you to put the pcgs and ngc coins together
  5. One thing I don't get with those that say they will go to PCGS is this........PCGS didnt even allow NGC coins in their registry in the first place so why didn't those same people threaten to cross everything over to NGC?
  6. NGC allows you to put your pcgs coins in custom sets now so people should be happy now.
  7. That peace dollar has a very nice look to it. Care to let us know the grade?